May 26 Workshop in GuangZhou, China

The Jianhele Health Care Experience Camp (Phase II) will be held from May 26 to June 1 (7th).

Organizer: Guangzhou Jianhele Health Care Center
Co-organizer: Hong Kong Ivy League Health Association
Conference Director: Li Zhiqiang
Conference Consultant: Chen Ailun
Paila Coach: Liu Ying
Huang Di Nei Jing Tutor: Yu Lefang
Moxibustion Tea Zen Instructor: Yu Minmin
Senior Coach: Ye Xianhong, Dong Hua, Huang Yifang, Zhu Guohui

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Hong Kong PaidaLajin

Evergreen Health Association Unit 10, 4th Floor, Block B, Hong Kong Industrial Center 489-491 Castle Peak Road Kowloon, Hong Kong Established in September 2013 Six daytime classes and one evening class to practice PaidaLajin Over 500 Members. Activities One Day Retreat 长青藤保健学会一日营实况 Senior Home Visit 養老院,送暖並教老人做拍打操 Fourth Anniversary 長青藤4周年會慶回顧 Scheduled Workshops 健而乐养生保健中心三月底举办保健体验營…

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