Sequelae of Car Accdient Improved at the Workshop

Notes of Trainer: 

Mr.Tao survived the car accident. Hospital surgery in 2004 saved his life but removed his skull on the right side, leaving him pains all over. Upon arrival at the workshop, his legs were weak and walked in a swaying way. He would fall down on his way when there was a small obstacle. He would be in short of breath while walking a bit long. He spoke with a lisp.

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A Woman with Walking Difficulty Experiencing Healing Miracles at a Workshop

My husband accompanied me to attend the Chengdu workshop on February 20. Ever since New Year’s Day, I have had numb fingers, weak, numb and swollen legs — I could squat down, but could not stand up without support or help. I used herbal plasters to relieve my waist pain, had a stiff neck and protruding eyes. The skin of my limbs was as dry as that of the elderly people, and yet I am only 39. My minimum pressure was only 40, and I was frail and listless. I even could not take care of myself: I could not make dumplings, lift a cooking knife, trim my nails or lift my baby (around 12.5kg). I dragged my legs, could not lift them and had to cling to the handrail when walking upstairs or downstairs.

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Bladder Cancer Patient Thrilled With the Effect of Paida and Lajin

Dear Mr. Xiao,

I am a Chinese from Malaysia and now living in Melbourne, Australia.

I was diagnosed of bladder cancer spread to lymph nodes in Sept 2010, my doctors told me they were unable to cure me as it is an aggressive type of cancer, only chemotherapy will slow the process of spreading. I refused chemo and embarked on Gerson Theraphy, a natural therapy that using food as medicine, no meat, oil, salt, sugar and carb. Heavy detox using coffee enema and drinking lots of carrot and green leave juice and vegetarian food to build my immune system. After 3 months, my bladder tumour was gone but my swollen lymph nodes were still there. 

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Lajin and Paida Cured My Stroke Sequelae, Lower Back and Leg Pain, Neck Pain

Zhu Jinming: Male, age 77, a retired railway employee from Henan Province.

Mr. Zhu had a stroke in 2007. He was hospitalized for a month and a half. The stroke left him sequalae such as: immobilization of his right leg (he could have small and slow steps with the help of a cane); stiff back and legs (he could neither bend nor squat); nocturnal calf cramps, cold legs and insomnia. He put on heavy pants in September. He lived on the second floor of a building. Because he could not climb any stair, he had to stay at the door keeper’s little room at night.

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Fifty Years of Hearing Loss Cured — A Dream Came True

My right ear had an infection (otitis media) when I was two years old and I lost my hearing. I had to use my left ear to hear everything including answering the phone. I have tried every method I could find to bring my hearing back, but to no avail. This depressed me over the years and I always worried that one of these days I would lose the hearing in my left ear and become deaf. I woke myself up from sleep countless times crying about my hearing loss. I also dreamt many times that one day I might have my hearing back.

Self-healing of over-20-years’ hyperthyroidism at E-Dao Paida and Lajin Works

I have attended the 9th 7-day E-Dao Paida and Lajin Workshop in Shenzhen. I have been taking medication for endocrine disorders for more than 20 years. During those years, I have been constantly looking for alternative Chinese traditional therapies to help. However, only a few worked temporarily. One day I happened to see Mr. Hongchi Xiao’s lectures on Lajin and Paida over internet, which hit on me instantly. I began to Paida while watching the videos, and within no more than one minute, a lot of black and purple Sha appeared. Later on, I continued the “carpet bombing”, and found that all my meridians were heavily clogged. In order to thoroughly dredge my jammed meridians, learn Lajin and Paida at a more systematic level, and hence stay away from hospital, I registered for the 7-day workshop.

Diabetes, Facial Paralysis, Impaired Hearing Self-Healed

My name is Song Changfu, 68, and I’m from Jilin province. I feel lucky to have attended E-Dao Paida and Lajin Workshop, and this experience is indeed a great blessing in my life.

First of all, I should say “many thanks” to a friend who urged me to come. He was a former colleague of mine, now a municipal leader, yet he has not forgotten me, his former co-worker. On the several occasions he went to Jilin, he looked for me each time, failing to find me the first two times. Later, when we finally met and chatted with each other, our topic turned to health, on hearing that I had diabetes, facial paralysis, and impaired hearing, he immediately told me that he knew a great healing method from which he had personally benefited, curing himself of all past diseases. While explaining it to me, he began to pat me right away. The truth is, it indeed hurt a lot. He then asked me to try Lajin by the doorframe; it was my first time to hear of such a method, and I was somewhat owe-struck. I was quite surprised to see much dark Sha emerging at my joints, and seeing him so confident and so focused, I felt that there might be a grain of truth in what he introduced me.

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