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Based on Traditional Chinese Medicine, the practice of PaidaLajin helps you to relieve from chronic pain, hypertension or diabetes, without equipment or medication. It can quickly improve your circulation and let your body heal itself.

PaidaLajin has facilitated the healing of over 210 different illnesses worldwide. Join millions of practitioners in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Bulgaria, Germany, Indonesia, India, South Africa, Australia, etc. Just Google and following their witnesses.

PaidaLajin is based on the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is just a deeper and more effective form of “cupping”. Just like what Michael Phelps’s did during the Olympics. These brown circular spots are the toxins, blocking the microcirculation, being eradicated, via the technique of cupping.  

Master Hongchi Xiao has personally videoed 100 plus lessons, to let you heal your illnesses and pain, as well as prevent it from occurring again. It requires no equipment or medication.

You can learn quickly, and try on yourself and loved ones easily.  Usually within a couple of weeks of practice, you shall see some surprising result. Visit the testimonials in our blog.

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Hongchi Xiao

Hongchi Xiao

Teacher - Self Healing Naturally

Master Xiao has been taught by many monks, hermits, Daoist practitioners by traveling in the mountains of China.  He is an accomplished acupuncturist as well as a master in several healing arts of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

For the last fifteen years, Master Xiao has traveled world, teaching the self-healing method of PaidaLajin. His worldwide coaches had already healed over one millions people of 210 different diseases so far.

He has published over fifteen books, sold more than one million copies world wide.


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Health according to Traditional Chinese Medicine is more than your cardio-vascular organs.  It is about the health of all of your internal organs, i.e. kidneys, livers, lung, spleen, stomach, intestines, bladder, etc. etc.

And all of these organs import nutrients in and export toxins out through capillaries and small lymph.  These are what we called microcirculation.  Because they are so thin, they can easily be blocked.  These blockages are impossible to detect with current medical instruments.  When the blockage grows, the organ dysfunctions. 

Only through the practice of PaidaLajin, can we unblock your microcirculation and rejuvenate your organs. That’s the reason why PaidaLajin can heal many inner illness, not caused by physical injuries.

Do try it.  We teach and you practice. There is no free lunch. You have to put in the effort. 

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