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If you suffer from knee pain, lower back pain, shoulder pain, or about to go through some artificial replacement, please watch the video below and learn our methods based on established classic Chinese medicine. You will discover that our methods requires no surgery, no medication, and will relieve your suffering in hours. And the best of it all, that you can do it just by yourself.

Similarly, if you suffer from immune system oriented issues, such as hypertension, diabetes, etc., our methods introduced below can also help you.

As you may have seen, during the Olympics, Michael Phelps had several purple dots on his shoulders and back, which are reported to help him rejuvenate himself quicker.  CNN and Huffington Post both reported, that these purple dots are the result of a method of healing, called “cupping”, based on Traditional Chinese Medicine.  What we are about to introduce to you, is a deeper form of “cupping”, which is much more effective.

Below is a 30 minute long introduction of our established classic method based on traditional Chinese medicine.

A testimonial about the relieve of pain by Brother Fulfillment of Blue Cliff Monastery, practicing under the tradition of Plum Village of France, led by Thich Nhat Hanh. (Read more about pain, just enter “pain” into search in our sharing menu.)

A gentleman from Indonesia shared his journey of self healing hypertension and diabetes. (Read more about “diabetes”, just enter “diabetes” into search in our sharing menu.)

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