Paida and Lajin helped a man lose weight and self heal gout, hypertension

The desire of reducing weight is the same for both man and woman, but man is not admitting it! Mr. Lee’s sicknesses: His gout, hypertension, heart disease, prostatitis, stomach problem were all self -healed. His wife posted the photos of his weight loss for all to share.




Mr. Lee is a tool manufacturer. One day his friend brought a blueprint and asked him to make a bench. He made it and didn’t know that it is a Lajin bench. His friend, Mr. Leng ordered dozens of benches and later increased to several hundred benches to be given to relatives and friends in Malaysia, and to friends in Indonesia, Honk Kong, Britain, Germany and South Africa. Besides giving them the benches, he also teaches them earnestly how to do Paida and Lajin. How generous! What a kind deed! Mr. and Mrs. Lee were shocked to hear Mr. and Mrs. Lam talk about how Paida and Lajin cured all sorts of diseases. Is there really such a magical thing? When they were still having doubts, Mr. Lam’s friends also came to order dozens or hundreds of benches to be given to others! It is because they were all healed by doing Lajin!

With so many health problems himself, Mr. Lee immediately tried doing Lajin. His gout, hypertension, heart disease, prostatitis, and stomach pain  were all improved. The migraine that tortured Mrs. Lee for years was gone. Mr. Lam told Mr. Lee that he was not thoroughly cured and advised him to attend aworkshop. Though still in doubt, Mr. Lee attended a 7-day workshop. As expected, his sicknesses were not cured yet. All kinds of healing crises appeared during the workshop and lasted for a week after the workshop. The joint pain caused by gout before hurt him so much that he had to lie in bed. The result of experiencing the healing crises is that he now has better health and he feels so light! Besides recovering health, he is most happy with the side effect of Paida and Lajin: reducing weight.


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