Paida Lajin AI Coach

  • AI is a passive system, it can only reply based what you wanted to know. If your question is very general, AI will answer also in general terms. Therefore, do dig deeply into the information you wanted to know.
  • AI is capable of handling many languages. Therefor do use whatever language you feel comfortable with. If AI answered in the wrong language, just ask it to try again in your language.
  • Some sample questions: “How many cases do you know about diabetes?”, ” Give me some testimonials in detail.”, ”I’ve stomach ache, what shall I do?”.
  • AI是一個被動系統,它只能根據你想知道的內容來回應。如果你的問題很籠統,人工智慧也會籠統地回答。因此,請繼續追問下去,直到您得到了您想了解的資訊。
  • 人工智慧能夠處理多種語言。因此,請使用您覺得舒服的任何語言。如果人工智慧以錯誤的語言回答,只需要求它用您的語言重說一遍即可。
  • 一些樣板問題:“您了解多少關於糖尿病的病例?”, “給我一些詳細的見證“, “我胃痛怎麼辦?“。