Generally speaking, the pain and intensity of Paida should be within the recipient’s or self-healer’s tolerance. There needs to be moderate pain of Paida, otherwise it will not work. Slap a body region for 5-60 minutes each time. To relieve severe symptoms, slap longer and more times.


Slapping for up to five minutes is considered effective Paida. There will be little effect if the Paida is too gentle, produces no pain or does not last long enough, for the self-healing mechanism is not yet fully activated. During our 7-day PaidaLajin self-healing workshop, each day the participants slap for approximately six hours, and stretch for about one hour, and by the end of the workshop, they will have briefly slapped all major parts of the body. It takes up to 15 days to complete a round of more thorough Paida all over the body. The workshop activities are a super-strong stimulation to the self-healing mechanism, and almost all pains and diseases will improve greatly. Back home, it is impossible to slap and stretch so hard and for so long. You can adjust the duration and intensity of PaidaLajin according to your health condition and other factors. Normally, practice PaidaLajin for 1-3 hours a day. For a very sick patient or someone with plenty of time, extend the duration and increase the intensity of PaidaLajin.


For health preservation, Paida the entire head and the universal regions for 0.5-1 hour each day; To relieve and heal common diseases, Paida the universal regions and illness-related areas for 1-3 hour(s); For a seriously ill patient, the entire body needs to be slapped multiple rounds before gradual recovery. It’s best to attend a workshop, for PaidaLajin self-healing method is no talk show. Only by experiencing the indelible self-help and mutual Paida can you systematically learn the techniques, duration and intensity, and feel the power of the “Heart” in the self-healing process. Up to now, we have not found a better way for people to learn and benefit from PaidaLajin than attending a workshop.


For a sick person who cannot attend a workshop and slap that long, Paida 1-3 regions for about one hour each day. The duration of Lajin is not included. Many people cannot spare the time for PaidaLajin; however, they have time for games, sports and dining. Well, this shows that people do not attach the same importance to their health.


The following recommendations on Paida duration and intensity are for your reference. You can adjust them according to your health condition and schedule.


1. Paida a body region thoroughly before moving on to the next one. For instance, an inner elbow, the top of the head, the front side of a knee, the inner or outer side of a knee, etc., each is a “body region”. Paida each region for 5-60 minutes.


2. Thorough Paida: Paida until the most Sha comes out of the slapped area; and with continued Paida, no more Sha appears, it does not hurt much, or the Sha is beginning to fade away, the skin is broken and blood or bodily fluid is seeping out.


3. When slapping on a large region, focus on an area the size of a palm and slap for 5-60 minutes. Then move the palm or Paida stick to the next area.


4. For body parts that can be easily slapped by oneself, it’s better to do self-help Paida; for body parts where self-help Paida is inconvenient, try Paida each other. During Paida, use hands and Paida stick(s) alternately. Use a Paida stick when you feel tired or when Sha does not come out easily. In cold weather, use a Paida stick to slap without removing clothes.

5. Do not stop half way during Paida. It’s best to slap a body part thoroughly. When the Sha disappears, start a second round of Paida.


6. Some people self-heal after a round of thorough Paida all over the body. However, many patients need multiple rounds of “carpet-bombing” Paida before full recovery. Adjust the area and frequency of Paida to suit personal needs.


7. Some people have slapped all over the body; however, the healing effect is not as good as slapping universal regions or other specific regions, for the pain and intensity of Paida are not enough. It is better effect when doing Paida and 1-3 Lajin session(s) per day. Some people do Lajin without the standard Lajin bench or sandbags, or they put down the raised leg when they feel sore, numb, painful, and swelling sensations, and the efficacy is discounted; with the same duration of Lajin, it is better effect when you stretch on a standard Lajin bench, use 5-20kg sandbags, and continue stretching after feeling these sensations.


8. Gentle Paida is also effective, as long as there is moderate pain. However, it takes longer, for instance, you can slap one region for 30-120 minutes.