The 5-day PaidaLajin workshop (9-13 March, 2015) at TAG-VHS Diabetes Research Centre in Chennai, India, with abundant self-healing miracles, was completed yesterday.


One of the most striking miracles happened yesterday afternoon, when two volunteers were requested by nurses at the Centre to help slap a patient (not a participant of the workshop) with breathing difficulty. The patient, an old lady in her 50s, looked frail. After about a minute’s gentle slapping on her elbows, she started to make horrifying sounds in the throat as she gasped for breath.


The volunteers continued slapping and asked her to take deep breaths and relax. The workshop participants, having a good understanding of PaidaLajin and been experiencing it themselves over the past five days, were not much affected by the sudden incident and continued with their singing and slapping party. Then the patient was moved to a quiet ward next door. As she lay on the bed there, slapping was continued on the patient’s inner elbows and Neiguan acupoint. In approximately 2-3 minutes, she had calmed down and was breathing naturally. A few more minutes’ slapping and she was smiling and talking! Then the two doctors who had been supervising the entire process checked her and told us one word, “Normal”.

“Would you like to lie here for a while or get up and join the Paida party?” we asked the patient. She got up instantly, joined others, and joyously slapped herself. Her face beamed and she got so immersed in the Paida party that she began to sing along while she slapped.

Everyone who had witnessed it all was profoundly impressed. And it is most likely the first time in human history that Paida is requested to be applied to relieve a patient’s acute symptoms at a hospital and its effect is confirmed by medical professionals.
By PaidaLajin Team
14 March, 2015