Four Symptoms Vanish from a Patient with 13 Years of Diabetes

Time:2015.01.30 03:01

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I am Hong, 65 years old, from Buxin City of Liaoning Province. A traffic accident caused a fracture of my 6 ribs, arms and clavicle and brought me sequela of lumbar disc herniation and cervical dislocation. I had two major surgeries. Besides, I’m a diabetic patient for 13 years, with hypertension, hyperlipidemia and fatty liver. I had a history of 13 years in taking antidiabetic tablets and 3 years and half of insulin shots. For more than two decades the diseases and pains have consumed me.

1. I had an itchy skin caused by diabetes, which occurred all the year round, worsening at the turn of seasons.

2. There were 5 or 6 purplish patches of bleeding from right inner ankle to knee.

3. The shank edema lasted over 10 years.

4. There was a fingernail-size black spot on the right side of the face.

Under the guidance of a friend, I began PaidaLajin in 2012 and have practiced it for one year and seven months. The effects were amazingly good after PaidaLajin and the above four problems have all gone. I’m just not satisfied with the blood glucose control. In order to relieve my diseases and pains completely, improve life quality, with resolution I attended the 12th Beijing PaidaLajin Self-Healing Workshop.

At the Workshop, my PBG was 17.8 on the first day; FBG 14.9 on the 2nd morning; FBG 14 (without medication) and BP 125/80 on the 7th morning.

I benefited greatly from Paidalajin at the 7-day Workshop and found the major reason why I couldn’t have a good control in BG in the past: The carpet-bombing slapping had not been performed. However, I have reached the goal this time and learned the slapping technique through being slapped entirely on my body. By returning home, I will carry it on to the end.

For the first I experienced the miracle of the healing crisis at the 7-day workshop that I felt an unbearable pain on the left side of front ribs (there was a fracture of back ribs) while Coach Huang was slapping my Neiguan acupoint. It was really fantastic!

During three fasting days, I excreted twice in index-finger sized lardlike feces, and had oily and beer-foam urine. I thought all the above reactions were wonderful things. I hereby express my sincere gratitude to all the three coaches for their help and effort at the workshop. I will never stop Paidalajin until the end of my life.


Jan 4, 2014