Editor’s comment: This sharing from an online PaidaLajin workshop participant indicates that it is very beneficial to Paida the head and the face. One can receive better results if the common regions, four limbs or the entire body are also being slapped. In my view, it was not coincident that the author completely healed her rhinitis, pharyngitis, gastrointestinal problems.

I gained a lot in one week’s online PaidaLajin workshop (held in the mainland China). Coach Liu Ying taught us with a large number of cases, which are not only inspiring, but also very encouraging. In particular, I learned the key of the self-healing method is to concentrate and relax in mind, and to have confidence and perseverance. I also learned how to improve PaidaLajin efficiency, and to deal with the healing reactions.

Coach Liu Ying is a wonderful coach. Her guidance was very practical. For example, she always stresses that the problem of the eyes should not be solved merely by Paida directly on the eyes. Paida the liver meridian and the gallbladder meridian first will help because all meridians are connected.

Every day, I Paida my head and face for more than one hour by following the PaidaLajin APP videos. I feel when I Paida my face and forehead, I have actually slapped eye sockets as well.

Paida has significantly improved my conditions. I suffered from rhinitis since 15 years old. I tried treatments with many attempts of physical therapy and western medicine. (In the past, this disease was considered incurable) With aging, my nose problem became more and more serious. I was troubled by constant thick nasal mucus especially during the sleep. The whole situation would turn into a disaster if I caught a cold. Now I no longer have yellow nasal mucus. There is only a small amount of clear nose discharge, and I no longer have a feeling of out of breath.

Decades of severe rhinitis has also caused fragility in my trachea and throat. My throat was uncomfortable all year round, and eventually developed into non stopping coughs. There was not much improvement through the regular treatments, but Paida has made a difference. Now my symptoms have been improved by 90%.

When people age, their eyesight, hearing and memory are declining. After I started to do the daily Paida on my head and face, my head became clear, my vision and hearing are recovering. The conflicts with young people have been greatly reduced after I practiced Paida and healed my problems in eyes and nose. Thanks for the self-healing method, thank you coaches.

I was ignorant about meridians before. Now I discovered the pain along my san jiao meridian, small intestine meridian, large intestine meridian and stomach meridian during Paida. and the pain continues. No wonder my digestive system is poor. In the worst case, I can only eat a bowl of porridge or a steamed bun per day. Most people want to lose weight through fasting, but I just want to eat more. By practicing Paida, I have improved my digestive system. My weight increased from 99 pounds to 113.5 pounds. Happiness is finally waving at me.