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If you suffer from chronic pain in your knee, lower back, shoulder, or about to go through some surgery, or diabetes and hypertension, etc., please watch the 30 videos below and learn our DIY methods based on established classic Chinese medicine. Our technique requires no cost, no medication, and will relieve your suffering in days. And the best of it all, that you can do it just by yourself.

As you may already have watched, that during the Olympics, Michael Phelps had several purple dots on his shoulders and back, which are reported to help him rejuvenate himself quicker.

CNN and Huffington Post both reported, that these purple dots are the result of a method of healing, called “cupping”. based on Traditional Chinese Medicine.

What we are about to introduce to you, is a deeper form of “cupping”, which is much more effective. There are already millions of people self-healed from various illnesses such as chronic pain, diabetes, hypertension, tumor, etc. Please click on our “Testimonials” to learn more.

Introduction 1


On the left is a 30-minute long introduction of our established classic method based on traditional Chinese medicine and proven by Matrix Biology. Just click on them to learn the basics. It is called PaidaLajin.

Please watch it and learn the basics of this established self-healing technique already benefiting millions of people in the world today.

You will learn that the fundamental cause of all of our disease is the blockage in our microcirculation. By microcirculation, we mean capillaries and lymph vessels. These are the final channel into our organs. Once they are blocked, nutrients, no matter how good, can not get in, and toxin cannot get out. Once that happens, this blocked organ becomes unhealthy and its function deteriorates.

Introduction 2

This one on the left, is Part II of our Introductory course. It is also about 30 minutes long.

Together will introduce to you our simple technique to clear your microcirculatory blockages. Please watch it patiently.

If you don’t understand it, please watch it over again, until you truly comprehend this simple yet effective

effective technique. Don’t rush to try it until you fully understand its “healing reactions”, as well as how long, how hard, how frequent you should try it.

If you are still unsure, then please sign up for our
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Below are some of the testimonials selected from the people who have benefited from the self-healing technique of PaidaLajin.




Paida Saved My Life From Heart Attack

Posted: February 10, 2018





Knee Surgery Avoided After 20 min. PaidaLajin

Posted: February 10, 2018





White Hair Turns Black

Posted: February 10, 2018