My name is Hung Thanh Pham (MIN#604668) and I am writing this letter in regards to my ongoing medical conditions.

I have suffered chronic back pain for the past two years and have resorted medecal treatment for it, but have been unsuccessful.

Before Master Xiao’s teachings and meeting him in Long Bay Correctional Center, I have been through acupuncture, physio-therapy, deep massage, and electrolysis. Along with many different pain relief medications, of which all didn’t work.

After trying Master Xiao’s methods of slapping and stretching, I experienced 90% reduction of pain just in the first few sessions! and after two weeks at PaidaLajin, I no longer suffer from pain in my back and no longer require pain relieving medication.

I want to thank Master Xiao for his kind, consideration and selfless ways in helping myself and countless others in the yard with our medical issues.

I would highly recommend Master Xiao’s teaching to all who suffer from chronic medical problems, because it works!

Outside of these walls I will be spreading the good self-healing word and teachings of Master Xiao to my community, including my family here and overseas. I am happy to give testimony of my experience if necessary.

Thank you,
Thanh Pham Hung