Again, this question is asked from the perspective of Western medicine. No, PaidaLajin will not lead to their spread. It does not sweep cancer cells and pathogenic bacteria from one part of the body to another like garbage.


PaidaLajin may appear to be simple physical exercises; however, in addition to tuning the vibration frequencies of all cells and organs in the body, PaidaLajin enhances the subtlest Qi (i.e. life energy), thus causing physical, biochemical and psychological changes.


Cancer cells and pathogenic bacteria do not simply come from accumulated waste. When the balance in the body is broken, the environment in vivo becomes conducive to the proliferation of cancer cells and pathogenic bacteria, and inhibiting to the growth of healthy cells (including stem cells) and beneficial bacteria. As a result, stones, tumors, inflamed tissues, etc. are formed. Many factors contribute to the overgrowth of cancer cells and pathogenic bacteria, but ultimately, it is because of meridian blockages stagnating Qi and blood flow, just like how mosquitoes and other insects tend to gather around stale water. As long as meridian blockages are removed through PaidaLajin, creating an environment where “running water does not get stale”, cancer cells and pathogenic bacteria will die or change their nature. The result is organic, holistic self-healing.