Hong Kong PaidaLajin Workshop(9/16~20, 2018)

Organizer: Hong Kong Ivy League Health Association
Conference Director: Ellen Chen
Senior Coach: Ye Xianhong, Dong Hua, Huang Yifang, Zhu Guohui

Objectives: To promote health care for those who love health care, to practice systematically, to improve their physical and mental health, to ensure that my health is our responsibility, to inherit the Yellow Emperor’s internal health self-healing method, and to respond to the healthy people’s health promoted by the Party Central Committee. China’s call.

A. Experience Camp Activities:

  1. Zen walking, Zen sitting, qigong, moxibustion, tea zen
  2. Paida (Soft, Hard, Self-Paida, Group Paida)
  3. Lajin (horizontal, standing, squat)
  4. Waist Twirling, wall facing, standing still, leg kicking, arms dropping, Paida exercise
  5. Seminar on the Yellow Emperor Internal Medicine in the four seasons and twelve hours health self-healing method
  6. Answer participants’ questions and self-healing case sharing

B. Incoming costs:

  1. Double Occupancy (HK$3,900)
  2. Triple Occupancy (HK$3,650)

C. Discounts:

  1. The participants of the camp shall receive a copy of the self-healing manual. If registers before August 25th, will also receive a Paida stick and a souvenir gift.
  2. Participants may enter the camp on the first, second, third and fourth days of their choice.

D. Remarks:

  1. After entering the camp on the 2~5th days (a total of 4 days will fast in the afternoon), cleaning up the intestines will facilitate detoxification. If participants prefer to fast by themselves, they may do so.
  2. The whole workshop will be on healthy vegetarian diet, which allows you to nourish a compassionate and peaceful heart. Let you produce a good heart that respects life and loves animals, let you have health, longevity, beauty, joy, and wisdom.
  3. All applicants are deemed to possess a full civil legal capacity and can bear legal responsibility. In the event of personal injury and damage during the event, the promoters of the camp, the operators of the event, and the leader do not assume any responsibility and are entirely borne by the participants themselves.

E. Should not participate:

  1. Patients with infectious diseases
  2. High fever patients (having a high fever)
  3. Critical patients being treated in hospital
  4. People who cannot be independent or are not conscious
  5. People who are unable to take care of themselves
  6. Pregnant women
  7. Under 18 years of age
  8. People who just had a surgery in the last three months

F. Notes for entering the camp:

  1. Please bring your own loose clothes
  2. Bring your own sports shoes for exercising
  3. Bring your own mug to hold ginger tea
  4. For safety reasons, please do not carry expensive jewelry items
  5. Near the menstrual period, please bring your own supplies

Zen Run: This is a kind of jogging that focuses on meditation, which will miraculously improve and heals many lumbago and leg pain symptoms, and increases physical strength.

Sitting Zen Meditation: not only can quiet our mind, nourish our heart, heal the pain of the body and mind, can also help people to realize enlightenment, obtain the relief of body and mind, and enhance our Jing, Qi and Shen.

Paida: The disease is relieved by Paida to activate Qi (energy), so that the meridians are unobstructed, the body and mind are happy, and the self-healing power is enhanced.

Group Paida: Positve atmosphere, powerful Qi field, painful yet happy, faster detoxification, better results.

Lajin: Fully open up the main fourteen meridians, right set the bones, soften the tendons, unblock the meridians, automatically scanning, clearing the blockages, improving and healing many chronic diseases.

Standing and squatting Lajin: This oldest Lajin method is extremely complementary to horizontal Lajin and opens up the body’s main meridians.

Waist-twirling, wall-facing: Taoist secret health exercise, once Ren and Du meridians are hindrance free, kidney function quickly increased, strong kidney qi is generated.

Standing still exercise: strenthens body, improves blood circulation, enhaces Jing, Qi and Shen (The Three Treasures in Taoism).

The Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic is an encyclopedia of life.

Huangdi Neijing: “Ancient people, most of them knew how to maintain their health, understood the law of change between heaven and earth, in yin and yang, reconciled themselves with the essence of nature, and had a disciplined diet. They observe the laws of the universe. They did not overexert themselves, so the body and spirit could be in harmony. Enjoy the natural lifespan, leave the world after a hundred years.”

H. Applicants should provide information:

  1. Name, sex, age.
  2. Phone number, email address.

I. Payment & Registration:

Call Ellen Chan: 852-94843590 or fill out the form below.