These healing reactions are good detox. When you use your hands to Paida yourself and/or others, your hands are being slapped as well. It is a real win-win exercise. Sha, cracks, blood or watery blisters on the palms are healing reactions, indicating blockages in the Heart and Pericardium Meridians, and problems with the heart. It also shows that the self-healing mechanism is working to remove the blockages. Continue to slap, the blisters will break, blood and fluid will seep out, and the wound and heart disease will heal naturally.


If the cracks on your hands are large, it’s best not to wash them now. You can use warm water to wash your hands two hours after Paida. You can continue slapping. It is Okay to Paida even if it bleeds a bit. With persistent Paida, the Sha colours will fade away, and the cracks will heal naturally. The skin will gradually become smooth and delicate. All our coaches and many Paida enthusiasts have repeatedly experienced it, and their skin and overall health are getting better and better.