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Many of our visitors ask, “Where shall I Paida, if I have these xxx  issues?”  Before you submit a similar question as such, please consider the following:

Resulting with a truly beneficial Paida requires the correct know how, on how hard to Paida, how long to Paida, how frequent to Paida, where to Paida. Besides, according to Traditional Chinese Medicine, the causes of all disease are complex in nature. No single region can completely heal your disease.

We honestly recommend that you enroll into our online video classes, to learn the correct technique and knowhow, if you truly intend to benefit from this DIY method. Otherwise, Paida based on inadequate technique, you may find our method ineffective and loose a wonderful opportunity to heal yourself naturally.

Of course, if you could participate in one of our workshops, will be even better.  If you subscribe to our newsletter, you will be notified whenever we have a workshop in your area.