Nobody likes pain, but it is a superb warning sign. Like illness, it is a “clear signal” to us. The “pain” here does not refer to the kind of pain caused by fights or accidents, but the hurting sensation you feel in everyday life.

Imagine an open-ended tube filled with water.  If you squeeze the tube in the middle, the water will flow to both sides without a problem.  Now imagine you plug up both ends of the tube, then squeeze the middle.  Since the water has nowhere to do, the pressure of your squeezing will cause the tube to swell up. Right? And imagine that this tube is your blood vessel.  When it is plugged up on both ends, and you apply pressure to it, what will happen? Yes, you will feel “pain”.  Make sense?

Therefore according to Chinese medicine, “blockage will cause pain”.  In other words, pain is just a warning sign that there is a blockage in your body. The more painful the region, the stronger the blockage is. On the contrary, no blockage no pain.

When you practice our technique, you may notice pain in certain areas of your body, but not in other parts of your body.  Just experiment yourself, you will find out which are the areas, where blockages are occurring.

Therefore the more painful you feel during the practice, the more necessary it is for you to get rid of the pain because it is the blockage. The pain is a true indicator of your physical condition. When you feel no pain at all, it indicates that you have no health problem, hence there is no need to practice it further.

As you using our technique and try to discover painful blockages throughout your body, you will eventually discover all the painful blockages, strong and weak, throughout your entire body, and you can completely unblock them and become much healthier.

Please keep this in mind.  Please do not be afraid of pain.  Accept it.  Face it.  Eliminated it using our technique.

Thank you for your understanding.

You might need some courage to try our technique of PaidaLajin.