Western medical practitioner Dr. Ma Wenyu had previously saved a female university student’s life from a sudden life-threatening episode by using slapping.   Then she had helped her post-stroke father as well by using slapping and stretching.  This time she had cured an infant with three days history of cough.  Coughing and wheezing are common paediatric conditions following exposure to ‘coldness’.  Conducting various blood tests is not only unnecessary clinically but also a torture to the infant patient.  How could an infant’s cough and wheezing have anything to do with HIV or syphilis?  Ridiculous!  Even more ridiculous is to give five or six pints of intravenous infusion per day.  Imagine how would an infant be like after seven days of continuous treatment?  No wonder the child would remove the infusion needle by himself!


This infant will reach one year old in a few weeks’time, and is the nephew of my good friend.  He was admitted to the hospital on 22 October 2014 due to cough and wheezing.  A number of investigations had been done, even a panel for screening venereal diseases (HIV, syphilis, chlamydia) was included.  My friend said the blood tests and the two days’ hospitalization cost more than RMB 1500, and there were daily intravenous infusions of five to six pints.  The infant would cry whenever a needle touched his skin, and he would even remove the needle by himself.  My friend’s heart was broken whenever she heard him cried.  On 23 October 2014, my friend called me on phone and asked me what to do.  I replied her ‘Slap your son over the vertebral (Daizhui acupoint) and the back area can help, your son’s condition is mostly like caused by exposure to ‘coldness’ and therefore intravenous infusion of fluids may aggravate the ‘coldness’ inside the body.’


Out of surprise, on 24 October 2014, with the suggestion from the infant’s aunt, my friend’s and her husband (they are both university graduates, and can understand alternative medicine approach easily) had arranged hospital discharge for their son, under the ground of ‘opt to seek treatment in another hospital’.   On the same day, my friend brought him to Liuzhou from Nanning.  He was pale looking, coughing with audible wheezing and sputum sound.  I glanced through his in-hospital medical notes for blood test results: White cell count was 21.26 (reference range 4 to 10), blood culture was negative for bacterial growth.  The main medications used were cephalosporin and steroid.  He was given oral steroid as discharge medications.  My friend asked me if she needs to give steroid to her son,  I said ‘no need’, my friend told me, ‘the doctor said it was a bacterial infection, and a course of at least seven days of intravenous antibiotics injection was indicated.’



On the same night, we started our natural therapy, which mainly included slapping the vertebral (Daizhui acupoint) and the whole back area, applying pressure to the pericardium meridian in a backward direction, complemented with a tonic of ginger and garlic water to get rid of the ‘coldness’  (by bottle feeding the infant).  More than fifteen minutes were spent in slapping each area.  When we were applying pressure to the pericardium meridian in the backward direction, in less than five minutes, cold sweating from the infant’s forehead, shoulders and back were noted.  My friend said ‘Amazing!’  And the infant fell asleep, indicating the slapping process might be very comfortable for him.  That night, the infant had a good sleep, which my friend commented ‘the sleeping quality was the best ever, my son used to wake up at least two or three times at night crying for milk.’  On the next day, coughing diminished, wheezing was gone, only some sputum remained.   After some slapping, the same cold sweating from the shoulders and back was noted.  On 27 October 2014, the infant was fully recovered, with no sound of cough or sputum.  My friend noted ‘my son slept particularly well in the past few days, with no sudden waking in the middle of the night, appetite was exceptionally good, he could finish a larger portion of porridge during meals.’



I share this case scenario to you all in the hope that more mothers out there could learn this natural therapy to heal their own children. So that fewer children would be harmed by unnecessary medications.  As human beings we are surrounded by invisible bacteria and viruses, if we battle them by killing and eliminating we would fail ultimately.  In fact, paediatric illnesses are all commonly due to exposure to ‘coldness’.

Many thanks to Master Xiao and E-Tao Team!

Ma Wenyu (Liuzhou Guangxi) 15077201883

Oct. 30, 2014