On Jan 18 Master Xiao came to Mandela House in Soweto again, joined a PaidaLajin party of a black community. Mother of the radio hostess suffered severe lower back pain with a crutch for many years.She had to wear a waist belt. But after 20 minutes of slapping, she threw away the crutch and untied the belt, brimmed with happiness and joy,jumping about.


Most of the participants are old people. They did PaidaLajin while Master Xiao was doing the demo. All were in high spirits. The old lady highlighted the party while she was puting aside the stick and belt.
On departure, they asked Master with great expectation: When will you come again?


 On the text morning,as honored guest to the Sun Rise Channel of ETV, Master Xiao introduced PaidaLajin Self-Healing and the book “PaidaLajin Self-Healing” in English edition. A local resident Paul Suter shared his story how he self-healed his hypertension without medicine just by doing PaidaLajin, and he saved himself in heart attack today by slapping his inner side of the hands (Neiguan acupoint). Hostess Penny had shot feature program about Paida and Lajin demo on a Lajin bench.