Comment by Mr. Hongchi Xiao:
“Any symptoms occurring during and after Paida and Lajin, such as: blisters, rashes or red spots as well as other itchiness, plus tears, running nose, sputum, sweat, vomits, urine, stool etc. are all signs of healing crises. It is also called “drawing out old injuries”, or “detoxification” in the modern world. To put it simply: Anything our body pushes out of us is toxicant. Isn’t detoxifying from one’s legs and feet better than having pimples on the face? Isn’t defecating a better way to get rid of toxicants? Pimples, color spots on the face, fat on the body are signs of meridian clogs and blockages in the internal organs. Dredging them could self heal the problems. It is also why after dredging the meridians, one looks better and becomes skinnier. That’s why I’m saying: Dredging the clogged meridians improves the skin condition and is great nourishment to the body!”

My son was born a not-so-healthy boy. He had high fever at three days after birth and was put on a drip due to severe dehydration caused by the fever. He was hospitalized at 2-month-old because of bronchiolitis. He had a surgery at 10-month-old because of problems with small intestines. He was hospitalized again at two due to bronchitis. He was used to having fevers, catching cold, etc. At six, he fell off a bounding bed, resulting in tic disorder two years later. Recently, he was diagnosed of having slight scoliosis (curvature of the spine). All the moms out there can feel my pain. I was very close to collapse, particularly during the last three years when he had tic disorder. He was in such poor health that I was always searching for a way to fundamentally improve it. We’ve visited many hospitals and seen many doctors. It’s very difficult to find a good doctor. Most doctors treat where the symptoms are. The treatments are usually antibiotics or dripping. Really scary to me!

I searched the Internet looking for better ways to treat my son. After much effort, I found Teacher Xiao’s blog (promoting Paida and Lajin self-healing methods). I felt I’d found my life saver. I saw the light. They cost me nothing. No medication is needed. A totally green self-healing therapy. It is exactly what I have been looking for. Why not give it a try?

Since then (end of May), my son has been doing Lajin. It surprised me that at only 10 years of age, his tendon contraction was pretty severe. We used a Lajin bench formed by lining up two chairs. My son could only stretch a little over 1 minute each leg the first time he tried it. I was afraid of making him stretch more than he could do. So we gradually increased his stretching time every day. He did better the second day, stretching 3 minutes each leg. Then 5 minutes each leg. Now he can stretch for 10 minutes each leg. After a month’s Lajin, it was pretty obvious that his spine is straighter than before, even though it has not been confirmed by X-ray results. I am so grateful. No words can describe how grateful I am. It is exactly as Teacher Xiao said that “when bones are in their right places and tendons are flexible, Qi and blood will flow (smoothly)”. My son’s Lajin has been very effective!

After witnessing the effect of stretching, I started preparing to perform Paida for my son, hoping to fundamentally improve his condition. Teacher Xiao said if you didn’t know which meridian was clogged, why not cleanse all meridians? This way of thinking and the method that follows the thinking is exactly a match made for my son. So I discussed with my son and decided that we were going to do Paida during the upcoming three-day holidays.

We started from the elbows. The Sha from my son’s elbows were no different from that on grown-ups.

Then we Paida all round his knees. As he had an injury on his right knee, I slapped his left leg first. I didn’t set the camera right that day, so the pictures taken that day were too blurry to be posted. What are posted here are pictures of his left knee three days later. Seeing all the Sha at my son’s knee, I was heartbroken, but also relieved. At such a young age, my son had such severe meridian clogging and so many toxins in him. No wonder he was always sick. However, I was relieved by my fortune to come across Teacher Xiao’s blog and Lajin and Paida in his third year of promoting the methods. It will help my son to recover.

A few days later, a scab was formed on my son’s injured right knee. I then slapped his right knee. In less than a minute, much Sha appeared at the back of his right knee. Not quite three minutes into the slapping, the whole area turned black. As I had experience with the left leg, I followed the Sha’s direction and slapped on. Half of his leg was covered by Sha.

He also had some Sha at the back of his hands.

The next day, small blisters were popping up on my son’s feet. When I finished slapping of his legs, more and more blisters popped up.

Initially, they were just little red spots, like mosquito bites. Then the small red spots turned into blisters. It was itchy. So my son always wanted to scratch them.

I am not sure why my son detoxifies on his feet?

The summer vacation is approaching; my plan is to do Paida the whole summer. I believe that after the two months’ Paida, my son’s condition will improve tremendously. It’s just the beginning. I’m looking forward to “carpet bombing” Paida on my son.

Thank you, Teacher Xiao, Thanks to the Internet, and thanks you, E-Tao!
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