A testimonial by Milka Andreeva from Bulgaria – an honorary citizen of Burgas and a Strandzha folk singer at the age of 65.

来自保加利亚的分享—— Milka Andreeva,65岁,保加利亚民歌手,是布尔加斯的荣誉市民。

I was 23 years old when I was sick with double bronchopneumonia and lying in hospital for 2 months. Then I had infectious polyarthritis on all joints and I was stiff. I’ve had a rumble in my right ear to this day, but in a lighter form. I often suffer from throat, tonsils, runny nose and allergy. From bits of axes – I was swollen and inadequate.


I was diagnosed with ischemic heart disease and arrhythmia in 2004 and dizziness from 2006, and my blood pressure varied. After hospital treatment with antibiotic flu, I got candidiasis in my mouth, my nose flowed constantly and I was diagnosed with enterocolitis. After that, I often felt the weakness of my muscles and tendons. I constantly felt fatigue.


In 2012, my doctors found high levels of thyroid antibodies. After laser treatment of my retina, doctors found elevated eye pressure. Drugs did not work, I had constant bitterness in my mouth, eyesight worsened.

2012年,我的医生发现我的甲状腺抗体偏高。激光治疗视网膜后,医生发现眼压升高。 药物不起作用,口中泛苦,视力恶化。

In August 2016, I saw a girlfriend who told me about television broadcasting for easy and fast self-healing – PaidaLajin. Until then, I had tried everything that could be applied, such as urine therapy, fasting, fruit therapy, acupuncture, massage, but with minimal success. Immediately on the Internet I saw the method and the next day I went to buy the Master Xiao’s Book “Self-healing with PajaLadin”. I read it overnight and got an idea of all my illnesses. I started applying the method, first with the PAIDA in the main zones, and then with LAJIN in two chairs. I got immediate results – my irregular heartbeat vanished, the colitis wiped off, it lowered the secretion from the running nose, in the morning when I got up I no longer had the tendons. But I also received healing crises similar to those described in the book. First of all, my palm and the legs I banged swallowed. There was a cough, a swelling of the left shoulder, and the arm could not be lifted.

In September I went to a prophylactic review. They made my cardiogram and told me I had no ischemic disease, my lung was clean. I got a vaccine for tetanus and typhus.

2016年8月,我的一位女朋友告诉我电台正在播放介绍简单有效的自愈法 – 拍打拉筋。在那之前,我尝试过所有可以应用的方法,比如尿疗,禁食,水果疗法,针灸,按摩,但都收效甚微。我立即上网查询这个方法,第二天我就去买了《拍打拉筋自愈法》手册。我通宵把书读了一遍,明白了我身上疾病的根源。我开始应用这种方法,首先是拍打通用部位,然后用两把椅子拉筋。我得到了立竿见影的效果 – 我的心率不齐现象消失了,结肠炎消失了,鼻涕的分泌物减少了,早晨起床时,不再肌腱绷紧。但是我也经历了类似于书中描述的不良反应。首先,我的手掌和我拍打过的双腿肿胀,其次是咳嗽,左肩肿胀,手臂无法抬起。


Then I came to Kamen Filipov in Burgas for a consultation. He encouraged me and told me to continue in the same spirit. I learned from him that at the end of October there will be a two-day seminar in Plovdiv, which I then visited. At the seminar I got new knowledge and results – the rumble in the right ear diminished, but the cough and swelling in the shoulder continued. Then I went to a festival in Italy. There I sang and got a first prize. Even my sting stopped, the blood stabilized, I did not have vertigo. I climbed up stairs. After that I continued to work and at the end of November I participated with my husband at a one-week seminar with Kamen in Velingrad. When we returned from Velingrad, my cough stopped, and the swelling of my shoulder began to pass, and my hand moved. After the seminar in Velingrad, my husband received visible results and is now a passionate follower of PaidaLajin.

然后我去布尔加斯的卡门 菲利波夫那里进行咨询。他鼓励我继续拍打拉筋。我从他那里得知十月底在普罗夫迪夫会有一个为期两天的体验营。于是我参加了这个体验营。在体验营里,我获得了新的知识和效果 – 右耳的隆隆声减弱了,但咳嗽和肩膀上的肿胀仍继续着。然后我去参加了意大利的一个节日庆典活动,在那里我唱歌并获得了一等奖。在那里,身上的刺痛停止了,血压稳定了,爬上了楼梯没感到眩晕。之后,我继续工作,11月底,我和丈夫一起参加了由卡门在韦林格勒主办的为期一周的体验营。当我们从韦林格勒回来的时候,我的咳嗽停止了,肩膀上的肿胀开始缓减,我的手也能动了。韦林格勒的体验营之后,我的丈夫收到了明显的自愈效果,现在他也成为拍打拉筋的粉丝。

We continue to work systematically and stubbornly until we get lasting results. We continue to visit and actively participate in the seminars and workshops of Kamen. I stopped drugs and supplements. I lost weight10 kg, we work at home, and I look forward to the next PajaLadgin workshop.

I recommend all my friends and admirers to try this wonderful self-healing method

I cordially thank Teacher – master Xiao, to whom I dedicated a song.

I also thank Kamen Filipov for the valuable advice he gave me.

我们继续有系统地顽强地拍打拉筋,直到我们取得持久的改善效果。 我们继续并积极参与卡门主办的拍打拉筋讲座和体验营。 我体重减了10公斤,期待下一个拍打拉筋体验营。