As our March 2016 PaidaLajin tour in South Africa comes to an end, as always, Mr. Hongchi Xiao is still totally immersed in the joy of sharing the self-healing method.

(I) PaidaEveryone should learn it to relieve acute symptoms.

On the morning of March 28, we went to an Easter horse-racing event in Johannesburg. There, Mr. Xiao took the opportunity to speak with a Med Assist staff and learned that sports injuries are quite common and they mainly use CPR (Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation) in case of an acute heart attack.

Xiao showed him how to Paida on the inner elbows, which has been repeatedly proven by practitioners worldwide to be most effective in relieving heart attacks, breathing difficulty, dizziness, motion sickness, altitude sickness, heat stroke, etc. Everyone should learn Paida to relieve acute symptoms.

Mr. Xiao talking with Med Assist staff on the effect of Paida in emergencies

(II) PaidaLajinNo privilege for humans only; Animals enjoy it too!

Paida a horse?!

She is 18 and enjoys PaidaLajin, EVERY DAY!

We have applied Paida (slapping/clapping) and Lajin (stretching) to dogs, cats, rabbits, etc. And now it’s the horse’s turn. In fact, animals have meridians as well, and they enjoy PaidaLajin a lot. It is no secret in our PaidaLajin circle that it helps our animals stay young and healthy, and recover from injuries and diseases. There is a huge potential in applying PaidaLajin to animals for better animal welfare.

(III) A PaidaLajin MiraclePains from sports injuries 80% relieved in 25min!

On March 28, as we were shooting a PaidaLajin documentary, a man came to us and said that he was introduced PaidaLajin through one of his students who had attended the recent South Africa PaidaLajin workshop. He is a karate coach and judge for international karate tournaments and has been practicing it for 35 years. He suffered injury-induced pains in his right hip and knee, and was scheduled for a knee replacement surgery soon. He didn’t want to go under the knife. But the pains were affecting his teaching and life in general.

Mr. Xiao welcomed him and continued his lecture. The man listened attentively. After finishing shooting the documentary, Mr. Xiao invited him to try PaidaLajin right there, right now. Before PaidaLajin, he could not squat down and do some of the basic karate moves.

Getting his very first taste of Lajin

Mr. Xiao explaining how Lajin works

Feeling pain at the groin region during Lajin

After stretching for five minutes each leg, he got up and walked, feeling much lighter. Then he stood on the Lajin bench and received Paida around the knees from two volunteers. The Paida took about 15 minutes.

Sha starting to pop out after 2-3min Paida

Paida on the pain spot on the right knee

After about 25min PaidaLajin, he got down from the bench and we asked him to try walking and squatting again. This time, he was able to squat, and squat quite low. He felt the 80% of the pains were gone! Elated, he jumped up and did quite a few karate kicks. Such was the glory of a karate master!

Able to squat down after PaidaLajin

Jumping up joyfully

Karate kicks

A local professional camerawoman shot the documentary and the subsequent PaidaLajin miracle. She was so impressed that she wanted to do PaidaLajin herself, introduce it to family members and media friends, and go with Mr. Xiao on a “journey to self-healing” around the world! Well, first of all, she will edit the documentary and present it to the entire world. Just wait!

In the evening, the karate coach offered to drive us home. On the way, he talked of the various injuries that professional judo and karate athletes suffered from and how their current medical treatments failed to relieve the pains and thoroughly heal the injuries.

He said, “This is my best-ever Easter holiday. I will introduce PaidaLajin to my physiologist, my brother and my students. And I hope to incorporate PaidaLajin into my teaching of karate.”

Xiao said, “In ancient times, Kungfu masters knew how to heal injuries and they used Paida (slapping) and Lajin (stretching). Now the tradition is coming back. In fact, all non-bleeding, non-fracture injuries from all sports and accidents can be very effectively healed with PaidaLajin. Some former sportsmen, after self-healing their own pains and diseases, and have become professional PaidaLajin coaches.”

(IV) First PaidaLajin centre in South Africa to be open in April

Tshidi, a PaidaLajin coach in South Africa, is to open the first PaidaLajin centre in Soweto, Johannesburg. This is the message we learnt while interviewing her at her home in Soweto yesterday. So it seems we will be able to read more self-healing reports and testimonials from her.

The interview focused more on how Tshidi’s second son recovered from bone marrow infection with the help of PaidaLajin. His son was injured, taken to hospital and found to have bone marrow infection. After two surgeries, his condition worsened. Tshidi took him home and did Paida on his wound. His wound was healed and the scar got shorter and smaller. Although the doctors warned that the infection could very probably come back, they’ve checked at hospital and everything is Okay with him for the past three years.

Tshidi receiving interview at her home in Soweto, Johannesburg, South Africa

Tshidi’s son’s operation scar used to be quite long; after repeated Paida, it shrank and became shorter and smaller.

Tshidi and her son kissing each other

Just as we were wrapping up to leave, her third child, just six years old, began to cry out aloud. “Why not me? Why haven’t you shoot me?”

We were quite amused at her reaction, and felt it quite understandable. Alas, how early on in life and how easily a person gets injured in the “heart”! That’s largely why we get so blocked and develop pains and diseases as we grow up and grow old. PaidaLajin heals, and healing starts from the “heart”.

I took out my camera and shot Tshidi doing Paida on her spine. Tshidi does it every day on her and this child receives the most Paida among the three children. She is quite healthy and doesn’t go to hospital. The mother’s caressing Paida greatly eased her tension and she burst into a broad smile. Then her brother joined and they did Paida together. Now the little girl didn’t mind sharing the love and attention with him, for she has got her fair share of it.

Tshidi patting and caressing her little girl

Tshidi’s son Paida her

Tshidi Paida her son

For more info on Tshidi’s journey to self-healing and her healing crises during the recent workshop, please read 2016 PaidaLajin Tour in South Africa (III+IV).

(V) What have we learned from this tour?

An outbound travel is ultimately an inward journey. This is so true for this PaidaLajin tour in South Africa.

What have we seen? Well, not so many natural wonders that attract tourists to Africa. But we have seen a lot of sights in the human world, and gained some insights into dis-ease and healing. Our body, mind and soul are ONE, and we are ONE with our environment and “others”. When there is a separation of “you and me”, it is a heart-shattering blow to all involved. We do it, consciously or unconsciously, and we get sick. What is the key to healing? Warm up thy heart first.

We are thus more acutely aware than ever that we live in an inter-dependent world where personal interest, when aligned with overall interest, radiates great love that warms up and heals people’s hearts, especially those around us. And only in this way can we reach a real win-win end. Just as a saying goes, “All shall flourish when Heaven, Earth, and Humans interact harmoniously.”

PaidaLajin Global Promotion Team

March 30, 2016