有位叫Larry Berkley 网友9月26日在Facebook群里发的一则感谢信——讲述了他是如何通过拍打将他的兄弟从死神手里拉了回来。



I saved my brother’s life about 3 hours ago…. 9/25/17.

谢谢,谢谢上帝!!!谢谢萧宏慈 ….感谢所有帮我答疑的每一个人…. 大约3小时前我抢救了我兄弟的性命….[2017年9月25日]

He’s in the hospital recovering well now. A few hours ago, I was at my brother’s house. I was in the kitchen when someone called for help. They said, he awoke from sleep shaking uncontrollably, he couldn’t breathe and his entire body was clenched. When I entered the room I turn him on his back. Just as I turned him over his eyes rolled to the back of his head and he just laid there… I THOUGHT HE WAS DEAD!!!!


I started paida on one of his inner elbows then told someone else to do the other inner elbow…. Initially it seemed like he was not improving. He just laid there with his eyes open but they were rolled to the back of his head. He started gasping for air but never seemed to ever catch his breath… His arms and legs were clenched and he was struggling to breathe. After we paida for about a minute he started to improve. His breathing got better and he released his body clench slightly… I was beating his arms so hard I almost had an asthma attack..

But I didn’t stop. I took a puff of my inhaler and continued.. When I stopped paida for about 30 seconds to take my inhaler his condition got worse. As we paida someone would check to see if he was dead. He literally looked dead about 6 times during all of this. When we paida someone called 911. The operator told us to stop what we were doing and press on his chest.


She preceeded to explain how to perform CPR. I know for a fact that CPR is ONLY 3% EFFECTIVE. It felt good to know that I may have a technique that was much more effective than CPR. It took about 10 minutes for the first responders to arrive police, firefighters and ambulance. which seemed like an hour. I did paida the entire time until they arrived. They asked me what I was doing ” I said a Chinese secret I learned when I was in the Air Force” lol.. They told me to stop…..Luckily my brother’s condition improved so much that everyone felt that he would survive when I stopped.

她不断 解释如何实施心肺复苏术。我所知道的事实是,心肺复苏术的有效率只有3%。我能使用一种效果比心肺复苏术好得多的方法,感觉非常好。10分钟后,仿佛1小时之久,首批应急人员才赶到,警察、消防员及救护车。直到他们到位 , 整个时间我都在拍打。他们问我在干什么。我告诉他们这是我在空军时学会的一种中医秘法。这个玩笑太有意思了!他们让我停止拍打……幸运的是,我兄弟的状况改善如此之大以至每个人都觉得我停止拍打后他也不会有什么危险了。

To my surprise the first responders just stood there looking at him… It was still an emergency situation because he was still gasping to breath but it wasn’t as bad. These people were just staring at him… I got the impression that they did not know what to do or they didnt have any options/strategies to help him. I said to them “If you are not going to do anything to help him, get him to the hospital as quickly as possible”.


When everyone left for the ER I sat at home for about 20 minutes catching my breath and using my asthma meds while praying that he survives this. By The time I made it to the hospital he was completely fine. It was as if what just happen 20 minutes earlier didn’t happen at all… Seeing him at the hospital you would not have thought he almost died.


After the doctors ran all of their test they said he had a MILD heart attack…. I believe performing paida reduced his MASSIVE HEART attack to a mild one.

Saving my brother’s life increased my confidence in paidaljin tremendously… IT ACTUALLY WORKS!!!


Thanks everyone for answering my questions and assisting me on my paidaljin journey… BTW my brother is just fine…. He’s flirting with the nurses.


Larry Berkley 9/25/17

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