About Pailala Institute

Pailala Institute is a non-profit organization, incorporated in California and operating under IRS code 501(C)3.

Pailala Institute is managed by a team of non-paying volunteers to promote and support the self-healing practice of Paida Lajin, led by Mr. HongChi Xiao.

Our mission is to transform our world into a healthier place, by enabling every one of us to awaken our self-healing power, we were born with, to heal ourselves, reducing medical cost and its related potential side effects.

Click here to read about his journey into self-healing.

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Our mission is to enable every one of us to self-healing ourselves.  Thus to make our world a healthier place, with less medicine and fewer hospitals.

If you have benefited from Paida Lajin, or have reduced your medical cost, please donate your saving to us by clicking here, so that we have the funds to expand our reach and share Paida Lajin to benefit more people.