Master Xiao,

How are you these days? We’re all missing you!

I can’t express my feelings in words but condense them into the attached pictures for my obsession of Paida and Lajin self-healing methods. “My Health, I Manage!” could start from every single family and kids, right?

The photos are of my grandchildren, who live in two different cities. My eldest granddaughter had a mild fever, a sore throat, and flu, so I patted her back and elbows. All kids were comfortable and had fun, and called the Paida a “SPA”. Then I had them stretch themselves on the Lajin bench (in a row). One day, when the girl said that she had lower back pain, she was treated by Lajin and “SPA” again. The next day, she was all better.

My husband and I always have the Lajin bench with us, so we can practice Paida and Lajin every day, and set a good example to promote the idea of “My Health, I Manage!” Great thanks to Master Xiao!

 Indonesian Dust

 March 20th, 2012

 Some captions for the photos:


8-year-old girl likes to stretch on the Lajin bench.

The kids start playing on the Lajin bench.

The adults say, “Patting your head often can make you smarter.”

Who says little girls aren’t vain?

Patting my knees like that, right?

Mom, let me give you a Paida.

This Lajin bench is way too large for me.

On the third anniversary of my mother’s death, all my sisters gathered in one place. It’s such a good opportunity to share our experience of Lajin and Paida.

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