Drug rehabilitation is a world’s difficult problem, all countries in the world have attached great importance to it but helpless, because there is no effective method. However, Mr. Li has quitted drugs successfully by just doing Lajin(stretching), again giving the facts all diseases are caused by blockage of meridians, and drug addiction is not an exception. It will be more effective in drug rehabilitation if using both Paida and Lajin! Mr.Li has set up a good example for numerous addicts! Thanks for his selfless sharing.


Dear Master Xiao,

First of all, I wish you the best of health and hope you get on well with work!

My name is Li Ming-Yong, born in Dachong Village of Nanya Town in Southwest China’s Chongqing City. I graduated from Chongqing City Management College in 1999. By the end of 2001, due to my marriage, I went to work alone in Wenshan Zhuang and Mao Autonomous Prefecture. From 2002 to 2008, I engaged in minerals-related work at Doulong Town, Maguan County, during which I tried ecstasy and ketamine, though only two or three times. Each time I vomited severely and felt unwell, and I never had the pleasant sensation or illusion as other people may have, so I quit using those two drugs.

However, with the mine’s shutdown in 2008, I had to stay at home in the city center, looking for a new job. I got to know some friends and began to take opium, kagu (a kind of opium), magu, crystal meth, marijuana, and gradually I was addicted to them. When my friends in Chongqing advised me not to touch those any longer, I told them not to worry about me and that my willpower was strong enough. They laughed at me: “Who do you think you are? Are you more powerful and stronger than Huo Yuanjia—Legend of a Fighter?”

To tell you the truth, since I was addicted to drugs, I was very worried about myself because I knew the dangers of drugs from books and TV programs, so I was looking for methods to detox while still taking drugs (the thought of it is too ridiculous!). I took Olanzapine, Risperidone, Prozac, etc., but all those Western medicines for anti-depression had no effect. Later on I was hospitalized in the Psychiatric Department of Chongqing Medical University, and underwent brain electrotherapy, transfusion, but the psychological test showed normal results. I escaped from the hospital because I did not believe the doctors at all.
I took drugs again. What could I do? I was internally motivated to quit but I could not control myself, and I was taking drugs while searching for knowledge and practical methods to abandon my drug habits. By chance, I found your method on the internet in a Chinese ancient culture program hosted by Liang Dong. I tried Lajin (stretching) at the doorframe while watching the program, and it really worked. I truly felt something moving in the body exactly as you described. From then on, I have done everything according your principles of mental cultivation: Diseases are self-healed mainly by oneself, but not from external forces.

I no longer took any Western medicine for their too much side effect and  too severe liver and kidney function damage. I did Lajin for about 10 days, two times a day, 30 minutes on each leg each time,then I got rid of drug addiction. Since then I felt gradual recovery on my body instinct and consciousness,and had a good appetite,got hungry easily, could release myself comfortably, and slept well. During my drug withdrawal treatment, I wanted to eat nothing,could not sleep even several nights. From my hear I really appreciate all your help!


I thereupon became interested in traditional Chinese medicine and culture, listened to Master Xu Wen-Bing’s radio program “The Yellow Emperor’s Canon of Internal Medicine”, and received help from Nan Huai-Chin’s translation “On the Sutra of Perfect Enlightenment”. Up to now, it has been more than two years since I quit drugs, furthermore I have never relapsed, and I now hate drugs from my heart.

I’m now willing to share my story with more drug addicts so that they will avoid detours and mistakes in their rehabilitation. They do not have to go to the drug rehabilitation center, because too many people relapse after their release.

No photos taken during the days of drug use have been reserved except this ID photo. The photo in a white shirt is a recent one. Drug abuse made me nearly toothless. Teeth are closely associated with kidney and my teeth must be damaged by pathogenic fire of the drugs. But I feel tooth loss good, or my other internal organs might have been hurt more if there were no outlets for the fire. Among my drug fellows, older than me, some have myocardial infarction, some had their appendixes removed.

If you really want to try the way I do, you must bear two important things on your mind: You firmly believe the effect of Lajin, as faith is the beginning and source of success and merits. I just did Lajin instead of Paida. At the beginning of Lajin, I had the senses of soreness, pain, numbness, swelling, etc. I felt the blood vessels in my head were breaking, but I was not afraid of it. I dare to take drugs, how should I fear death? I didn’t worry about it at all. I could manage to the limit of my tolerance. All those feelings you used to describe are actually the blood circulation driven by Qi energy in the body.
Why was the brain sensation so intense? In my opinion, drugs caused cranial nerve problems, because of blockage of meridians, unbalanced supply of Qi energy and blood on cranial nerve,  damaged nerve can only partially work. It was said that no way to repair it. I am certain that long-term use of anti-depressant doesn’t work but worsens the depression. Why do I say so?  After use of this kind of medicine, I personally experienced these: I was listless, hopeless and idealess. As a male, I failed to make my cock hard (It means severe damage of kidney function ).

In the process of Lajin, you may have some strong reactions in many parts of the body, including spin on specific area,you don’t have to  worry, because they are all good things, which are called healing or recovery reactions by Master Xiao .They unblock and repair the blocked meridians in your body. You may feel airflow on the feet, the middle of chest getting wider and wider. Once you feel so, we must concentrate on right mindfulness, try to avoid negative matters or influences, or you will have some bad ideas easily. In a word, try what you can to do something true, good and beautiful. You must repent what you did in the past. If you do, you will feel better. You may pass black stool. You will really enjoy your meal and be able to feel faintly nutrients moving to the right areas of your body after meal

I would like to say, my feelings match your meridian knowledge well , in unblocking meridians, the body knows accurately where nutrients are needed. This process takes quite some time. You may let it be. It is normal body reaction indicating your body is in self-repair.

As long as you Lajin, there will be good changes soon in your body, such as weight gain, better complexion, being stronger and more powerful. So much for today, something cannot be expressed but sensed.
Best regards,
An unworthy descendent: Li Ming-Yong
Nov. 5, 2015





    我叫李明勇,出生在重庆开县南雅镇大冲村1组120号。1999年毕业于重庆民政学校(中专)。2001年底由于姻缘关系只身前往云南省文山壮族苗族自治州。2002年 — 2008年一直在文山州马关县都龙镇从事矿产品相关工作。在这期间吃过摇头丸,吸过K粉。大约两三次。每次都吐得厉害,实在难受,也不像其他人一样会有快感,产生幻觉什么的,所以这两样从此再没沾了。












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