My husband was born in Shenze County, Hebei Province, China. In last March’s CT exam, he was diagnosed with lumbar disc herniation. He was scared because the lower back pain not only hindered him from doing any physical work, but also because most people we knew who had the same problem went through expensive hospitalization with a same result – no longer being able to do any heavy work. A few even had set back and got worse after the hospitalization.

Although he was always suspicious on PaidaLajin, he decided to try Lajin first, partially because he had witnessed the effectiveness of PaidaLajin on me, partially because he couldn’t bear the pain any more. I vividly remember his first time on the Lajin bench. His up lifting leg was curved in a shape of a half circle. “Too painful! Let me off the bench immediately. Who can stand this?” He was so emotional and uncooperative that he only stretched each leg for about two minutes, and left “Nonsense” behind.

At the same night, my husband wasn’t in bed yet. Out of curiosity, I got up to look for him. There he was, lying on the Lajin bench to stretch by himself. I didn’t bother him, quietly went back to bed, thought it’s better to let him experience the pain and improvement on his own. He continued the secret Lajin for about four or five nights, and his lower back pain was noticeably alleviated.

I felt it was time for me to suggest the Paida. I humbly asked him for advice on my Paida techniques. He agreed. So I first slapped his knee pits, then the pain points on his lower back. Behind his knees, I only saw red Sha, but on his lower back, large lumps of Sha in blue surged quickly. “You are doing great! Let’s work together to get more Sha out.” I praized and encouraged him while doing the Paida. He didn’t utter a word, which was a good sign to me. I was enchanted by the Paida, hearing nothing but the slapping sounds. My hand was non-stopping waving in the air. By the time big sweats on my forehead fell along my cheeks, I realized that I had been doing Paida on his buttocks as well. Time for a break, for I was exhausted.    

Since that day, my husband went back to the construction site in Hengshui. His job was to insulate external walls of the building. In the past, the back pain caused by the daytime work would make his rolling over in bed a big problem. Now he hasn’t complained anything about his lower back since I cured his lower back pain.

This year, he started to transport corns to the grain station, working from 6 am to 6 pm. Everyday after dinner and washing, I would check on him: “Aren’t you tired? How is your lower back? No more pain?” He replied, “You’ve seen all, if I still have the pain, I wouldn’t be able to work!”

Kind reminder: This case is based on personal experiences. It does not mean that mimicking the Paida and Lajin in the same way will produce the same healing effects for everyone. The PaidaLajin self-healing method is a way of healthy lifestyle. It is not a substitute for medical treatments.