In March 2015, Master Xiao made his Self-Healing journey to India for the 3rd time. By the end of VHS-DRC PaidaLajin Clinical Research Workshop in Chennai, Master Xiao interviewed his Indian student Mr. Parag Samel, a Marine Engineer in background, who has explored healing methods comprehensively and finds PaidaLajin most effective. His entire family have benefited.  He has been promoting Paidalajin Self-Healing in India tirelessly by holding seminars and workshops.

India PaidaLajin Self Healing Management has a great potential in India as many citizens in India are unaware of their self-Healing Power which if redirected correctly can overcome many diseases and pains, including Chronic and Acute ones. 
He lost his vision on the right eye and tried different medication for 12 years without any improvement, but it gained while weight lost.  (Full text for the interview is separated)

Workshop venue in Chennai TAG-VHS Hospital 


Mr. Parag and Master Xiao

Master Xiao – Mr. Parag, this is the second time I meet you in Chennai. I ask you a few simple questions. How did you get to know PaidaLajin Self Healing?
Parag – It happened in the month of September 2012, when I received an e-mail from a friend of mine, giving the website . Out of curiosity I went through that website and saw some simple postures of Lajin. I thought to myself that if it is simple why not try it! The theory was already explained but however satisfied with that initial theory I wanted to know more details, so I purchased the book from Amazon, the e-book.

I studied that and then I realized that this is something that I need to practice to see how it works because I knew about the Meridian system, but here the crux of the activity was not like Acupressure or Acupuncture; in which as per the diagnostics only one or two meridians are activated with few needles or acupressure is given at few acu points only. Here in this PaidaLajin all 12 meridians are simultaneously activated. That is totally a heavy dose of the healing process. That is how it interested me more and I sensed that there is something different and more effective among the Chinese therapies.

The most important part was that, as per the book I was supposed to have a Lajin bench which I did not. So, I moved my bed away from the wall keeping some distance between the wall and the bed and I could do Lajin in that slot. Stretching my one leg up and one leg down with little bit of angle to the side. This is how I began with. With just that effort I could feel that the whole body is warming up in no time without any movement in the posture. The main result of that was that I started losing weight. I had no means to check whether I am losing weight, but my fitting clothes were becoming loose, so I knew that I am losing my weight. Then I properly confirmed it but I was also losing my good clothes. I had to depend on my old clothes of smaller size. This is how it began in the month of September 2012.


At Diabetes Research Centre

Master Xiao- Why were you interested in this from the very beginning?
Parag- First and foremost importance was that I was having a problem with my vision, right eye vision. I am a very voracious reader of various subjects in depth. But that was really putting me in the back seat. Whatever I wanted to read I could not read properly. That was one of the reasons that I said to myself that I will try this. Before seeing the PaidaLajin website and buying that book from Amazon, I had returned from HongKong in January 2001with a hope that may be in India my eye problem could be resolved, but for 12 years nothing happened.
Master Xiao – What specifically happened to your eyes?
Parag – The specific diagnostic record was stating that my optic nerve going to the right eye retina was blocked, partially, that is preventing the blood supply to the retina. Having no sufficient supply of blood to the retina diminished my vision and perimetry also diminished. I was getting several blank spots while seeing something. That was causing a lot of problem. While reading, I had to keep on turning my head to see how the word is spelled. That was putting me in too much stress, because reading is my favorite hobby.  I read only academic books, I don’t read novels, I read subjects on technology, science and philosophy, like that. All this was going into my mind that how do I proceed with my eye and without proper vision.

During these twelve years I tried Allopathy, Ayurved, Homeopathy, Acupuncture, acupressure, all kinds of treatments. There was absolutely no improvement in my vision and at the same time in the year 2005-06, because of the downturn in the economy I had to close down my business in Bombay and with lots of financial losses which had also put too much stress on me. That is the reason that I started putting on too much weight. Everything was coming to a standstill and I did not know how to come out of that. That tricky condition was putting me into a very difficult situation, nothing was working. Medically nothing was working and businesswise also nothing was working. That is why this activity of PaidaLajin that I started in September 2012, the first thing was a result that I observed was that of losing weight. Not only losing weight but the skin had not slackened, that is something astonishing.

Normally, people who go for weight loss programs, they find their skin gets slackened, as the fat begins to reduce, whereas my skin started glowing and there was no sign of any wrinkle on my face. My family, wife and daughter told me, Parag, this is something different, not like usual weight loss program. This is definitely something different, where your face is becoming brighter and eyes are opening more. That was the first indication that was showing with this exercise. So, I decided that I should study this in more details. Diagnostic had failed to pinpoint my exact problem with my optic nerve. Along with the Paida Lajin book, I started reading Medical Manual to understand what exactly is Optic Nerve and where exactly it gets connected to the brain and the eye. This was all my self-study, just to understand why this is happening to me and why doctors are unable to pinpoint and give proper solution to my problem.

I found that there are 14 or odd cranial nerves on the underside of the brain, of which cranial No. 2 is directly linked to the optic nerve. In fact that is the optic nerve. I thought that if I can reach the cranial nerve No. 2, it will definitely give a good result. While reading more details about the Meridian system I found that among the Lajin postures, the best posture that acts on weight loss as well as acts on the cranial nerve is the Out-stretching Posture.
That is where you are stretching your Ren Meridian. That Ren meridian enters the underside of your brain and reaches the cranial nerve. When I started doing this posture my eyesight started developing better results. What I observed that despite wearing verilex eye glasses while looking at distant objects I started getting hazy vision. I thought that  my eyesight is becoming worse, but when I moved my eye glasses away from the face I found out that I could see better and without glasses too.


Discussing with Participants at the Workshop

Master Xiao – Ha Ha Ha !
Parag – This was a simple observation that I made during Lajin practice and thought that I was doing something wrong in that Lajin posture.
Master Xiao – Ha Ha Ha!
Parag – I realized that I can see better without the glasses, I told my wife that this has really worked on my eyes. I don’t have to keep looking for a proper spelling of words while reading. I could immediately see the word with full print. I decided to see a doctor and get it checked. There is an eye research center in Mumbai. We went there because they have the most modern machineries, equipments and lots of staff who do variety of tests; including Drug Addiction Reaction(DAR), Glaucoma, Perimetry etc. I went through all those tests and the doctor said your eyes are fine, what is the problem? You may get cataract because of your age. I told him that I am not worried about cataract. Tell me about my vision. He said that your vision is fine. He said that you have to change your glasses, the distant number is zero for you.
Mastert Xiao -Ha,ha, ha !
Parag – I said O.K. Good.
Master Xiao – That is a surprise.
Parag – Yes. Everyone was surprised. Doctor asked me what treatment I am taking. I said I am not taking any treatment, I am just healing myself. He exclaimed, Is it! I told him that earlier I had a problem, my optic nerve to right eye was blocked and lots of neurological tests have confirmed it. I did not know why it happened. I asked the doctor , do you know the reason?  why it could have happened? He said, no, unless you have met with an accident or a tumor or blood-clot or if the pituitary gland  has swelling which can cause the pressure on optic nerve which passes under it. I asked, is it possible that some free radicals have lodged into my brain? He said, why do you ask this? I said that I am a Marine Engineer, so naturally I am exposed to certain air pollution, such as nitrous gases etc. from engine exhausts. He said that it is  possible, but we don’t treat on that. I told him that never mind, I know how to treat.

Demostrating Paida at sickroom


Master Xiao – Ha, ha, ha !
Parag – With that idea and reading book on longevity, the Gerontology subject, I realized that to get rid of any kind of obstruction in my brain, I need to do Paida on my head.
(to be continued)