Cerebral Infarction Patient on His Way to Speedy Recovery When Medication Failed

Comment by Mr. Hongchi Xiao:

Many are concerned about patients of cerebral infarction and cerebral hemorrhage, leading causes of disabilities in China. As a matter of fact, quite a number of such patients have successfully alleviated their conditions at E-Dao Paida and Lajin Workshop. In July this year, I brought along a disciple and together we went to a temple in Riwoqê County, Tibet. There, we treated a Lama who was carried to the temple by several people. He’d been bedbound for three years, due to hemiplegia after cerebral hemorrhage surgery. After high-intensity Paida and Lajin, he was able to walk with the help of crutches right on the spot. On the second day, he was given another round of super-intensive Paida and Lajin, during which the Lama howled out of pain, and yet continued in spite of it. Right there, he threw away the crutches and started to walk. The following case at E-Dao Jinzhou branch is another sound proof, where this hemiplegia patient was able to abandon his wheelchair on the second day of Paida and Lajin.

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Surgery Avoided after PaidaLajin Malaysia Workshop

      I fell down while wearing a 15cm high heel in 2012. Ensuing this, I started to have spinal and cervical problems. I was not able to lift up even a 2kg object. I went for MRI and made an appointment with a doctor in Singapore for a procedure/injection.

      I’ve suffered greatly over the last 2 years. I had to be assisted by a maid while changing clothes as I was not able to stretch my hands to the back.

      My husband objected to the idea of injection and the appointment in Singapore in Sept 2014. Instead, he brought me to attend the Aug 2014 7-day PaidaLajin workshop in Malaysia.

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The self-healing story of an 86-year-old terminal prostate cancer patient

For many people with terminal cancer and weak Qi and blood, they still think they cannot Paidalajin. What revelation does this testimonial from an 86-year old terminal prostate cancer patient has given us!?  Based on this testimonial, of course we cannot simply conclude: all terminal cancer patients can go through such heavy carpet bombing, but it is absolutely possible to start Paidalajin gently, and then gradually increase the force and time;Paidalajin can be for everyone!

When diagnosed with prostate cancer the first time, Eva’s father already had his testis swollen for more than 10 years, to as big as the size of two eggs together, in addition to having difficulties when he urinated. But only after 3Paida sessions, these symptoms have all disappeared, including his prostate cancer! However, Eva’s father was in fear of the pain from Paidalajin, he hadn’t sustained the effort, and in June 2014, he was diagnosed with terminal prostate cancer!
From Eva’s sharing, we can tell that her father didn’t suffer from just prostate disease, but all kinds of complex diseases. But since the disease name, “terminal prostate cancer”, was more daunting, it became the foremost problem. Eva’s father went through 4 months of bone removal, radiotherapy, and other conventional therapies, but was only left with near-hopeless results!  But he was meant to be saved by Paidalajin! With great Yin came rise theYang, Eva’s self-healing experience of rheumatoid arthritis and her unmovable confidence in Paidalajin, gave her great strength to help slap her father and healed him! It took her 4.5 hours just to slap one leg! And he was in pain and groaned for the 4.5 hours, but after 3 months, his prostate cancer was gone, and his prostate glands were in better shape then some middle-aged men! And almost all his other diseases were gone too!
Eva’s father had not Lajin, if he did, his recovery could no doubt be faster! Eva’s sharing also included some key takeaways, benefiting all readers! We are grateful to Eva and his father for making miracles happen!

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Four Symptoms Vanish from a Patient with 13 Years of Diabetes

I am Mrs Hong, 65 years old, from Buxin City of Liaoning Province. A traffic accident caused a fracture of my 6 ribs, arms and clavicle and brought me sequela of lumbar disc herniation and cervical dislocation. I had two major surgeries. Besides, I’m a diabetic patient of 13 years, with hypertension, hyperlipidemia and fatty liver. I had a history of 13 years in taking antidiabetic tablets and 3 years and half of insulin shots. For more than two decades the diseases and pains have consumed me. 

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