Being a Premier Member, you will have all the benefits of the following:

  1. 4 Video Lectures,
  2. 9 Video tutorials,
  3. 30 Podcast,
  4. Basic Paida Lajin Concept – 16 online lessons by clicking here.
  5. 105 Video lessons by clicking here. teaching you the theories, principles, guidelines as well as everyday issues to help you or your loved ones.  These lessons are taught by Master HongChi Xiao himself and never was published elsewhere.
  6. You can pause, cancel or change your membership by clicking “Memberships>Account”
  7. You can also access the 51 preloaded Q&A, which answers most of your question.
  8. After you mastered all of these, if you still have a question, you can ask and get answers from our team of instructors.
  9. Occasionally, we also issue discount coupons for you to purchase tools to help you Paida Lajin with ease.

You can cancel at anytime.  Just click on “Membership>Account”

3 Replies to “Premier Self Healing Membership”

  1. Hello,
    I have been practicing Paida-Lajin in a self taught manner for about a year. I have bought both previously offered home video sessions by the Master and have gotten along ok. But I have asked many times for help locally in my Wisconsin area, but am always told no one keeps track of where people are located.
    I want to go on to a workshop, and in the meantime join Premier Membership. But I do not want a monthly charge against my credit card. Could we work out a fee paid once?
    I also cannot believe that you can not offer me at least one name in my area, so we could build a sincere group.
    Please endeavor to come up with an alternate plan for me.
    Please consider having a short consultation with me by telephone.
    I am a serious adherent and would appreciate a little help to get me further in my program.
    Thank you. Denis A. Molloy

  2. Dashlane says, This connection, to sign up for membership, is not secure and logins entered here could be compromised. Could you fix your connections, so I could sign up for a premium membership and use my credit card? I just purchase a portable table and some accessories.
    Thank you.

    1. Hi Stephen, The sign up for the membership is not secure, but the payment either through Paypal or Stripe is secure. Do let us know if you find it other wise. In case you do, please send us your screen shot for us to investigate. Thanks.

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