Personal PaidaLajin Witness & JourneyI came to know paida lajin though internet and after watching many testimonies of how much paida lajin can help you to keep your health or heal some disease/discomfort in our body.

I started to practice some times regularly sometimes occasionally Paida Lajin. In general It helps me personally to increase my energy and to overcome certain difficulties when I feel pain or discomforts in my body.

Curiously one of the things that Paida Lajin helps me very much, specially Lajin= stretching, is when I feel down or depressed. If I practice regularly I feel more optimistic and feel more energy witch allows me to sleep better and feel better overall.

I use it with very good results also when I have pain on my back and here once again Lajin as been quite remarkable to overcome discomfort and pain.

Also, it helps release some symptoms regarding my heavy gall blader when I am emotional disturbed or have eaten very fatty food.

Since I don’t have any serious illness this is my particular experience.

I also transmitted my knowledge and practice to some friends of mine  and family and the results were quite good. One friend witch started to practice both lajin and paida overcame a big pain he had on the hips and leg. After his experience he became a regular practitioner of the method in a regular basis. He is now 86 years old and loves to be able to help to manage his health personally by practicing this simple method.

I have shared and listened to the experiences of other people in Portugal (4 people) that practice the method and according with there experiences the method is quite easy to apply and the results vary according with the practice. The more you do the stretching and the paida, the better the results. It works in general to rise people’s energy and in some way helps people to heal there disease’s or discomforts.

I would recommend paida lajin to everybody I know, but in fact I also know it is a very original method and some people might feel discouraged to do it. Nevertheless I only have very good things to share about my practice and to that of my friends.

Each time I had any difficulties regarding the method I tried to contact through emails master Hongchi Chiao. He always answered but he never asked any money or tried to persuade me of anything but he was always very cheerful and available to help. I noticed he is a very committed man to help everybody to get better health.

Such a committed person to help the others don’t deserve this awful accusations and I hope soon he can be free to help other people to overcome there difficulties and become healthier.

I believe in his dream, that one day many people can grow healthier and happier managing personally there own health and more aware of the potencials of there own bodies.

I wish my testimony can help him and I wish to state that all things I have mentioned here are in full respect to the truth.