How to clean up your blockages

Now that you have discover some blockages in your body, will you be interested to learn how to clean up these blockages?

Click here to learn how to clean up your blockage.  Do practice it. Explore it. Do not be afraid of pain.  Because where there is pain, there exists a blockage.  The more pain, the more severe the blockage.  Slap with lighter force, if you truly can not tolerate it.  Usually after three minutes, you will no longer feel the pain, then slap harder and harder.  The “sha” that surfaces, usually will dissipate in three to five days. There is nothing to be worried about.

This concludes our FREE lesson.  If you have additional questions, such as in case of this, or in case of that, please click here to be enrolled “24 Video Lessons For Beginners”.

These 24 video lessons will cover the following:

  • Discover more blockages.
  • Diagnose your lower body.
  • How to eliminate these blockages?
  • How to slap? Where to slap?
  • Understand relationships of pain, color, and symptoms
  • Common white-color worker issues – neck, shoulder and elbo pain.
  • General and common symptoms.
  • What to do when catching cold?
  • How to take care of tummy ache?
  • Help with heart attack when no one is around?
  • How to help with senior Issues – knee, hip and back pain?
  • How to reduce allergy issues?
  • What if I had skin issues?
  • Help to recover sooner from simple injuries.
  • What to do with insomnia and headache?
  • How to help with urination problems.
  • Helping female issues.
  • Improving sex lives.
  • Benefits of slapping the feet
  • Benefits of slapping the head
  • Benefits of slapping the head Part 2.
  • Helping babies
  • Complex blockages and their symptoms
  • How to stretch, and its benefits.

You will feel like a brand new you, with higher energy level, prettier skin, and most important of all, a more joyful and content person.

Or if you have loved one suffer from different issues, you wanted to help out, but don’t know how,  Just enroll into our class, it has most of the answers for you.

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