My health was poor since birth.  As I getting older, my health deteriorate further. Then in 2010, after suffered some severe pain, I decided to explore self-healing. I bought two books by Master Xiao, published in Chinese in Taiwan and read and begin my PaidaLajin journey.

When I Paida my both inner elbow, lots of black “Sha” appeared.  My weak heart suddenly beats stronger.  I was so surprised. Then I studied and practiced more diligently.  Many of my health problem went away.  A few months later, I volunteered in a weekly PaidaLajin Meetup until today.  My health really progresses ever since.

The following diseases of mine were healted via PaidaLajin:

  • Diarrhea, at least once a month.
  • Migrant headache for 20 years.
  • Heart will pause after 2~3 beats.
  • Heart beats really fast and often woke me up from sleep.
  • Hands and feet are cold during winter.
  • Dizziness.

Because everything that I have learned and benefited, I decided to introduce PaidaLajin by publishing a book written in traditional Chinese.

I sincerefly thank Master Xiao for giving me the opportunity to be rebordn again.

Cheng-Min Chu




  • 醫行天下(上):尋醫求道
  • 醫行天下(下):拉筋拍打治百病



  • 很容易腹瀉,大約每個月至少一次。
  • 偏頭痛,吃了20年的普拿疼。


  • 跳2~3下會暫停,接著顫震。
  • 晚上跳得很快,常常半夜驚醒。
  • 整個冬天手掌、腳掌都是冰的!
  • 很容易暈眩