Dear Mr. Xiao,

I am a Chinese from Malaysia and now living in Melbourne, Australia.

I was diagnosed of bladder cancer spread to lymph nodes in Sept 2010, my doctors told me they were unable to cure me as it is an aggressive type of cancer, only chemotherapy will slow the process of spreading. I refused chemo and embarked on Gerson Theraphy, a natural therapy that using food as medicine, no meat, oil, salt, sugar and carb. Heavy detox using coffee enema and drinking lots of carrot and green leave juice and vegetarian food to build my immune system. After 3 months, my bladder tumour was gone but my swollen lymph nodes were still there. 


Five weeks ago I started Lajin and my lymph nodes shrunk tremendously, I was so thrilled with the results. Then I started Paida after reading your book and I was shocked and happy that all the “Sha” came out from my thighs, pic attached. More “Sha” came out last night. I am wondering should I “Paida” my small thigh? I am still doing Lajin and Paida and the “healing reactions” are the same as during my initial detox using coffee enema, how amazing is that, vomit, nausea, bloating, farting etc…exactly the same.


I am going to continue spreading this technique and wish we can be friends of promoting this effective methods.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


Im Chua