Diabetes, Facial Paralysis, Impaired Hearing Self-Healed


My name is Song Changfu, 68, and I’m from Jilin province. I feel lucky to have attended E-Dao Paida and Lajin Workshop, and this experience is indeed a great blessing in my life.

First of all, I should say many thanks to a friend who urged me to come. He was a former colleague of mine, now a municipal leader, yet he has not forgotten me, his former co-worker. On the several occasions he went to Jilin, he looked for me each time, failing to find me the first two times. Later, when we finally met and chatted with each other, our topic turned to health, on hearing that I had diabetes, facial paralysis, and impaired hearing, he immediately told me that he knew a great healing method from which he had personally benefited, curing himself of all past diseases. While explaining it to me, he began to pat me right away. The truth is, it indeed hurt a lot. He then asked me to try Lajin by the doorframe; it was my first time to hear of such a method, and I was somewhat owe-struck. I was quite surprised to see much dark Sha emerging at my joints, and seeing him so confident and so focused, I felt that there might be a grain of truth in what he introduced me.

A few days ago, my friend called me, saying “There will be a workshop of what I introduced you last time. Come here and attend the workshop. Your diseases will then be cured.” I agreed, verbally, but still harbored some doubts — will it actually work? Even hospitals cannot cure diabetes, how can it be cured by simply patting and stretching? Besides, facial paralysis had been tormenting me for years, and it was only alleviated through double measures of acupuncture and medication. Can it be cured in just several days? I didn’t budge.

A few days later, seeing that I haven’t registered for the workshop, my friend called again and urged me to come. I asked, “Is it as miraculous as you described? On hearing this, he replied, “Old Song, can I fool you? Just think of this, for someone in my position, can he talk nonsense?” Only then did I make up my mind to attend the workshop. I bought a train ticket and came.

Upon my arrival, I got to know that the institution promoting the self-healing techniques is called E-Dao, and that Paida and Lajin are a fundamental part of the Workshop, which includes other activities: jogging in the morning, meditation and fasting. These practices, coupled with “principles for the heart (i.e. focus, positivity, gratitude, repentance, awareness and wholehearted acceptance of sensations and thoughts that arise during the process, and willingness to take actions to embrace change); all through the workshop activities, helps stimulate enormous self-healing power. During the workshop, attendees are gathered together to spend a few days in the simplest possible way, eating very simple food, and doing simple things: jogging in the morning, meditation, Paida, Lajin, experience-sharing, and attending sessions on tempering the heart. When at home, it can be hard to effectively practice Paida, whereas at the workshop, we “carpet-bombed” every inch of the body, and the emphasis was placed on deep awareness of the sensations of pain and hunger, and most importantly, of health. In the first two days, the participants dodged Paida for fear of pain. Later on, we began asking for Paida and patting each other, and we wouldn’t take light slapping, ‘cause only heavy slapping could satisfy us. All these are simple enough, and it was my first encounter. How great it was!

When I first arrived, the fasting plasma glucose stood at 7.5, the result of two hypoglycemic pills every day. I had tight left cheek and crooked mouth, sequela of facial paralysis; I also had impaired hearing, and I felt my legs heavy when walking. In seven days, my fasting plasma glucose has dropped to 6.0 and 6.6 after meals (without medication), my facial muscles are relaxed, my mouth is no longer crooked, my hearing is back to normal, and I can walk easily now. This is simply amazing, almost like a dream!

Thanks to Mr. Xiao, for digging up, summarizing and promoting such great healing techniques! This is indeed a great blessing for the people, especially those tormented by various diseases. We should be grateful, and do our part to actively promote such simple techniques which enable people to self-heal without medications or injections. May more people lead healthy and happy lives!

By Song Changfu

September 10, 2011

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