Wall-Hitting is indeed to use the wall as a Paida tool to slap one’s back. The author of this article is very savvy, other than her spine, she hit different points and positions of her body on the wall, such as shoulders, shoulder blades, arms, buttocks.

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By Jishou from Hunan Province, China

I joined the workforce in 1995 and did paperwork for more than ten years. The heavy workload and tight deadlines for each assignment resulted in extreme tension in my shoulders. After changing the job last year, I was relaxed a bit because I was seen as a weird person in the office whenever I hit the wall. For a long time, I had to meet strange looks from others, or explain my strange behavior to people. Therefore, I could only practice Wall-hitting when my colleagues were not in the office.

When I was young, I didn’t feel anything wrong with me. However, while I am getting older, I felt great discomfort in my neck, especially the cervical vertebra. I didn’t know what to do. My neck problem was not serious enough to be treated in a hospital. But same time I was afraid. Our former unit director had the similar neck problem. He followed the doctors’ suggestion, didn’t go through the conservative treatments, but underwent a cervical surgery. They cut off from his vocal cords, the vocal cords were so badly affected that after the surgery he couldn’t speak normally. He listened to to his doctors blindly, took many expensive medicines that the doctor prescribed to him. After spending a lot of money, his health became worse. He was tossed and forced to learn Chinese medicine. He treated his own problems by himself and finally got improved. Whenever he saw me, he would describe those doctors as “quack,” not only for money but also for his life.

I went to massage once a week when I was in discomfort. The masseur suggested that I should stop sleeping on the pillow because it would aggravate my cervical spine deformation. I felt great right after the massage each time, my entire back was hot and burning, but after massage, everything went back to where it was. I felt discomfort again. I was once very frustrated, the cervical deformation compressed the blood supply to the neck artery. I could hear the sound of noises from my neck when I turned my head around. No one would understand the neck pain like I do. The massage is only a temporary cure. After a few months of uninterrupted massage, I finally gave it up. The tension on my shoulders has been accumulated for many years. I knew my own problem very well, I could do nothing but suffer.

Once when my colleagues were not in the office, I did my wall-hitting there. Every time I hit a part, I would carefully feel my body. I moved around while looking for the pain points. Strange enough, I am a right-handed, but the blockage of my right shoulder seemed to be less than my left shoulder. I tried to find the pain point on my left shoulder, and hit the wall heavily on that specific pain point many times after I found it. All things are concerned. Living in this earthly world, I have so many things to worry about. Heart is behind the left ribs, it regulates all organs in our body. This is why I felt more tension on the left side of shoulder and shoulder blade when hitting the wall.

It’s completely free to do the wall-hitting exercise. As long as you are determined to do it, you will always find time to do the wall-hitting no matter how busy you are.

Excerpted from Heal Yourself Naturally Now

Wall-hitting is a secret therapy derived from t’ai chi. To many people, wall-hitting is a simple practice compared to the regular t’ai chi exercises. From the perspective of anatomy, the entire spine vibrates during wall-hitting. It adjusts dislocated joints, tendons, ligaments, and other soft tissues connected to the spine. It relieves pressure on the nerves, like Lajin, it helps with bones setting.

Wall-hitting creates a protective shield around us. It is particularly useful for improving stomach and intestine functions, and facilitating bowel movements.

A t’ai chi master once said.

Instructions for doing the Wall-hitting exercise:

  1. Stand with your back facing a solid wall.
  2. Set your feet shoulder-width apart. The distance between your feet and the wall should be about 1.5 times the length of your shoe.
  3. Tighten your leg muscles to stay steady.
  4. Slightly drop your buttoks.
  5. Cross your arms around your chest, or let your arms hang down naturally.
  6. Inhale deeply through your nose.
  7. Let your body fall back onto the wall. The moment your back hits the wall, your back and internal organs are massaged. Exhale through your nose and mouth.
  8. Don’t hold your breath. You can open your mouth all of the way if necessary.
  9. Stick out your buttocks so your shoulder blades don’t hit the wall first. Your entire back should hit the wall at the same time.
  10. Keep both feet on the ground.
  11. If you know which meridian is blocked or where you feel pain, focus on hitting that part against the wall.
  12. Stand further away from the wall to increase the intensity of the exercise.


  1. Use a strong, solid wall with a flat, smooth surface.
  2. You can practice wall-hitting one to three times a day, hitting the wall 200-1000 times during each session.
  3. Similar to PaidaLajin, you might burp and or pass gas, which is quite normal. You may also experience headache, dizziness, neck pain, stomachache or pain in your tailbone. These indicate lurking problems in your body. Don’t be panic, continue the exercise.

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