My husband accompanied me to attend the Chengdu workshop on February 20. Ever since New Year’s Day, I have had numb fingers, weak, numb and swollen legs — I could squat down, but could not stand up without support or help. I used herbal plasters to relieve my waist pain, had a stiff neck and protruding eyes. The skin of my limbs was as dry as that of the elderly people, and yet I am only 39. My minimum pressure was only 40, and I was frail and listless. I even could not take care of myself: I could not make dumplings, lift a cooking knife, trim my nails or lift my baby (around 12.5kg). I dragged my legs, could not lift them and had to cling to the handrail when walking upstairs or downstairs.


I attended the workshop hoping to be able to take care of myself again.

The first time I patted my head, I was too weak to go on after just 3-5 slaps.

On Day 1, we had the elbows patted. After that, I could feel the numb and fragile hands getting much better, and neck stiffness was much relieved after patting the head. I was elated and full of hope. But after the post-supper meditation, I felt I was the former me again, and felt a bit distressed.

On Day 2, I could give myself more slaps on the head, and I could lift my hands! Much better! There was hope after all.





I felt the changes in me day by day and was overjoyed with the pleasant surprises.

Toward the end of the workshop, I had the following improvements:

1. I had more strength in my arms. I could handle housework and take care of myself again!

2. The numbness of my hands was improved by 60-70%;

3. My numb legs could feel again;

4. The dry skin on my legs was gone;

5. I was growing new body hair;

6. My neck was no longer stiff;

7. My waist pain was relieved;

8. I could stand up after squatting down, by hold my legs with hands;

9. I didn’t have to cling to the handrail when walking downstairs;

10. I could often feel myself sweating during morning jogging and Paida — I hadn’t sweated for two years;

11. My protruding eyes were much improved;

12. My minimum pressure went up to 65, my body was warmed up, and my hands and feet were warm;

13. My tail bone and the area around Dazhui acupoint (lower end of the neck) were protruding after childbirth two years ago, and they were much improved at the workshop.

After only SEVEN days, I am a totally different person now. Many many thanks to the three coaches, thank you for your help and encouragement.

Xiao Yi

March 4, 2013