Seeing the number of people infected with this spreading disease and death increasing every day, it is a pity and very sad that PaidaLajin (PL), a simple and effective method, is rarely used. Therefore, this article briefly introduces the essentials of PL in order to intrigue and attract the attention of medical, science & technology, and government departments to PL, especially to trigger the clinical practice of the general public to overcome the pandemic as soon as possible.

Wearing masks has been vigorously promoted by medical experts and governments of various countries because this behavior is not a medical one. Everyone can do it. To a certain extent, it not only protects oneself from the virus, but also prevents the further spread of the disease. I would like to recommend a more effective method to prevent and treat Covid-19: Paida and Lajin. Paida is to repeatedly slap parts of the body and the whole body with the strength that one can accept using hands or a tool. Lajin is the use of simple methods or tools to stretch the joints of human limbs. Like wearing a mask, this is a non-medical behavior that everyone can do and its cost is lower than wearing a mask. It doesn’t even use a mask, you only need to slap the important joints of your body, especially the inner side of the elbow. A large number of clinical experiments show that slapping here not only quickly improves the overall immunity of a person, but also effectively resolves various diseases of the heart and lung system, such as dyspnea, cough, fast or irregular heartbeat, fever, and coma etc.

Compared with wearing a mask, PL is no longer an external and passive protection, but an internal and active disease prevention and self-healing behavior because no drugs are involved. The method is extremely simple. Everyone can do it. As long as this method is used, it is equivalent to a clinical experiment. This does not require FDA or drug regulation’s approval because it is completely free and does not involve any commercial interests and behaviors. Most people can implement it at home, in the office, or an outdoor place at any time. This is of great significance for alleviating the current shortage of medical resources in various countries. For stopping the spread of the virus and resolving various symptoms that have appeared, the effect of PL is no longer a theoretical hypothesis but the result of a large number of clinical experiments. Whether you are an ordinary citizen, an expert, or an official, all you need to do now is to repeat the clinical experiment that tens of thousands of people have done to know whether my conclusion is true. Since PL is just a method, not a drug, we will not recklessly claim that we have found a panacea to kill Covid-19, which is called “a cure for Covid” in English. For the implementation of a method, the intensity, extent, and time of each person is very different. Everyone’s confidence, determination, and patience are also different. Therefore the effect will be different. For patients who have been diagnosed but whose symptoms are not severe, PL can be implemented by themselves. The effect will be more obvious when Paida is done to each other. For countries and regions that lack medical resources, the effect will be particularly obvious because they will work harder to implement PL without any other choices.

Prevention and treatment mean two things: to prevent and treat. However, PL appeared long before the current epidemic. To be precise, PL does not target any specific disease. So one of the principles of PL is “forgetting the name of the disease.” It does not target any disease, so why can diseases be prevented and cured? Because PL is aimed at people, the whole of life. Explaining in Western medical language it means that the body’s immunity is improved. It is easier to understand the immune system to prevent but harder to explain how to cure diseases. It is more accurate to explain in the language of Chinese medicine: “When righteous qi (positive energy) is kept in, evil will not enter.” Evil refers to all viruses in general. But here it also means more disease prevention. For treatment, Western medicine mainly uses medicine and surgery; Chinese medicine mainly uses herb and acupuncture. But PL does not use any of those, just use both hands or simple PL tools. Therefore, PL is not a medical behavior. It does not require special medical training or practice licenses. It is a self-healing method that everyone can practice.

How to prove that it can cure diseases without using herb or acupuncture? It’s actually very simple. The answer in medical terms is: clinical trial. So far PL has undergone a full decade of clinical trials. The most conservative estimate of the number of participants in the trial is more than one million. You may ask: medical clinical trials have standards, at least there should be a target – the name of the disease. There is also a drug for the target. However, PL does not require medication nor does it have a target for a specific disease. How to do clinical trials? As mentioned earlier, PL is aimed at the whole person, not diseases. Everyone has a variety of different diseases and some may even have as many as a dozen. If you use one method to heal multiple physical and mental diseases of the same person, wouldn’t it be the higher standard of medical cure? It goes above and beyond the existing clinical standards!

Ten years of clinical trials have shown that PL is effective against most diseases known today (only disease names recognized by Western medicine are used), including various chronic, acute, infectious and difficult diseases, such as heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer’s and so on. We will publish detailed clinical statistical reports later. Here I can announce some of the most important statistics: diseases that are self-healed effectively (had to use the name of the disease to facilitate communication). See the rough classification below, which has more than 200:

1. Pain

   Joint pain (including low back pain, leg pain, shoulder pain, knee pain, foot pain, hand pain, ankle pain, cervical pain, wrist pain) back pain, trigeminal neuralgia, migraine, sciatica. (13 types) 

2. Head and face disease

Hair loss, deafness, tinnitus, floaters, tears in the wind, cataracts, age spots, freckles, nasolabial folds, pimples, vision problems (including myopia, decreased vision, blurred vision, poor vision, presbyopia), facial paralysis, oral ulcers, sleep slobber, baldness, bitter taste, bad breath, dry eyes, receding gums, bleeding gums, brain atrophy, nasal congestion, snoring, memory loss, lethargy, periodontal disease, nosebleeds, pinkeye, Meniere’s syndrome, vertigo. (34 types) 

3. Neck and shoulder disease

Cervical hyperplasia, frozen shoulder, cervical spondylosis, hand numbness, neck tumor, Dowager’s Hump (6 types) 

4. Acute illness

    Acute low back pain, acute heart disease (including myocardial infarction, angina), acute headache, acute abdominal pain, acute stomach pain, toothache, dysmenorrhea, dizziness, drunkenness, motion sickness, seasickness, altitude sickness, cramps, acute mastitis, acute prostatitis, acute gastrointestinal Inflammation, heatstroke, stiff neck, acute sports injury (non-bleeding), mosquito bites (20 types)

5.  Chronic illness

Constipation, insomnia, high blood pressure, hypotension, type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes, sub-health, endocrine disorders, irritable bowel syndrome, high cholesterol, gout, lipoma, Sjogren’s syndrome, lumbar disc herniation, asthma, hyperthyroidism, Thyroid nodules, chest tightness, shortness of breath, hernia, allergic asthma, kidney stones, heart disease (including myocardial ischemia, arrhythmia, palpitations, premature beats, heart tingling), osteoporosis, lumbar swelling, tuberculosis, old cold legs , Hemorrhoids, varicose veins, rheumatic heart disease, anemia, gallbladder polyps, hypoglycemia, allergies, onychomycosis, lumbar spondylolisthesis, bone hyperplasia, scoliosis, drug-induced erythema, fatty liver, sequelae of cholecystectomy, pulmonary fibrosis , Pulmonary hypertension, parasitic diseases, hypothyroidism. (48 types)

6. Mental illness

    Depression, bipolar disorder, Alzheimer’s disease, sleepwalking (4 types)

7. Various types of inflammation

    Chronic rhinitis, allergic rhinitis, otitis media, mumps, epididymitis, cystitis, orchitis, plantar fasciitis, jaundice hepatitis, urethritis, chronic nephritis, tenosynovitis, myocarditis, bronchitis, tonsillitis, chronic superficial Gastritis, ankylosing spondylitis, chronic pharyngitis, synovitis, cholecystitis, pneumonia, gastritis, prostatitis, hepatitis B, arthritis. (25 types)

8.  Gynecological andrological disorders

Infertility, amenorrhea, ovarian cyst, genital itching, confinement disease, breast hyperplasia, fungal vaginitis, postpartum chill, cold hands and feet, breast nodules, irregular menstruation, oligospermia, prostate hyperplasia, enlarged prostate, breast lumps , Uterine fibroids, uterine cysts, oligomers, galactorrhea, impotence, metrorrhagia. (21 types) 

9. Pediatric disease

    Cold, fever, runny nose, cough, pharyngitis, hand, foot and mouth disease, eczema, food accumulation, vomiting of milk, crying inexplicably, pneumonia, constipation, night cry, childhood asthma, autism (15 types)

10.  Common disease

    Fever, diarrhea, cold, cough, cracked bone, dyspnea, hiccups, meniscus injury, wart, cracked heel, athlete’s foot, heightening, obesity, night sweats, night urination, o-shaped legs, dry cough, collapsed arch of the foot. (18 types)

11. Skin disease

    Eczema, urticaria, shingles, lichen planus, psoriasis, itchy skin, boils, solar dermatitis. (8 types) 

12.  Intractable diseases and cancer

    Rheumatoid arthritis, liver cysts, stroke sequelae, femoral head necrosis, lupus erythematosus, renal failure, hepatic hemangioma, thrombocytopenia, thymic tumors, lung cancer, salivary gland cancer, nuclear radiation lesions, drug addiction, smoking addiction, Parkinson’s syndrome , prostate cancer, thyroid cancer, cervical cancer, liver cancer, rectal cancer, colorectal cancer, esophageal cancer, demyelinating disease, breast cancer, bladder cancer, pancreatic cancer. (26 types)

This is only a rough classification. The overall effective rate of various diseases is 80%. Please see the statistics of the PL workshop and the effective cases of personal promotion representative in the appendix.

You may ask: how can PL achieve such a good effect even without medication? My answer is: this is the result of clinical trials, and it is for this reason that we promote PL. The principle of PL is the same as that of Chinese medicine, but the method is different – no medicine nor needle is used. You might criticize me for being unscientific, and I would say, “You are welcome to use clinical trials to falsify. However if you make judgments without willing to do clinical trials, it is not scientific, right?”

You may ask: do you have a clinical trial report on the prevention and treatment of Covid-19?

The disease has only become epidemic this year, but no one has experimented with PL after it has been widespread for half a year. How can it be reported?

So why should I be so bold in claiming that PL can prevent this disease? Please look back at Traditional Chinese Medicine theory mentioned earlier: “When righteous qi (positive energy) is kept in, evil will not enter.” This is the role of PL: to greatly enhance the immune system. PL increases the righteous qi, then the wicked qi decreases. This is the healing function of PL: not only to preserve but also to enhance the righteous qi. The ill qi will naturally resolve. In other words, the ill qi causes the meridian to be blocked. Although the disease has hundreds of names, the common feature is that the meridian is blocked. Clearing the meridian will lead to self-healing. The powerful and excellent function of PL is to break the meridian blockages. Herbal medicine and acupuncture are similar to PL, but they require professional operation and cannot be widely proliferated.

Some people wonder what meridian is. In short, the meridian is the channel where qi moves in the human body. What is qi? Qi is the driving force of life. Simply it is life’s energy and information. Explain in scientific terms, qi is electromagnetic waves. Righteous qi and evil qi are actually electromagnetic waves with different vibration frequencies and modes. The function of PL is to dispel evil, strengthen the body, raise the yang and reduce turbidity, smooth the meridians, and make the yin and yang balanced and harmonious. This is what Chinese medicine views as “healthy.” Now let me briefly describe the theory of Chinese medicine so that those who are savvy can quickly understand it. For those who are savvy with scientific theories, I will briefly describe them in scientific language later.

The above is an overview of principles. Now let’s talk about clinical results. Let me say this first: only after your own practice can you know that the clinical report using PL to prevent and cure the pandemic is true or not. In the past 10 years of PL clinic trials, there has not been such a large-scale epidemic plague. But from the existing clinical cases we have discovered: PL is very effective for various emergencies, infectious diseases, and diseases caused by animal and plant viruses. Most people think that treating emergencies is the strength of Western medicine. And our discovery is: except for traumatic emergencies that require surgery and hemostasis, PL for general emergencies has a better effect. In order to facilitate understanding of the relationship between existing clinical results and Covid-19, please pay attention to the following keywords: virus, infection, sudden, fever, cough, dyspnea, heart rate disorder such as weak or stopped heartbeat.

The name of the disease that exactly matches these items is flu. People are usually treated with antibiotics, usually effective in 1-2 weeks. The use of PL generally recovers within 1-3 days. In an Australian prison, a cellmate took more than two weeks to recover from a cold each time. He recovered the next day after using PL. For a preschooler or a baby under one year old, just tapping the back can reduce fever and relieve cough. A mother faced three young children who had sudden fever and cough. She patted each of them on the back for about 20-30 minutes and all of them eliminated the symptoms right away. If there is a recurrence, Paida one or more times to solve the problem.

If it is a virus, sudden, swelling, pain, fever, or infection originating from the animal, the existing effective cases are poisonous insects, poisonous mosquito bites, rabies bites, and poisonous fish stings. Paida the wound and general parts. The recovery is within 1-3 days. One of the most serious cases is a Malaysian Chinese whose finger was stabbed by a poisoned fish. His symptoms were swelling, pain throughout his hands & arms, and fever. With his previous injuries, he usually went to hospital for treatment with antibiotics and other drugs, and recovered in about 10 days. But after using PL, he recovered in only 3 days. A middle-aged Tibetan woman had long-term abdominal pain, headache, fatigue, and low fever. All treatments were ineffective. Examination could not find the cause. When I saw her at a friend’s house, it was already past 8 o’clock in the evening. So I asked everyone to learn PL on the spot. We did self Paida and then Paida each other of common parts. This PL lasted about two hours. The patient reported the next day that a lot of bugs were pulled out in her stool, and the toilet was densely packed with alive things. All her symptoms disappeared. PL not only cures the disease, but also completes the diagnosis at the same time. The disease caused by this parasite is related to poor hygiene and eating circumstances. The analysis in the following text shows that the electromagnetic field environment of life is very poor, and the energy field is suitable for the survival and development of parasites.

Looking at other diseases related to viruses and infections, including chronic and acute, there are even more effective cases. The most typical is hepatitis, such as hepatitis A, hepatitis B, etc. Various types of gynecological inflammation are all due to viral infections. Such common diseases are treated with drugs in both Chinese and Western medicine, which are also effective. But with PL self-healing, the effect is faster and better. How good is it? To cite just one example, Eva, a PL master in Hong Kong, used PL to heal more than a dozen diseases that no one could cure for a long time. Rheumatoid arthritis, one of the most difficult to treat, is also cured. The doctor didn’t believe it, but only believed when he checked the rheumatoid factor with an instrument and it was negative. What surprised the doctor even more was that she was diagnosed as a hepatitis B patient, who would carry the virus for life. But the hepatitis B test was actually negative. This is a virus that the medical profession believes that no medicine can eradicate. The doctor certainly didn’t believe it, so he offered to check her again for free, but the result was still negative. So she was asked what medicine she used to cure the hepatitis B virus. The answer was: no medicine, use PL.

As I was writing, it just happened that I received another virus infection self-healing case today. The patient is a 55-year-old woman. Squamous intraepithelial lesion was found during a physical examination last November. The doctor recommended a biopsy. After the follow-up visit, she was diagnosed with human papillomavirus (HPV) infection, which is said to be precancerous. I have never heard of the name of this disease. I have no idea if it is related to virus. When I checked the dictionary with HPV, I found that it was called human papillomavirus in English. It really was a virus. Fortunately, she was pulled into an online PL group by her friends. Under the guidance of Yumei Zhang and others, she used PL every day when she had free time at home. She persisted for four months. In early May this year, she went to the hospital for recheck. All HPVs that were tested positive before turned into negative.

There is also the latest sharing of a confirmed HIV. Through repeated PL and diet adjustments, he stopped all medications. 5 years after the diagnosis and taking no medication, he is very healthy.

PL has obvious effects on these infectious diseases and symptoms that are incurable by human medicine. What are the reasons? In fact, it is very simple: PL improves immunity. In a more scientific way of speaking: the electromagnetic field of the human body is improved. The harmful human viruses are either resolved into harmless organisms or they are automatically gone. This principle is exactly the same for Covid-19. It should be emphasized that we are not opposed to any other drugs, vaccines and methods that can help prevent and cure Covid-19. You don’t have to agree with my theory right away, but it is very important to do a clinical experiment. Whether you are a worker, a farmer, or a housewife, you can do this clinical experiment.

Please note that there are many diseases related to viruses and infections mentioned above. At present, there are 349 successful cases statistically, and more cases are still being sorted out, and the effective rate is above 90%. If PL self-healed virus-related cases are subdivided, there will be more disease names. The conventional therapies for these diseases are all medications. Of course, there are different medications for each virus. But PL is currently available for self-healing all kinds of virus. Now you understand why you can use PL for self-healing and forget the name of the disease, right? The examples cited here are not disease prevention, but effective treatment. You might say that these are not Covid-19, and it still does not mean that PL is effective against this plague. However, no one knows whether the above diseases are effective before using PL. They are only known after PL, i.e., after clinical trials. For example, HPV, I never even heard the name of the disease, but the name of the disease is not very important to PL. The patient just learned PL from the Internet and healed quickly. What is her secret? It is the clinical experiment, which is the practice of PL.

At this point, I have to explain a little bit about the clinical trial to clear up possible misunderstanding. Clinical trials are scientific experiments on the body and diseases. Medicines and methods for treating certain diseases can be tested on humans. By comparing the relevant data and phenomena before and after the experiment, you can know whether it is effective and the percentage of effectiveness. Under the same conditions, the experiment results are repeated, and the law will appear. Generally, the difficulty of the experiment is due to the high requirements for relevant conditions. It can only be carried out if multiple conditions such as funds, equipment, and talents are met. And it involves risks. The conditions for experimenting with PL are very simple. Only two basic conditions are required: the first you are sick; the second you are willing to use PL to do serious experiments.

It’s too simple! But it is true. I want to make it complicated but I can’t. Someone asked: “I have so many diseases, can I use PL to experiment?” Congratulations! The more the diseases, the more obvious the effect of PL. As mentioned earlier, PL does not target a certain disease, but a whole person. People can have many illnesses. Some only have symptoms and cannot confirm the name of the disease. But no matter what the names and symptoms of the diseases are, the root cause is the same: the meridians are blocked. Therefore, clearing the meridians will self-heal all diseases. Why do I conclude this way? Because this is the result of clinical trials. In addition to the easy satisfaction of experimental conditions, PL has the following advantages in clinical trials:

  1. The result is quick. The more emergencies, the faster the effect, often results in a few minutes, especially pain;
  2. Side effects are minimum. There is no need for medicine, not even herbs, let alone surgery. So there is no risk;
  3. It can be done anytime, anywhere, day or night, at home, in the office, or outdoors;
  4. You can do it yourself. Relatives and friends can slap each other and help others with PL. The mutual effect is often better because of greater intensity and accuracy;
  5. As long as you use PL, you can heal many diseases. Many people practice PL with the motivation of treating one disease. As a result, they heal themselves from many diseases. People who have more illnesses will gain more from PL;
  6. Low cost, almost requires no money. Using hands to Paida and putting legs on each other’s shoulders to Lajin, there will be no need to purchase a slapper nor a Lajin Bench. This is how the cellmates in the prison are practicing PL for free. The slapper and the bench only cost a few hundred Yuan (Renminbi). A cellmate suffered from lower back pain. He used PL to self-heal not only the lower back pain but also 20 diseases within three months.

     Some people are reluctant to do PL clinical trials for various reasons, but this kind of person has been doing clinical trials with his own body, and even doing them every day, perhaps for many years without knowing it. For example, you use drugs, surgery, hormones, chemotherapy, etc. You are doing experiments, aren’t you? As for the results of the experiment, you know the best. Some people say that the medicine they used was approved by the authority after clinical trials. But if you read the drug instructions carefully, the side effects described are very specific. Some list more than a dozen side effects. Therefore, please don’t think that clinical trials are mysterious and complicated. Fundamentally speaking, as long as a person is alive, he is doing clinical experiments with his body. In addition to experimenting with drugs, surgery, PL and various health care and exercise methods, you are also experimenting with your emotions every day. Negative emotions, such as fear, resentment, sadness, worry, tension, stress, anger, etc., can cause harm to the body. And these emotions and desires are exactly what Chinese medicine believes to be the root cause of diseases, and they are all caused by the heart. On the contrary, positive emotions such as joy, peace, love, forgiveness, sharing, and compassion heal physical ailments.

Now let’s get back to the current epidemic of Covid-19. This is not caused by negative emotions. It is a disease caused by discord between inside and outside. Diseases are generally caused by external evils, with sudden and infectious as characteristics. Ten years of PL clinical trials have proved that PL has a good effect on all kinds of emergencies (except for trauma that requires surgery and hemostasis). It is generally believed that western medicine is better than traditional Chinese medicine in treating emergencies. However, the clinical effect of using PL to treat emergencies is generally unknown. The emergencies can be sudden cough, stomach pain, bile pain, headache, dysmenorrhea, back and leg pain, motion sickness, and altitude sickness. At present, there are 332 successful cases compiled and counted, and more cases are still being sorted. Treatment with PL is mostly effective within a few minutes to a little over ten minutes. Its effectiveness is about 90% or more. But these are still minor problems. The most notable treatment of major emergencies with PL is acute heart disease and acute asthma (called qi chuang in Taiwan). The symptoms are unconscious, dyspnea, chest tightness, fast or slow heartbeat, irregularities etc. These symptoms are similar to Covid-19 and it’s sudden.

Asthma is a chronic disease, but sometimes with acute outbreak. Patients usually use medicinal sprays for acute outbreaks. Using PL, i.e., Paida inner sides of elbows, has very good effect. If the areas and intensity of the PL are increased, chronic diseases can be healed gradually, and there will be no basis for acute outbreaks. After getting up on a cold morning, a patient couldn’t go out and walk because of breathing difficulties. He relied on spray. Because of the large area of PL every day at a workshop, he breathes normally without spraying. Not only can he walk outdoors, but also participate in Zen jogging. Another patient used the spray for many years. After two full Paida on the entire arm (each arm was slapped vigorously for more than 2 hours), he completely healed his asthma and said goodbye to the spray. Of course, you should still take medicine with you before you fully recover. A patient once went hiking on a mountain and forgot to bring spray. He suddenly became ill and there was no one around. In despair, he thought of slapping, so he slapped the inner sides of two elbows with all his strength. He quickly returned to normal breathing.

Let’s talk about heart attack. Most people are unconscious and their heartbeat becomes weak or stops. For routine treatment, cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is suitable. At this time, the effect of Paida on the inner sides of elbows is very good, with an effective rate of 90%. I have seen many people who were suddenly unconscious during the morning Zen Jogging at PL Workshops. They all came back to life with vigorous Paida on the elbows. If you search on the PL website, you will find a lot of sudden cases in airplanes, trains, and at home. Here are two examples by emergency doctors. One is a male doctor who suffered a heart attack while hiking in the mountains and he became unconscious. He knew he was probably going to die because there were no ambulance nor professional personnel at the mountains. The time to save his life was very short. It just happened that a person who was learning PL stepped forward. He slapped the inner side of the doctor’s elbow vigorously. Soon he recovered and was rescued. He sighed emotionally: if there were no slapping, he would have died because he himself was an expert in acute heart disease. The other is a female doctor who worked in the emergency room of a hospital for several years. She shared in an article that CPR had been used in the emergency room over the years, but no one has been saved. Once she attended a sports competition in her son’s school. A girl had a heart attack and was unconscious for a long time without any treatment but waited for an ambulance. At this time, she finally slapped the elbow to wake the patient up. Later she wrote about another case to share. A little girl’s grandma suffered a heart attack at home and was unconscious. The girl called her mother in a hurry. The mother used her mobile phone to remotely tell the daughter how to slap grandma’s elbows. Grandma came back to life with the little girl’s slapping.

The above cases briefly explained from the perspectives of virus, suddenness, infection, fever, cough, dyspnea, heartbeat disorder, weakness or stop. These cases are intended to emphasize that PL is not for specific disease names, but for a whole person. PL starts up and activates human’s innate self-healing system to enable it to self-diagnose and resolve illnesses. The reason why the symptoms of asthma and acute heart disease are listed is because the acute symptoms of these two diseases are similar to Covid-19, and both are related to cardiopulmonary dysfunction. For example, if we analyze the patients who die due to influenza infection every year, we will find those who are susceptible to infection and die easily are the elderly & the frail ones: those with poor immunity. Most deaths are caused by a combination of multiple diseases, especially those with weak cardiopulmonary systems. The old and the frail are more likely to be infected with the virus and die. This phenomenon further proves the importance of improving one’s overall immunity. The function of PL is that it greatly improves human immunity and self-healing ability instead of targeting a specific disease or virus. Hospitals can use PL for comparative experiments in patients to prove whether PL can reduce the mortality rate for the elderly and the frail. You don’t have to believe my words, but you should at least trust your own personal clinical trial. The virus is an accelerator that deteriorates the immune system. After the same exposure to the virus, why are some people infected while others do not? Even if people are infected with the virus, why do some die while others recover? It’s all related to immunity. If this power is further enhanced, immunity will not only be immune, but also heal diseases. Immunity will become self-healing power. The function of PL is to rapidly enhance immunity and self-healing capability so disease prevention, diagnosis, and treatment occur simultaneously. The side effects of using PL to treat Covid-19 are very obvious, that is, many patients’ old symptoms will be improved, and their medication will be reduced or stopped as the doctor decides. Keeping PL as a way of daily living will improve the quality of life. Preventing Covid-19 with PL is just an opportunity and a beginning. It opens a mysterious door for you, allows you to see the simplicity of the truth, shares open secrets, and you will live happier because of PL.

In addition to animal viruses that infect humans, plants are also source of diseases. One of the most typical ones is allergy, including pollen and food allergy. Among the people I know, all those who use PL for clinical trials healed from pollen. There was a severe patient who had tears and a runny nose every year during the period of onset. He used two rolls of toilet paper every day and was almost unable to lead a normal life. After participating in a PL workshop, lots of sha appeared over his whole body. More than ten years of his diseases healed once and for all. A white man went to a restaurant with everyone after a PL workshop. He said he could not eat pizza because he was allergic to flour. I said that you had been PL all over for seven days, and you could check the clinical results. He ate pizza with everyone, and sure enough, all the symptoms he usually experienced after eating wheat did not appear. There are also some unexplained allergies. Hospitals will use various foods and plants to repeatedly test patients to determine the source of allergies. This is a very tedious process. What PL does is just the opposite. Instead of looking for the source of the disease from outside, it directly uses PL to enhance the inner self-healing power. Many unknown diseases are healed naturally.

The use of PL to prevent and treat diseases has been outlined. Now let’s talk about how to diagnose with PL. While using PL to prevent and treat diseases, the diagnosis has been completed simultaneously. As mentioned earlier, PL is not concerned with the name of the disease, but the root of the disease – blockage of the meridian. PL can be called the most natural and efficient non-damage detection and diagnosis technology. As long as the body is slapped, the part being slapped will be painful, indicating that the subcutaneous meridian is blocked. The theory of traditional Chinese medicine says: clear meridian means no pain, and pain indicates blockage. The degree of pain basically shows the degree of meridian blockage. The more pain, the more severe the illness. If you slapped the same part with the same intensity, the pain will be less if the meridian is smoother, otherwise the pain will be greater; Secondly, with the pain of Paida, Sha – redness and swelling, will appear under the skin. Sha’s colors are light red, deep red, purple, and black. The heavier the color, the more blockages in the meridian and the more serious the disease. Pain and Sha can be directly felt and seen, so the diagnosis of the disease is very accurate. At the same time, pain and Sha also show that self-healing is already taking place. Accompanied by pain and Sha, different people may have dizziness, chest tightness, burping, farting, vomiting, itching, and other reactions. These phenomena are collectively referred to as healing crisis/reactions (Qi Chong Bing Zao), or Qi Chong for short. It is a normal reaction during self-healing. People have different tolerance to pain and healing reactions. Therefore, the slap strength and time can be flexible as long as the patient can tolerate it. Pain and Sha will gradually decrease after reaching a certain peak, and Sha usually disappears within a few days. Note that Sha is fundamentally different from bruises caused by trauma.

Although Sha and Pain appear on the skin of the part being slapped, they reflect the pathological condition of the internal organs related to that part. There are 14 main meridians and hundreds of acupuncture points in the whole body. Chinese doctors can master them only after years of professional study. But doing PL does not need to know too many details. To facilitate practice, we have simplified the complex meridian system into body parts. Just remember the elbows, knees, hands, and feet and slap them with your hands. Please note: when slapping these parts, 14 main meridians and important acupoints have been activated systematically. All the internal organs are treated. There are a total of eight of the above four parts, all of which are joints. We call them general parts. They can be used for almost all diseases. After slapping general parts, if you work on the whole limbs all over, the effect will be better. On this basis, slap the head and face, shoulders, groins, hips, chest, back, abdomen, and buttocks. In short, if you slap the whole body, the effect will be even better. Combine Lajin with Paida.

Since those who are diagnosed with the virus are sent to a hospital for isolation, and since no hospital knows what PL is, no one will use PL for clinical trials. However, we received a Canadian lady’s sharing recently. It finally let us see a case of Covid symptoms with immediate effect of PL. But if she went to a hospital, we would not see the clinical effect of this case. The clinical trial is shared as the following:

     My daughter and I are recovering from very mild Covid. She is a 30 year old dentist and I am a 67 year old retired teacher. We live in Canada, close to Niagara Falls. We learned about PaidaLajin from our friend Alice Fava. 5 days ago my daughter came to sit with me because she was frightened because she was having trouble breathing. She had done stretching exercises on the bench but never slapped herself before. Without saying anything she started slapping the inside of her arms. She slapped until purple/red bruises came up. They were bumped up about 2 millimeters. She said it felt so good and she could instantly breath better. She stopped for that night and went to bed but the next day she slapped the bruises again saying it felt good. She especially liked slapping in the crook of her elbow.   

     So how to PL for Covid-19? It’s very simple, just like mentioned before: first Paida the two elbows, then the two knees, then the entire back of the hands, fingers, and then the entire back of the feet, toes, and ankles. Paida each part for 20-30 minutes; The next step, you can Paida the entire arm insides and outsides, same with both legs; The third step, you can Paida the whole body, usually from top to bottom. For the first timers, the first few minutes of Paida the inner side of the elbow is the most surprising because it is very painful. People who are usually sick will have Sha within two minutes. Sha’s color and shape will continue to change, and those who don’t know the truth will be afraid. In fact, you should congratulate yourself at this time because the pain or Sha is diagnosed as your heart, lung, and pericardial meridians are blocked. There are problems with these organs. Secondly, the pain and Sha show that self-healing is already in progress. The Sha that looks terrifying indicates that the poison in the body is gradually dissolving and expelling. Shouldn’t you be happy? If the pain and healing reactions are unbearable, lighten up the Paida or take a break. The usual duration of the plague to be quarantined is two weeks. If you Paida 3-5 hours a day for two weeks, the disease prevention and treatment will be completed. You will know the result after being checked by a medical professional.

    For those who have been diagnosed as infected, the hospital’s treatment will of course be used. But if PL is added, the number of people recovering will rise enormously and the number of deaths will fall sharply. Professional institutions can randomly send two groups of people for comparison, one group uses PL and the other group does not. You will know the changes of PL on the day of Paida because the hospital has multiple inspections every day. Since there is no specific treatment drug, and related vaccines have to wait a long time, PL is a good auxiliary method for anyone in any country, especially for areas with insufficient medical facilities. PL does not need to cost money. Why not give it a try? For those who cannot go out after the city is shut down, PL is a good opportunity for you to improve your health. Anyway, if you can’t get out, why don’t you use PL to heal yourself from all illnesses, known or unknown? There may be an unexpected gain for you due to Shelter in Place & shut down.

    In order to facilitate your understanding of the main meridians of the body, it is summarized as follows: the inner side of the arm is the heart, lung, and pericardial meridian; The outer side is the large intestine, small intestine, and three warmer meridian; The inner part of the leg (including thigh and calf) is the meridian of liver, spleen and kidney; The outer side is the gallbladder meridian, the upper side is the stomach meridians, and the back side is the bladder meridian. In the middle of the back is the Governor Meridian. The midline of the anterior chest is the Prime Meridian. The hands and feet are the starting and ending points of the twelve meridians. For example, if you have Sha in the inner elbow, or even the inside of your arm, it means that your heart, lungs and pericardium are having problems. The name of the disease may be different, but it is not important. The important thing is that you know that these meridians are blocked. After clearing the meridians with PL, no matter what kind of diseases you have, they will be improved. Common situations are: you may have Sha in different degrees in various parts of your limbs. You can roughly diagnose that the related organs are having problems, which made you feel uncomfortable or sick. However, these diseases may not be detected by medical equipment. For example, Sha can appear in almost everyone’s arm after Paida – indicating heart problems. But heart disease may not be detected by electrocardiogram. You have to wait until the late stage of illness or sudden fainting to know that you have heart disease. Heart disease causes the most deaths in humans, and we don’t know how to cure it. I expect that many patients infected with this plague will have many side effects when PL is used to treat the coronavirus. The known and unknown diseases, such as heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, low back pain and so on, will be improved.

    Due to the limited space of this article, please refer to the online self-study for specific PL methods: Chinese mobile phone download app: LajinPaida. English speakers please log in I believe you will receive a lot of enthusiastic support soon. PL includes Paida and Lajin. Because Lajin is simpler, it is not explained in detail. Please also check it online. There are detailed explanations with pictures and texts.

    For those who lack confidence in the simple rule of “righteousness is within, evil shall not enter,” I will begin to interpret PL in scientific language. As a transition, I will cite another famous principle of Chinese medicine so that you can associate Chinese medicine with science, invisible, and visible phenomena. This principle is also extremely simple, called “Qi flow and blood flow, qi stagnation and blood stasis.” Qi is invisible, blood is visible. But qi is the energy that drives blood. When qi is not moving, the blood will of course stagnate and cause disease. When qi and blood flow smoothly, the virus cannot stay in the body for a long time because an environment with qi and blood flow freely is not suitable for their survival. They will leave automatically. Can you imagine mosquitoes and flies appearing in a smoothly flowing river? Conversely, if it is a stagnant river or a pool of still water, mosquitoes and flies will soon breed and gather because this is their paradise. If viruses, mosquitoes and flies have already emerged, we have two options: one is to kill them with drugs. However, the environment that breeds viruses will still produce more bacteria. It may also mutate when treated with drugs and evolve into more viable viruses. The other method is very simple: make the stagnant water alive and clean the environment. The viruses, mosquitoes, and flies will leave automatically. What PL does is to make the stagnant meridians unblocked and expel body toxins. Change the paradise of viruses into their hell. You can’t keep them even if you want to.

The basis of modern medicine is biology. The basic way of thinking in biology is “reductionism.” The basic courses of the medical school are the lessons of reductionism, such as anatomy, which means “reducing” the human body into organs. The next step is histology, which is to “reduce” organs into various cells; The next step is cytology, to “reduce” the cells into different organelles. Further reduction is molecular biology, that is, to “reduce” cells and organelles into various molecules. The study of infectious diseases is to continuously divide the bacteria in a patient’s sputum, excrement, and urine into different categories. And then divide them again until a certain pathogen is found to be the decisive factor. It is called the pathogenic bacteria. The last step is to produce vaccines against this bacteria and medicines to kill it. Currently the name of the plague facing humanity is Covid-19. The problem is: it takes a considerable amount of time for the vaccine to be produced. Experts estimate that it will take one year at the earliest. This is an optimistic estimate. There are many drugs that kill viruses. However, they should not be misused. Otherwise it will kill people faster than the virus. The plague has been circulating for half a year and the number of deaths and infections are still increasing every day because there is no medicine to treat it. The outbreak of this plague confirms the limitations of modern medicine and the “reductionism” because the use of antibiotics and vaccines to fight the plague is originally the strength of Western medicine. In the treatment of other chronic diseases, its limitations are even greater and everyone knows the effect. Almost all diseases start at the beginning of reduction until the “enemy” is found, i.e., viruses and diseased cells (such as cancer cells), and then kill the enemy. Therefore, in addition to “reduce,” Western medicine has another way of thinking called “antagonism.” So Western medicine is also called “antagonistic medicine.”     

     What is PL’s way of thinking? It is balance, harmony, unity, and holography, which can be summarized in one word: Dao. Its origin began in “Yi Jing” (Book of Changes), and then came down to “Dao De Jing” and “Huang Di Nei Jing” (Inner Canon of Yellow Emperor). Dao can be described as broad and profound, but also extremely simple. PL is just an application of broad and profound theory in human health by achieving great deeds in the simplest way. The method of yin and yang balance is used in clinical trials, and the results are incredibly good. Modern medicine cannot explain this. Therefore PL is considered unscientific. In fact, science is not truth but a method of exploring and interpreting truth. It can also be called a language and paradigm. Truth is always the same, and human interpretation is always changing. In essence, science and PL are not only not contradictory, but sooner or later they will complement each other because they are both methods to explore the truth. There is no definite method for law, but it can achieve the same goal by different paths: harmonious but different. Now I can interpret PL in scientific language because I finally found perfect language in science. In short, PL has a lot in common with modern physics, especially quantum mechanics.

    According to quantum mechanics, everything in the universe is of different energy. Energy’s forms are different because of different vibrations and frequencies and so, the universe is formed. In short, matter and energy can be transformed into each other. The “law of conservation of mass and energy” discovered by Einstein explains the transformation principle of Matter (M) and Energy (E). The relational formula is E=mc2. The so-called matter is just the lower frequency energy visible to the human eye. Traditional Chinese medicine uses another simple way to express the conservation of mass and energy: gather to form, and disperse to qi. Qi is a high-level energy form that people cannot see but can feel. The definition of qi in modern physics is: an electromagnetic wave. In other words, large as celestial planets or small as invisible electromagnetic waves are all energy forms: movement of different fluctuations or frequencies. Visible material is formed with low vibrational frequency. Western medicine’s hardware like molecules and atoms are easier to understand with the biological “reducing method.” But this is only the first step of modern medicine. The next step is to study the invisible energy forms with higher vibration frequencies. This energy form that has not been studied in depth in modern medicine is a diffuse energy structure, which is called a “dissipative structure” in modern physics. What doctors and biologists are familiar with is the “chemical body,” – a body composed of solid substances: bone, muscle, blood vessels, lymphatic vessels, cells, DNA, esters, molecules, and atoms. In addition, there is at least another layer, the “electromagnetic body,” whose structural form is the “dissipative structure” discovered by Prigogine. The meridian diagram of Chinese medicine is the basic description of this energy field by the ancients.

    For this invisible energy field, biophysicist Changlin Zhang wrote a book called “The Invisible Rainbow.” The book explored and discovered from biology, physics, medicine, philosophy, etc. The conclusion is: “The most cutting-edge modern physics research has provided powerful tools for the quantitative scientific research of important concepts in holistic medicine such as ‘balance’, ‘harmony’, and recuperating.” The scientific basis and vocabulary cited in this article mainly come from Changlin Zhang’s The Invisible Rainbow—Dissipative Structure of the Human Body (hereinafter referred to as “Rainbow“, Chinese version, ISBN: 9787534157592, ©2013 by Changlin Zhang. The book was translated into English and German as well). Zhang divides this research into two parts: clinical medicine and basic science. The book mainly demonstrates from the perspective of basic science, while PL uses a large number of clinical trial results to verify the function of the electromagnetic field from the perspective of clinical experiments. Why only use PL, without any existing drugs, can heal hundreds of different diseases? It is because PL greatly improves the electromagnetic field of a human body. Why have the medical and biological circles not yet fully agreed with the holistic therapy of Chinese Medicine? Because they have not yet understood the achievements of these cutting-edge sciences such as “dissipative structure,” the second law of thermodynamics, and the law of conservation of mass and energy. These scientific achievements have not been proven in clinical medicine. Therefore, the emergence of PL provides a simple and practical tool for both clinical medicine and basic science. The emergence of Covid-19 has just provided an opportunity for PL to verify its clinical effects.

    Generally, clinical trials must first determine a target: the name of the disease, a drug to target, and then select test subjects from patients according to predetermined criteria. However, a PL experiment uses neither the name of a disease nor a drug. Anyone can use PL to do the experiment regardless of the disease. This sounds scary – a cure for all diseases. In fact, it does cure all diseases but it is not guaranteed to cure all diseases. It is not 100% effective because of many reasons. Generally it can reach 80-90%. I have another special article on the reasons. Seriously, we first did a ten-year clinical experiment with PL before going back and summarizing why one method heals countless diseases. It is worth noting that, except for a very small number of cases where experiments were conducted in the form of intensive participation in workshops, most of the experimenters were done by patients at home. Among them, only a few have written case sharing – clinical trial reports. Each person’s condition, PL time and intensity are different, and there is no uniform standard for writing reports. Despite this, almost all reports give one of the most important clinical indicators: self-healing is effective. Neither the doctor nor the patient can explain this incredible result. But the mentality of these two is quite different. The patient’s condition improves and their confidence is greatly increased. The suffering and medical expenses are reduced. Because of the benefit, they will work harder to experiment with PL and pass it on to relatives and friends. But doctors can’t explain it with existing theories. Therefore they call it a scam or commercial hype. If they are a bit more polite, they would say that this is just an accidental case because there is no clinical basis. The fact is just the opposite: PL does not wait for medical theory to mature before clinical trials but doing experiments first. Because the treatment is effective, more people are willing to continue. Unexpectedly, this experiment has been done for ten years. Thousands of people participated all over the world. If PL is only effective for one or a few diseases, it can be regarded as accidental. But if it is effective for more than 200 diseases, is it still accidental? If a certain disease is only effective in a few people with PL, it can be regarded as accidental. But if 200 or 2000 people with the same disease are all effective with PL, is it still accidental? If most of these people have verified that their multiple or even more than ten kinds of diseases are effective with PL, is it still accidental? The overall statistics also show that PL has good effect on most non-bleeding fracture emergencies and virus infections. If PL is effective against more than 200 diseases, will it be ineffective against Covid-19? Please note that for those more than 200 diseases, it is not known whether they are effective before PL experiments. They are known to be effective after the trials. We also have two formal cooperative experiments with regular hospitals. One time, I co-organized a 5-day workshop with a diabetes hospital in Chennai, India. All 20 participants were valid (please refer to the appendix). The other time was a 7-day workshop in cooperation with Nanjing Tongren Hospital. There were more than 30 participants, including men, women, the elderly and children. Everyone suffered from many diseases, including hypertension, heart disease, prostatitis, etc. The nurses of the hospital checked the patients every day. Almost all of them had excellent results after seven days. But the hospital never announced the results of the experiment. Some of the patients were family members of the hospital. Faced with such good effect, the hospital did not continue the experiment. The reason is unknown. Perhaps everyone can guess it.

    Now let me analyze in detail the “electromagnetic body,” which is different from the “chemical body.” Biophysicist Changlin Zhang described: “When the human body’s tissues are vibrating and nerve impulses are being transmitted, they will emit a lot of electromagnetic waves, just like the waves recorded by the electrocardiogram and brain waves. Scientists also know that when tissues, cells, molecules, etc. vibrate, a lot of electromagnetic waves will occur. In resonant cavity of human body, standing waves are formed and an overlay of an interference pattern formed by the superposition of standing waves is also formed, which is a spatial structure invisible to the naked eye. This structure invisible to the naked eye determines the body and the spatial distribution of energy around the body. The spatial distribution of this energy in turn affects the body’s physiological and biochemical functions.” (Rainbow  P. 47, Zhejiang Science and Technology Press, the same below)[1] This is the “dissipative structure” of human body. It depends on constant energy supply to exist. With the help of modern instruments, we will see “Seven bright chakras with different colors on the central axis of the human body – the electromagnetic field body. The three brightest ‘chakras’ are the three ‘Dantian’ familiar to the Chinese. On shoulders, knees, elbows, fingertips and other locations, we can also see many smaller chakras. They may be many tiny ‘Dantian.’ You can also see many bright lines and bright spots, some of which overlap with the meridians and acupoints recorded in ancient Chinese medicine books… We will also see that the human body is surrounded by beautiful ‘Buddha light’. This ‘Buddha light’ is a mixture of infrared, microwave, ultraviolet and visible light. From the perspective of modern technology, these are already fairly easy to detect and can already become a conventional detection technology and research method. The electromagnetic body is not only highly complex, but also highly dynamic. Under pathological and abnormal physiological conditions, the brightness, color, size, shape and direction of rotation of these chakras will change. (Rainbow P. 127-128)[2]

    Changlin Zhang also mentioned three difficulties in studying the electromagnetic body: invisible to the naked eye, highly dynamic, and indivisible. The good news is that the clinical trials of PL provide a convenient tool for solving these problems to a considerable extent. This theory urgently needs clinical experimental support, and PL clinical reports also urgently need this theoretical support. Changlin Zhang mentioned: the spatial distribution of this energy, in turn, affects the body’s physiological and biochemical functions, which requires clinical trials to prove. The clinical experiment done by PL is to improve, or actively and effectively change the spatial distribution of this energy. And PL overcomes the three major problems: invisible to the naked eye, highly dynamic, and indivisible, to a considerable extent. Because the direct target of PL is the energy field, that is, the invisible qi, and then the visible cells and virus are affected by the electromagnetic wave. The highly dynamic and indivisible nature of the body’s magnetic field is also the advanced condition for PL to be effective. The two actions of PL, namely stretching and slapping, need to interact with the invisible aura (electromagnetic field) in the body. A high degree of interaction can maximize the effect. Forgetting the name of the disease and PL the whole body no matter what is the direct response of PL to indivisibility. Why not target a specific disease? Why is it aimed at the whole person instead of a disease? In fact, the object of PL is the human’s overall energy field. This is the echo and mutual response to indivisibility. In summary, PL is simply a tailor-made method for this electromagnetic body and an effective means to prove the electromagnetic body.

    Although Changlin Zhang summarized the various human, animal, and plant experiments conducted by successive generations of scientists to explore the invisible energy distribution structure of the meridian, the focus is still on basic science research and hardly involves clinical medicine. In describing the methods and tools used to interfere with human electromagnetic body, acupuncture is the core. This is also reasonable because in addition to the use of herbs, the most commonly used method of Chinese medicine is acupuncture, and the popularization of Chinese medicine around the world is mainly needle. What I want to explain is that if PL is used for clinical experiments and basic science experiments, clinical and basic scientific research on the human electromagnetic body will take a big step forward. PL is used instead of acupuncture. It looks like it is only a different way of stimulating the body. Tui Na (Chinese message), Ba Guan (Cupping), and Gua Sha (Scraping) can also stimulate the skin and produce curative effects. However, the changes brought by PL are unprecedented. It is not a small technological improvement, but a major breakthrough.

    First of all, the breadth, depth, and precision of PL’s physical stimulation of the electromagnetic body are incomparable to common traditional Chinese medicine’s external treatment methods such as acupuncture, Chinese massage, cupping, and scraping. I personally have many years of clinical practical experience for the above methods. Therefore I can conclude that PL has more than integrated the advantages of all the above methods. If it is interpreted in scientific language, Changlin Zhang said: “The interactions in organisms can be divided into four categories: mechanical, thermal, chemical, and electromagnetic. Among the four major interactions, electromagnetic interaction will play the most important role in the energy of organisms. Unfortunately, in the past fifty to sixty years, biologists have focused on chemical interactions and completely ignored the study of electromagnetic interactions.” The above-mentioned Chinese medicine methods can produce these four interacting forces to varying degrees. However, the four interacting forces produced by PL all exceed the above methods, especially the electromagnetic field interacting force. From the perspective of both the giver and the recipient, any clinician who has done PL can feel the stability, accuracy, and robustness of PL. You can imagine the state and feeling of several other techniques and you will know what I mean. If it is still unclear, please directly do clinical trials and compare systematically.

    You may ask: the breadth and depth are understandable, but why can you say that there are breakthroughs in accuracy? Good question! What is used to test accuracy? The best test is of course the efficacy, and only use efficacy. Efficacy can only come from clinical trials. In addition to the above-mentioned Chinese medicine methods, I have also used acupressure and bone setting and the effect is also very good. But why did I finally give up all other methods to promote PL? It is because of the unprecedented efficacy of PL. Thousands of people who have no common knowledge of Chinese and Western medicine, just use their hands and patting sticks to slap on the body, regardless of the meridians and acupoints, how can they accurately heal diseases that are diagnosed by a doctor but with no cure? It should be noted that most people who experiment with PL are pushed to use PL after repeated treatments with Chinese and Western medicine. It is not that a PL person has more wisdom than the doctor in the diagnosis and treatment of the disease, but there is a higher level of wisdom to complete the diagnosis and treatment. Therefore it is accurate and effective. What PL does is to use a very simple method to activate the natural self-healing system of people – a super intelligent system that surpasses human intelligence. Expressed in more specific scientific language, PL effectively improves the electromagnetic body, allowing this field to naturally and automatically play a healing role. Changlin Zhang described it in scientific language:

    “When we know that the non-uniform distribution of energy in the body is mainly determined by electromagnetic standing waves, i.e., the non-uniform distribution of energy in the body is mainly a three-dimensional electromagnetic standing wave interference pattern, then we know that there is such a possibility for us: to interfere and change this interferogram directionally, thereby changing the energy distribution and helping the patient to recover. In fact, this is what acupuncturists have been doing for thousands of years. It’s just that in the theory of Chinese medicine, there are no scientific concepts such as electromagnetic fields, electromagnetic waves, wave group velocity, interferogram, electric field intensity distribution, dissipative structure, and so on. Instead, it uses another set of theoretical frameworks and language systems such as Qi and Blood Movement, Ziwu Liuzhu (midnight-noon ebb-flow doctrine), Deqi (to obtain qi), Replenishing Method, and Reducing Method. ” (Rainbow P. 116)[3]

    He continued to write, “In addition to introducing exogenous electromagnetic waves to change the electromagnetic field and energy distribution in the body, another way to change the electromagnetic standing wave interference pattern is to slightly change the boundary conditions of the resonant cavity… The metal microneedles can effectively change the boundary conditions of the resonant cavity and the electromagnetic standing wave interference pattern. Then the change of the electromagnetic standing wave interference pattern in the body changes the electric field distribution and energy distribution in the body, thereby regulating the operation of the whole physiological function. In this way, we have a completely different understanding of the issue of ‘the acupuncture needles do not put the medicine into the body, but do not know why it can cure the disease?’……In terms of physics: the shape of the standing wave interference pattern is not only determined by the frequency of the wave, but also by the boundary conditions of the resonant cavity.” (Rainbow P. 117-118)[4] “When an organ has a problem, its intrinsic frequency will change, and another abnormal frequency will be generated and an abnormal standing wave will be formed. This abnormal standing wave causes the energy at some points to increase abnormally, i.e., the electrical conductance at the corresponding acupuncture points increases abnormally. Technically, the resistance at the corresponding acupoint is abnormally low. So we need to stick the needle into this acupuncture point where the resistance is abnormally reduced. As a result, the needle hits a certain peak of this abnormal standing wave, thus destroying this abnormal standing wave most effectively. In this way, not only the abnormal morbid standing wave is effectively destroyed, thereby helping the diseased organs to return to normal, but also the interference pattern of the electromagnetic standing wave in the body is greatly improved, which greatly changes the electric field and energy distribution in the entire human body. ” (Rainbow P. 119-120)[5]

    From the above description, we not only understand the principle of using acupuncture to improve the electromagnetic field of the human body so as to improve health, but also know that the needle user must accurately grasp the position of the meridians and acupoints in the human body. Obviously, only a few professional acupuncturists can do this kind of clinical experiment. But if PL is used to replace the above-mentioned professional acupuncturists, we will find that not only the interference pattern mentioned above improves faster and the quality is better, but also the operator of this improvement does not have to be a professional, but any ordinary person such as you and me. This led to a greater breakthrough in healing techniques and healing effects: any ordinary person without medical knowledge can use PL to heal oneself and to help people cure diseases. This will greatly alleviate the crisis caused by insufficient human medical resources and insufficient medical expenses, especially during the current epidemic plague.

   You may ask: why do you utter arrogance like this? I would say, this is actually the result of the ten-year PL clinical trial. If you don’t believe it, please do a PL clinical trial immediately. We can do the experiment in two steps. The first step is to repeat the human experiment done by Changlin Zhang. There are drawings and instructions in his book. The experiment is as follows: “After piercing the needle into Zusanli (acupuncture point on the stomach meridian slightly below the outside of the knee), the so-called ‘skin resistance,’ i.e., ‘electrical conductance’ or ‘internal electric field distribution,’ change is observed in ‘conductivity’ or ‘internal electric field distribution’ in the Waiguan area (a little above the arm and wrist). The sequence of pictures in Figure 8-14 shows the step-by-step change of the internal electric field distribution within 20 minutes after the needle is inserted. It can be noticed that the rate of change of the interference pattern is quite slow.” (See Rainbow P. 120 and Figure 8-14)[6] Because the speed of passing through the meridians is less than 10 centimeters per second, it takes dozens of minutes for the interference pattern to change from one state to another. It is slow because of the “wave group velocity” phenomenon. “In the resonant cavity, many waves move together, interfere with each other, and superimpose each other, resulting in a macroscopic signal formed by superposition and interference. These macro signals are much slower than a single signal, and the more waves, the slower the propagation speed. In the human body, there are hundreds of millions of electromagnetic waves, even billions or tens of billions. Therefore the propagation speed of the macro signal is very slow. ” (Rainbow P. 120)[7]

    Now we only make one change in this experiment, that is, Paida Zusanli for 20 minutes instead of needle sticking into Zusanli. I predict that the “internal electric field distribution” in the picture above will change faster. Only an experiment will know how fast it will be. This experiment can be done by any individual or organization that can measure the “electric field distribution.” The second step is to do a medical clinical experiment: find a person with stomach pain, vigorously Paida his Zusanli for 5 minutes, and see how much the pain is reduced within 5 minutes. If more than two patients can be found, it is better to use needle and Paida respectively, or add a control group of medications to see which is the most effective, including quality and speed. In fact, Paida Zusanli was the first experiment in which I realized that Paida could quickly treat various emergencies a few years ago. At that time, we were eating in a Chinese restaurant. The hostess had a sudden stomach ache, her face was pale, and she had cold sweat. Several of the guests were masters of traditional Chinese medicine. They use medicine as well as needles. They wanted to deliberately test me. Can only use PL instead of needles and medicines really cure the disease, especially acute diseases? I have used PL to treat chronic pain and other chronic diseases before, and I have never encountered acute treatment. Fortunately, I have used acupuncture for many years. I know that needle at Zusanli are the most effective for acute stomach pain. So I became wise and slapped Zusanli with my hand for about 5 minutes. A purple Sha immediately appeared on the spot and the stomach pain was relieved right away. This is the clinical experiment effect of PL: it vigorously stimulates the electromagnetic body.

    If you or your nearby relatives and friends are a heart disease patient, no matter the symptoms are palpitation, arrhythmia, chest tightness or angina, dizziness, coma, etc., you can vigorously Paida the patient’s elbows with your palm for 10 minutes each. Usually it is effective immediately.  “Can patients with severe chronic heart disease be treated with PL?” The answer is: not only is it possible, but the effect is better. The clinical effect can be tested with hospital equipment. Many patients who were planning to undergo surgery with stents and bypasses canceled the operation after a period of PL because whether the degree of cardiac vascular stasis has improved can be accurately measured with hospital equipment.

    You may also ask: how to prove the breadth and depth of PL that you described. The answer is: still use clinical trials. As long as you participate in a PL workshop or learn to Paida each other with an experienced practitioner, you will immediately perceive every palm that slapped the skin. The slapped area covers not just one meridian, but multiple meridians and acupuncture points. For example, when Paida the elbow, one palm slap will usually capture the heart, lung, pericardial meridians and multiple important acupoints on the three meridians at the same time. The collaterals are the side branches of the meridians, i.e., the smaller the meridians, the more collaterals captured. Although you don’t know the meridians and acupuncture points, as long as you Paida the elbows, arms, knees, legs – the body parts that everyone knows, you have accurately captured multiple meridians and acupuncture points. As far as the area of stimulation is concerned, this is dozens of times larger than the acupuncture point where the needle is inserted. This is one aspect of breadth, i.e., the invisible meridians and acupoints are widely stimulated. On the other hand, slapping also greatly stimulates visible skin, muscles, bones, blood vessels, nerves, tendons, fascia, body fluids, cells, bacteria and other tangible substances in the body, resulting in four types of interactions mentioned above: mechanical, thermal, chemical and electromagnetic. You can clearly feel the mechanical and thermal interactions, while the chemical and electromagnetic interactions must be tested with instruments. The obvious chemical change is the appearance of Sha under the skin – its color, shape, and size gradually appear on the part being slapped, and continue to change. Sha is a kind of garbage that is more convenient for the body to excrete automatically after a chemical reaction occurs due to the mechanical, thermal, and electromagnetic forces generated by Paida and the interaction of related organisms in the body. It is fundamentally different from a bruise caused by an accidental strike. After Sha appears, it will reach a peak of the darkest color. Then it will automatically excrete and its color will decrease. If you continue Paida on the Sha, it will disappear more quickly, usually in about 3 days. After Paida, you will feel this detoxification process: chemical changes from your body’s odor, sweat, urine, and stool odors; For more pathological and physiological index changes, you can go to a hospital to check various pathological and physiological indexes, which can show the accuracy of PL to improve the disease.

    Compared with PL, acupuncture will not stimulate the body in such a large area, and it will not cause Sha. It lacks this immediate detoxification phenomenon. After the needle is inserted into the body, it tends to be static. For example, in the above experiment, the needle was inserted for 20 minutes, and Paida kept the process in motion during these 20 minutes. The intensity of its stimulation of meridians and acupoints can be imagined. Of course, Gua Sha also produces Sha, but its movement on the body surface is flat. Therefore the depth of Sha is far less than the longitudinal & vertical power of slap. Although cupping also exerts longitudinal strength on the body, its pressure is lighter than Paida, and it is basically static. Tui Na (Chinese massage) is dynamic and stimulates the skin and flesh, its strength is much softer than Paida, and it is not easy to cause Sha. When it comes to the depth and intensity of PL, the deepest feeling for the experiencer is usually pain. It is the pain that greatly stimulates the “heart.” There is another level of “heart” or rather, consciousness, which is beyond the physical heart that cannot be expressed in words. This “consciousness” is the true master of the body. The true feeler of the pain is the consciousness, which uses PL to regulate all the functions of the whole body: from the macro to the micro. Pain, continuous pain, is the most significant feature of PL that distinguishes it from other techniques, and therefore it is the most effective and fastest to stimulate the electromagnetic body. But PL does not mean that the more pain the better. It is to achieve the best benefits within the limits that different people can bear. Each person has a different ability to endure pain due to different physical and psychological qualities. If it’s too painful, just Paida lightly, until it forms a pain that can be tolerated and even indulged – the happy pain. Many people have a negative view of pain and try their best to avoid pain. In fact, pain is an invaluable treasure of the human body.

    First of all, pain is an excellent diagnosis. Wherever it hurts, the meridian is blocked, which is a disease. You should be happy to find the pain point because it means that you have found the disease. If you are not willing to slap because you don’t like the pain, you have automatically thrown away the body’s diagnosis and healing system. Secondly, illness is a personal protection system because pain can help people avoid harm. Thirdly, pain is excellent for self-healing because it is the power that can push the thick Sha toxin out of the body. The body’s contraction process caused by pain will expel the toxins deposited in the body through various openings, like a pressure relief valve: the drain is opened and the waste is discharged. If there is no pain, the body will not receive the signal. Like a car’s alarm is broken, the body will not be able to make an adaptive response. In short, without pain, the electromagnetic body cannot be stimulated and the interference of energy distribution will not happen. Some people shed tears involuntarily or even cry loudly during a PL session. In addition to the superficial reasons caused by the pain, the more important thing is that these messages open up the gaps in your heart and vent the deeply hidden negative emotions such as grievance, anger, resentment, frustration, etc., that is, remove the invisible negative energy and emotional garbage in the depths of the soul. It can also be called poisonous thoughts. The toxins in the mind are energy garbage that is more difficult to remove than the visible. It is also a target that is difficult to hit by drugs and surgery. However, this negative energy can be automatically and naturally resolved in the electromagnetic body. The depth and precision of PL’s stimulation and healing can be seen from this. How to prove it?

    Still through clinical trials. After most of the PL experiments and experiencing powerful PL, not only the various diseases of the body were improved, but also the spirit and mood. Many patients with depression and anxiety also resolve this emotional illness during a PL self-healing process while their body’s illnesses are healed because the body and mind are integrated. Body illness will inevitably lead to mental illness, and vice versa. Soon after completing a PL Germany workshop, a French lady wrote to inform the organizer of her physical condition. She used to be a severely depressed patient. She mentioned a phenomenon in her letter: in the park, children who didn’t know her took the initiative to approach her. She said this was unprecedented. People used to avoid her, and children were even more reluctant to approach her. Why are the children taking the initiative to approach her now? Because her energy field has changed – the electromagnetic body is better. If you measure with an instrument, you will find that the radiance inside and outside her body has changed.

    As mentioned earlier, PL first conducted clinical experiments, observed a large number of clinical cases, and discovered the efficacy of “PaidaLajin to cure a hundred diseases,” and then looked back to explain its scientific principles. The existence of curative effect is an objective fact. Even without scientific explanation, it is still there. The reason why it is interpreted with science now is because science is a language generally accepted by mankind. If PL is indeed an effective way to prevent Covid-19, and humans simply do not understand PL because of language barriers, they will not use PL to resolve the plague. Isn’t it a pity? Fortunately, Changlin Zhang used the “dissipative structure,” one of the latest achievements in physics, to interpret the human body’s dynamic energy field. The book describes the process of acupuncture changing the energy field of the human body to improve health. We believe that PL stimulates the human body and has a better improving effect on the electromagnetic body. But you may ask: I still don’t understand how PL interacts with this complex electromagnetic body?

    Changlin Zhang discussed the secret of resonance in his book. After reading it, I immediately realized: isn’t this the secret of PL? “Resonance is not a new concept in physics, but it has only recently begun to be considered in biology and medicine. Within biology’s focus on the composite of particles that form the chemical aspect of biology, resonance plays almost no role at all.” (Invisible Rainbow–A Physicist’s Introduction to the Science Behind Classical Chinese Medicine by Changlin Zhang with Jonathan Heaney, P. 119) “One of the magical functions of resonance is that it can accumulate very small and insignificant energy bit by bit, less into more, and it can achieve something so great that we do not expect. This is the secret weapon of resonance.” (Rainbow P. 136)[8] Its other function is to transfer energy and information. PL’s function is to stimulate the body through its simple and repetitive vibration so that various organs in the body can resonate with various frequencies, thereby accumulating energy and transferring energy and information.

    To facilitate understanding, Changlin Zhang used postal service, wired,  and wireless communications to metaphorically convey the energy and information transmitting and receiving in the human body. “In postal communication, the sender denotes the corresponding receiver using a written address on the envelope. Similarly, chemical communication in living systems employs specific chemical configurations on membrane of macromolecules, such as antibodies and hormones, to encode the address. In Fixed-line phone communication, the sender and receiver are connected through wires. Nerve fibers perform the same role in the body. Wireless communication relies on a feature of resonance to enable the sender to find the appropriate receiver. The sender and its receiver make use of the similarity or identity of their natural frequencies to ensure that the receiver is attuned to the sender’s frequency. In light of this, it is instructive to reexamine the fundamental principle of homeopathic remedies: similarity, which corresponds to the resonance effect in waves.” (Invisible Rainbow–A Physicist’s Introduction to the Science Behind Classical Chinese Medicine by Changlin Zhang with Jonathan Heaney, P. 127) During the implementation of PL, these three communication methods will obviously appear in the human body. But the largest, most basic and decisive way is through “wireless communication,” i.e., interacting with electromagnetic waves in the human electromagnetic body – use waves and resonance to transfer energy and information. The experiment uses two tuning forks in the book to show that the basic condition for wireless communication between the two is that the two tuning forks have exactly the same intrinsic frequency. The intrinsic frequency is the inherent frequency.

    All human beings are the same kind of organisms so human beings as a whole and all kinds of organisms in the human body have the same intrinsic frequency. PL acts on the body and is similar in form to other human movements or sports activities. As long as there is exercise, it will naturally have an impact on blood pressure, heartbeat, lung respiration, and affect the large and small organisms in the entire body. But the unique feature of PL is that its main target is qi – electromagnetic waves. Although PL also stimulates skin, bone, flesh, blood and other tangible organisms, its decisive influence is to improve the body by changing the aura: the electromagnetic body of the entire person. In short, regardless of the size and shape of the organisms in the human body, their most essential form of existence is energy, which emits their own electromagnetic waves and interacts with the waves of other organisms. For example, organs, bones, and blood are all made up of cells and emit electromagnetic waves. Every cell needs energy to grow and metabolize. Therefore, there must be blood vessels next to each cell, otherwise nutrients cannot be reached. Wherever blood vessels can reach, qi (electromagnetic waves) will definitely be able to reach. Because qi is the energy that promotes blood, Chinese medicine refers to it as “Qi moves and blood flows, qi stagnation and blood stasis.” Each cell is connected in series by qi, guiding the channel inside the body to reach every corner. Qi is the vanguard of blood. The main target of PL stimulation is this pervasive qi – electromagnetic wave. General sports, especially strenuous exercise, mainly act on the muscles. However, Chinese medicine does not emphasize muscle development, but that “The bones are upright and the tendons are soft, the qi and blood flow by itself.” The goal is to let the qi flow. The above shows that blood provides nutrients to cells, but don’t forget that blood itself is also made up of cells. It also needs more subtle electromagnetic waves to absorb energy. In Chinese medicine, the meridians are the channels of energy. The meridians are the main lines and the collaterals are branches. Each collateral can have smaller side branches. It can branch out layer by layer, connecting all visible and invisible organisms in the body, including bacteria and virus. They all have their own electromagnetic wave frequency and vibration mode, and they interact with other electromagnetic waves around them, coexist in harmony and form a fluctuating electromagnetic field: the dissipative structure of the human body.

    The dissipative structure originates from a reaction to the second law of thermodynamics. The second law of thermodynamics can be expressed as: “Heat cannot be transferred from a heat source at lower temperature to a heat source at higher temperature without external energy input.” An academic way to express it: “In an isolated system, entropy irreversibly increases.” (Invisible Rainbow–A Physicist’s Introduction to the Science Behind Classical Chinese Medicine by Changlin Zhang with Jonathan Heaney, P. 89) The so-called “isolated system” means neither matter nor energy is exchanged with its surroundings. It is a system without exchanging matter or energy with the outside world. Entropy is a measure of the degree of disorder. Entropy increase means that the higher the entropy in a system, the more disorder in the entire system and it cannot be reversed. According to this law, the earth is “constantly increasing in entropy.” The degree of chaos is getting higher and higher. If we add the crazy mining and consumption of mankind, the entropy value will increase faster. The fate of the earth and mankind seems pessimistic.

    By the 1970s, scientist Ilya Prigogine, who Changlin Zhang called a modern-day Columbus, made several revolutionary advances in his research on the second law of thermodynamics. “The first daring step taken by Prigogine was to study open system instead of isolated system. … An open system has an intimate relationship and constant exchange with its surroundings. …It is possible to import negative entropy into a system in order to reduce the entropy inside the system.” (Invisible Rainbow–A Physicist’s Introduction to the Science Behind Classical Chinese Medicine by Changlin Zhang with Jonathan Heaney, P. 91) Inputting negative entropy is to take an action to decrease the entropy value. “The second brave step taken by Prigogine was moving from considering an equilibrium state to considering far from equilibrium state. A system categorized as being in an equilibrium state has already reached maximum entropy. This means that it is in a perfect homogeneous state and exhibits no internal variation.” (Invisible Rainbow–A Physicist’s Introduction to the Science Behind Classical Chinese Medicine by Changlin Zhang with Jonathan Heaney, P. 92) For example, the temperature of the water is uniform without heating the pot, i.e., “equilibrium state.” The water boiled after the electric furnace heats up looks like ten thousand galloping horses without any regularity. It seems to be in a state of extreme chaos. This state is called “far from equilibrium.” Prigogine is the warrior who broke into this terrible “distance from equilibrium.” He found that “far from equilibrium” is not getting chaotic, but a new “structure,” a dynamic structure, often appears. For example, the water pattern in a boiling pot, as long as the energy supply is stable, the pattern is stable. A new order emerges from disorder. Entering the third step, from “static structure” to “dissipative structure” research, Changlin Zhang stated: “This leap in structural understanding will eventually lead to a medical revolution – the discovery that the structure corresponding to the function of the meridian system is not a static structure in the traditional sense, but a dissipative structure. It is a dissipative structure formed by electromagnetic standing waves.” “Only with the discovery of the ‘New World’ of dissipative structure can scientists re-understand the ancient and mysterious medicine of meridians from the perspective of modern science. Western modern medicine and Eastern ancient medicine can truly be integrated.” (Rainbow P. 110)[9]

    Why does Changlin Zhang call it rediscovery? Because “The dissipative structure is not new. Not only did the ancient Chinese discover it when they discovered the meridian system, but the dissipative structures like waterfalls, flames, fountains, vortexes, tornadoes, and lightning etc., are also what we can often see.” (Rainbow P. 110)[10] This is similar to the discovery of a new world by Columbus. In fact, that continent is not new. It has been there for a long time with humans thriving there. PL has also been used for thousands of years, just like an apple has been seen for thousands of years dropping from the tree. There is no secret at all.

    Let us look at the dissipative structure of the human body. It is open: people exchange energy with the outside world through breathing, eating, and excretion; Secondly, it is dynamic. From birth to death, from morning to night, the energy state is changing; Thirdly, a person’s overall energy field is in a relatively balanced state: healthy. According to the theory of dissipative structure, as long as the energy supply is stable, the structure should be stable. Of course it is relatively stable dynamically. In today’s world, most human beings have enough food to ensure a stable energy supply (referring to the energy field of the body). Theoretically, the dissipative structure of the human body should be balanced – healthy until the end of life without disease. But why are there more human diseases and they are difficult to cure? Diseases appear because people’s energy field is unbalanced and disordered. If you restore balance and order, you will be healthy. Obviously, the human body’s energy field disorder is not due to insufficient energy, but due to the clogged and unsmooth energy channels. It’s like filling up a car’s fuel tank but the oil path to the engine is blocked. At this time, it’s useless to continue refueling. Clearing the oil path is the first thing to do.

    Let’s look at a slightly more complex system, such as a city. Many systems are included in a city such as road systems, tap water systems, power systems, sewer systems, wired communication systems, wireless communication systems, etc. If any of these systems have blocks, urban residents’ lives will be chaotic, which means that the city is sick. Looking at human body, the visible and invisible systems are far more complicated than a city. There are a lot of biologically divided systems. Viewing from an electromagnetic body, where tens of billions of electromagnetic waves interfere with each other, any local disorder can lead to a change in the energy distribution of the whole magnetic field. Obviously, such a complex system is not managed and controlled by human thoughts. There is a super intelligence, which our brains and thoughts cannot imagine, is operating all this naturally and automatically. How much of the food you eat becomes energy absorbed? Obviously, the body does not follow your instructions on how to divide it into urine, feces, and sweat. But this does not hinder your normal life. These countless principles and details are the goal of human exploration. Although they can’t be understood all at once, they must be in the correct direction.The structure of a mobile phone is complicated, but you only need to master simple operating functions to use it. PL is an extremely simple way to restore the extremely complex human energy field from dynamic disorder to order. Although the human energy field is complex, its main structure has long been discovered by the ancients: the meridian diagram of Chinese medicine and the Indian’s chakra diagram. Modern science is using various instruments and principles to prove and develop it. The use of dissipative structure to describe the human body is the foundation of science for clinical medicine.

    In their theories, Changlin Zhang and the senior scientists have constantly predicted the possibility of clinical application of changing the structure of the human electromagnetic field to eliminate pain. But the clinical methods mentioned are mainly acupuncture and corresponding tools derived from it “such as hyperthermia, infrared therapy, spectrum therapy, electroacupuncture therapy, soft laser therapy, microwave acupuncture therapy, etc. Electromagnetic waves of different lengths are also introduced into the human body, thereby disturbing and changing the interference pattern of the human body, changing the energy distribution and helping the patient to recover.” (Rainbow P. 116)[11] These methods are all “negative entropy” input to the “open system” from the outside world, i.e., actions taken actively to reduce the entropy value to reduce the level of confusion. Acupuncture, described above, uses the boundary conditions of the resonant cavity to change the electromagnetic interference pattern. Therefore, the electric field and energy distribution in the body are changed. Other derived therapeutic equipment also introduces exogenous electromagnetic waves to change the energy distribution in the body. If the above methods greatly improve the energy distribution of the human body, they will surely produce good clinical effects. This is sufficient to prove the clinical basis of the theory of the human body’s dissipative structure. However, it is obvious that the current clinical methods to improve these dissipative structures are not effective enough. Even the application of acupuncture and moxibustion is only used in certain areas that are not easy to handle in Western medicine.

    Let’s look at PL again. The breadth, depth, and accuracy of the stimulation of the body’s energy field have been discussed from the aspects of clinical experiment process and effect. From the perspective of two physical requirements – improving the frequency of the magnetic field and changing the boundary conditions of the resonant cavity, PL has both. Like acupuncture, it destroys abnormally pathological standing waves and changes the electric field and energy distribution of the entire human body. Just like other methods, PL uses exogenous electromagnetic waves to change the energy distribution in the body because Paida produces powerful mechanical waves, sound waves, thermal waves and various waves caused by pain. Mechanical waves, sound waves, and thermal waves directly act on the skin, the flesh, bones, soft tissues under the skin, and other large & small organisms. They spread energy and information through resonance and affect their electromagnetic waves. More importantly, the powerful strength of pain triggers body’s contraction, which directly and indirectly changes the energy field distribution throughout the body. Of course, this is just my perception after direct observation from clinical trials and reverse reasoning from the breadth and depth of the existing curative effects. Quantitative research of improving the energy field must be tested with related instruments.

    But one thing for certain is that PL has made a breakthrough in the field of clinical trials. It is different from any “alternative therapies,” which only substitutes for the poor efficacy of western medicine in certain fields. It applies to all clinical areas regardless of subject and covers almost all departments in a hospital. So in addition to Western medicine not approving it, Chinese medicine does not approve it either because it does not even care about the meridians and acupuncture points. It is enough to Paida the knees and elbows. Furthermore, PL is not medicine at all, nor is it alternative medicine, but a way of life. This method can indeed accurately verify the theory of “human body dissipative structure” from clinical experiments. Although PL and traditional Chinese medicine are passed down from the same vein and use the same meridian theory, the method is different. The most prominent difference is that it is too simple. The truth is really simple.

    The greatest truth is the simplest. From this perspective, the electromagnetic field inside the human body is very complicated. It seems not easy to change such a complex system from disorder to order. However, it is actually very simple and easy. How to transfer the complex into simple? It is to hold the leading principle of Yin and Yang. Once the key link is grasped, everything falls into place. Although there are thousands of disease names, they are unbalanced after all. All kinds of imbalances are ultimately classified as Yin and Yang imbalances in the human body. The imbalance in the meridians is reflected as the blockages of meridians and collaterals. PL clears the meridians and collaterals. Therefore balance is achieved naturally. To put it in scientific language, the human body is chaotic and disordered inside the dissipative structure composed of electromagnetic fields and energy exchange is not smooth. Western medicine sees local lesions. Once the bacteria and diseased cells that cause the lesions are found and killed, health is restored. This method of “discovering the enemy and then eliminating it” is being used in mainstream hospitals with all human beings. At this time mankind still uses this way of thinking and the method of confronting and eradicating to fight the plague caused by Covid-19. The thinking of traditional Chinese medicine has been matched with the dissipative structure. It knows that the energy structure and disorder are integrated.               Acupuncture on the meridians to improve the energy distribution of the body can improve the body and maintain the dynamic balance of this dissipative structure.

    The thinking and direction of acupuncture are correct. They are consistent with the latest results of modern physics. The question is whether this method is powerful enough to achieve clinical results. I believe that someone must be using acupuncture to do clinical trials against the current plague. If the curative effect is good, of course it is good news. However, even if there is curative effect, it can only be operated by very few experienced acupuncturists. Looking at PL again, viewing from its current clinical trials, the effect of sudden acute diseases (except injury) is better, especially those caused by viral infections. Chronic diseases caused by emotions are real diseases. The energy disorder caused by them is more serious. The external poison such as windchill causing energy disorder is called hardship. Its destructiveness is fast but not deep. If PL is used to quickly improve the overall energy distribution of the human body, the foreign virus will go away quickly and dissolve automatically.

    People’s biggest doubt may be: if western medicine accurately finds out the pathogenic bacteria and cannot immediately create drugs and vaccines to cure them, and Chinese medicine accurately diagnoses which aspects are out of balance and knows which should be supplemented and which should be leaked, but both have not seen effective clinical cases, why believe that just relying on slapping the body and stretching the limbs can cure Covid-19? So I have to go back to the statement at the beginning of this article: PL is not aimed at the Covid-19 virus, but at the people. It is aimed at the human’s electromagnetic body – changing dissipative structure. PL does not directly target any disease but quickly and efficiently improves the energy distribution of the human body so that it quickly recovers from disorder to order. So who is curing the disease? This is the transcendental wisdom that I have repeatedly emphasized, which is much higher than that of human beings. It can be called the innate self-healing power, or simply called Dao. This is a self-balancing power and mechanism. It doesn’t require outsiders. Everyone has it. What PL does is to activate this self-healing system and then self-diagnose and self-heal. All scientists’ efforts to explore are to find the language and method to use and explain this system. All the languages and methods used by Chinese and western medicine and scientists, such as the theory of dissipative structure mentioned in this article, are trying to find this “Dao.” Everyone uses different methods and languages, but sooner or later all will reach the same goal.

    Covid-19 is a virus. This is the term used by western medicine. It is called evil qi in Chinese medicine. Scientists call this a destructive electromagnetic wave. Finding and killing the virus accurately is certainly an effective way for humans to overcome the plague. Wouldn’t it be better to change the entire energy distribution of the human body so that the virus leaves automatically? Why does Covid-19 cause mass infection and death? It is not because the virus directly causes death but because it destroys the overall energy field distribution of the human body and harmonious resonance frequency of the electromagnetic body. Fundamentally speaking, the emergence of Covid-19 is due to human destruction of earth’s large magnetic field. This pathogen is forced to move its living space due to the destruction of the energy field and find the human body as a place to live. However, PL does the opposite. It uses resonance to activate the righteous energy and restores the energy distribution of the body’s electromagnetic field to a harmonious frequency. Then the virus, the evil & destructive energy, and the negative electromagnetic wave, will automatically dissolve or escape. In short, no matter how chaotic and complicated the disorder caused by Covid-19 is, it can ultimately be simplified to an imbalance of Yin and Yang or an imbalance of good and evil. As long as the Yang qi (positive energy) is increased, the Yin qi (negative energy) will naturally decrease. Eventually a balance of the overall energy will be reached. The balance of the field is the steady state of the dissipative structure of the human body.

    In general, we understand how the relationship between PL and healing occurs through electromagnetic fields. We then look at how modern physics interprets phenomena that are difficult to explain by existing medical and biological knowledge from several important concepts: holographic phenomenon, meridian’s multi-channel, and Matter’s emptiness. “When a patient is ill, electrical measurements are not only synchronously altered on all main corresponding acu-points throughout the meridian network, but also on all micro acu-points, including those on the ears, nose, palms, and feet. In other words, the change in these electrical measurements is delocalized and holographic-meaning that the state of each body part is reflected in the whole body. This holographic change in electrical measurements occurs not only at acu-points but also at any point on the skin. That is, whenever there is some change in the body-mind system, the shapes of the probability distributions of the electronic measurement data synchronously change, maintaining similarity in patterns at different locations and on different measurement scales.”    (Invisible Rainbow–A Physicist’s Introduction to the Science Behind Classical Chinese Medicine by Changlin Zhang with Jonathan Heaney, P. 80) Now you can understand why as long as you slapped the whole body carefully, everything is effective. Moreover, we guide you to slap the general parts first: elbows, knees, hands, and feet. These parts contain all important acupoints and the starting/ending points of the meridians. It is certainly more effective if the whole body is slapped.

    Scientists have also proved through various experiments that: “Meridians are electrical channels, optical channels, microwave channels, sound channels, and chemical channels, but we don’t see channel-like structures. Simply put, the functions of meridians are definitely there, but the corresponding structure is not found.” (Rainbow, P. 77)[12] Of course, we know from the foregoing that the corresponding structure is the dissipative structure of the human body. The reason why I list these scientifically proven phenomena is because PL is related to all of them. Every time the body is slapped, every minute of stretching, the functions of these channels are fully utilized, thereby stimulating the body’s dissipative structure in multiple ways.

   Now what is meant by “matter is empty?” “Consider the example of an ordinary desk. In line with our knowledge of molecules and atoms, we know that the wood is made of molecules, mainly cellulose. Cellulose is composed of glucose, which is in turn composed of atoms of carbon, oxygen, and hydrogen. These atoms actually occupy only a very small portion of the space in the wood of the desk-the rest is empty. If an atom could be magnified to the size of a football field, the nucleus, which contains virtually all the mass, would be only as big as a football. The electrons surrounding it would be even smaller. Consequently, with the exception of the tiny proportion of space occupied by their subatomic particles (electrons, protons, and neutrons), atoms are entirely empty. … Further examination of the subatomic particles would reveal them to be only cores of energy. When the process of reductionism is pursued to its end point, there exists only immaterial energy, or vacuum-nothing else.” (Invisible Rainbow–A Physicist’s Introduction to the Science Behind Classical Chinese Medicine by Changlin Zhang with Jonathan Heaney, P. 25-26)

    Why do we say “matter is empty”? Because it is related to PL and electromagnetic fields. Water is the most important substance in the human body. “The British physicist Cyril W. Smith pointed out that there were many tiny ‘coherence intervals’ in water. A lot of drug information may be stored in this coherence interval in the form of tiny standing waves. They can absorb energy, that is, absorb unhealthy information inside a patient’s body through resonance.” (Rainbow, P144)[13] This is just the space between water molecules. You can imagine the space between the various organs in the body, the space between other molecules, and then take a closer look at the space between atoms, nuclei, and electrons. This is all qi – the space permeable by electromagnetic waves. Numerous resonances occur in these “emptiness” and healing occurs in this way. What PL does is to resonate the human body with the two movements of slapping and stretching and generate a large number of tiny standing waves in these “emptiness.” They are both energy and information, effectively interfering with the energy field of the human body, turning disorder into order locally and wholly, and balancing yin and yang. PL does not use medicine, but it produces waves and resonance, which effectively interferes with the human electromagnetic body. This is the secret of PL.

    Changlin Zhang mentioned many times in the book the difficulties of physical research on the invisible, highly dynamic and indivisible electromagnetic body. “No matter any probe enters the body, it will seriously interfere with the electromagnetic field in the body. Of course, the human body cannot be dissected for measurement. So this kind of research work, just like the study of the internal structure of the earth by geophysicists, can only be carried out on the surface level.” (Rainbow, P. 160)[14] Fortunately, PL is carried out on the body surface, which is more “body surface” than needle penetration. Changlin Zhang also mentioned, “Theoretically, there is no question about both the external and the internal aura (the image of the electromagnetic field light structure inside and outside the human body). The difficulty is the data analysis and how to get clinically useful information from these measurement data.” (Rainbow, P. 161)[15] What PL provides is a lot of “clinically useful information.” The curative effect is proved from the changes of the medical and biological indicators such as pathology & physiology. It has excellent repeatability. In other words, the clinical trial has been completed. The medical goal that mankind cares most has been initially completed. Now is to use science in turn to explain these incredible clinical effects. But mainstream medicine and biology cannot currently explain. By shifting the focus of testing from clinical medicine to basic scientific research, Changlin Zhang used the new physics theory of the dissipative structure of the human body to put forward the latest interpretation from the scientific community. PL uses breakthroughs in clinical experiments to verify the corresponding relationship with the dynamic structure of the human electromagnetic field, thereby promoting the deepening of basic scientific research.

    Finally, I want to emphasize a major difference between PL and other Chinese and Western medical methods, including all alternative therapies. PL is a very simple self-healing behavior, not a strict medical behavior. Because it is extremely simple, simpler than ordinary conventional sports and health care methods, it can be called a way of life and can be completely implemented by oneself. It is a person’s active and conscious behavior, which is determined by one’s own thoughts. The thought is the mind. It is also a kind of power, a higher level, higher frequency, subtler and stronger wave, which also contains electromagnetic waves. Ideas form resonance, which has a huge impact on a person’s overall energy field and on every visible and invisible organism in the body. The higher degree a person believes in PL, the intensity and time of implementing PL will naturally be more sufficient, and the effect will be better. As Changlin Zhang stated, “From the perspective of resonance,’faith’ is a kind of ‘tuning process.’ Whether in biology or medicine, we have to fully consider the power and consequences of resonance. Wrong resonance not only leads to social disasters, but also physical and life disasters. Therefore, the correct resonance is a vital choice in life. In layman’s terms, the correct ‘faith’ is really the core of life’s happiness and the core of world peace.” (Rainbow, P. 146-147)[16] In this sense, people’s negative emotions are actually due to the wrong resonance in their mind. Therefore, both Chinese medicine and Buddhism say that illness is created by the mind.

    At this point, we can make a summary for this article: both ancient Chinese medicine and modern physics believe that the human body is not only a visible chemical body, but also an invisible electromagnetic body – a dynamic dissipative structure. The spatial distribution and order of its energy field are closely related to the corresponding functions of the human body. The qi in Chinese medicine is the electromagnetic wave in physics, and the qi field is the electromagnetic field and energy field. PL is an active self-healing behavior, which is to resonate and stimulate the body’s aura – energy field, to improve the entire energy field by slapping and stretching the body. The electromagnetic waves, thermal waves, mechanical waves, sound waves, pain waves, and thought waves generated in a PL process affect the body’s electromagnetic field through the meridian network (the main channel of electromagnetic waves). Electromagnetic waves are both energy and information, i.e., both energy and information exist in the form of electromagnetic waves. The way PL interacts with the body has the following characteristics:

1. It is holographic. Every time you slap or stretch, it affects the body locally and wholly;

2. The propagation speed and modes are diverse. In addition to the group speed, i.e., the slow speed of passing through the meridian, there are also light speed propagation, wired propagation (such as pain through nerves), thermal propagation, mechanical wave propagation, chemical propagation, and wireless propagation. The most basic, fastest, and most penetrating propagation is wireless propagation, that is, electromagnetic wave mode;

3. The chemical changes produced by PL are the result rather than the cause. The healing results of the disease, such as germs, viruses, diseased cells, parasites, etc., are not killed by drugs, but because PL changes the energy field and makes them lose their living environment so they are naturally resolved and leave;

4. Change of the energy field will transform disorder into order so that the seemingly complex chaos will reach a dynamic Yin and Yang balance;

5. The interaction between the entire PL and the body only activates the innate self-healing system of human beings – the invisible dissipative structure composed of electromagnetic fields. Therefore, the diagnosis, healing, and disease prevention processes are all occurring simultaneously, naturally, and automatically. This system is a kind of wisdom that transcends human thought, or it can be called a kind of super consciousness. The Chinese call it “Dao.”

    If you can understand that the human body is both a visible “chemical body” and an invisible “electromagnetic body,” and Covid-19 is both a virus and an electromagnetic wave, you will naturally understand why PL can cure a lot diseases, of course including Covid-19, by changing the electromagnetic field. Maybe there will be Covid-20 or other viruses in the future. However the name of the disease is not important because the changes in the disease are just changes in electromagnetic waves, and they all survive and evolve in the electromagnetic field. Like mosquitoes, flies and other diseases, insects and bacteria are suitable for survival in an environment with poor water flow. Covid-19 and all viruses and diseased cells that are harmful to the human body are suitable for survival in an environment where the body’s meridians are not smooth. As long as the living environment is changed – making the stagnant water flows freely, mosquitoes, flies, pests, bacteria and viruses will automatically leave. As long as PL is used to clear the meridians and let the blood flow smoothly, Covid-19 and any viruses, diseased cells, and various diseases that are harmful to human health will automatically disappear or coexist in harmony with the human body.

    On the surface, the two actions of slapping and stretching are very simple. Mechanical movements with small amplitude, the amount and range of exercise are much smaller than those of general sports – slapping is just a repetition of raising one’s hand and then continuing to slap. Lajin doesn’t even move at all. However, anyone who has done PL knows that the qi in the body moves rapidly during PL. The increased qi flow will clear the obstruction causing a person to feel physical pain. Pain also intensifies the movement of qi, and the more painful, the faster the body heats up. To explain it in scientific language, mechanical energy resonates with various energies in the body, i.e., mechanical waves interact with electromagnetic waves because the slapped hand and the body being slapped are both charged and emit electromagnetic waves. “In fact, there are many ‘vibrators’ in the human body, such as the heart, stomach, lungs, liver, muscles, etc., which are also mechanical ‘vibrators,’ but they carry electric charges, so electromagnetic waves are also emitted. In this case, the frequency of electromagnetic waves is closely related to the frequency of the mechanical ‘vibrator’. ” (Rainbow, P. 200)[17] PL is a simple action, but it also produces resonance of mechanical waves and electromagnetic waves. As mentioned earlier, the secret of resonance is to accumulate and transmit energy and information to form incredible power. For example, resonance generated by walking in unison can break a bridge.

    Whether PL can prevent & cure Covid-19 or any other diseases depends on the resonance effect. But whether the resonances discussed above will occur or not depends first on a larger resonance, which is also a higher, subtler, and less visible resonance – human mind. For example, if you read this article, your mind resonates with it, i.e., you believe in the principle and effect of PL, the resonance of the human magnetic field mentioned above will occur naturally. Every person and every environment is actually an energy field, so the interaction between people and the environment is also an energy interaction. For example, people around you only believe in the effects of the “chemical body.” Naturally, you may be affected by its energy field and only believe in chemical drugs. But if you use PL to heal your own disease, your energy will affect them again, which depends on the resonance of everyone’s mind, and people often call it “same vibration response.” For example, the prison where I am now, the energy field is not that great. My cellmate did not sleep for three days due to drug addiction, but he really wanted to sleep and couldn’t. I didn’t know if PL was effective in treating insomnia due to drug abuse. In frustration and despair, he agreed to try slapping his elbow for 10 minutes, and unexpectedly he fell asleep soon. His mind had a semi-resonance with PL because he was dubious. However, it still had miraculous effects. Therefore, PL is used for all kinds of symptoms caused by drug abuse among prison friends. Long-term headaches, palpitation, chest tightness, angina, depression, and anxiety caused by drug addiction are all effective. There are a few people in the prison who slap each other together every day and the resonance effect is better. The first is mental resonance, which leads to the resonance of PL on the body’s energy field. For anyone whose mind resonates with PL, PL cures all diseases without exception. Psoriasis, varicose veins, hemorrhoids, constipation, hypertension and other diseases among the prisoners all healed themselves due to mental resonance with PL. There is also another kind of mental resonance in prison. Some people never take drugs outside. After entering the prison, they resonate with the energy field of drug abuse, and both body and mind enter the energy field of drug addiction. There are energy fields everywhere in this world with various resonances. Regardless of the name of your disease, such as Covid-19, whether it can be prevented or not depends first on the resonance of your mind, i.e., resonance with whatever you believe. In order to fundamentally eliminate Covid-19 and the new diseases that may still appear in the future, humans must improve the overall magnetic field of the earth as a whole. Harmonious resonance between humans and the earth must be created. The first step is that people form a harmonious resonance in their minds. The process of using PL for self-healing is the process of enlightening human beings to save themselves and sublimate. On the surface, PL is too simple, so it is difficult for many people with complex ideas to resonate with it. You may ask: in addition to curing all diseases, doesn’t PL have any side effects? In their sharing of PL self-healing, two cellmates mentioned a side effect: it greatly enhanced sexual function. The energy distribution of the human body has changed.

   Whether your mind resonates with this article or not depends on your free will. Man is free. Covid-19 is also free.

The above view is only the result of my personal clinical observation over the past ten years. As for whether PL can prevent and treat Covid-19, you still need to do a clinical trial to know. The purpose of this article is to encourage experts to do clinical trials as soon as possible. People are also encouraged to do PL clinical trials at home. This is to help mankind overcome this plague. Therefore, no commercial interests are involved, no products are sold. It is a method that has been found to be useful after tens of thousands of people’s clinical trials. And it is provided free of charge. You need to spend money to buy a mask to wear. PL doesn’t use anything. You can do it anytime, anywhere without spending a penny. Why not give it a try? Even if your experiment is not effective, there is no loss.

Hongchi Xiao

June 23, 2020 at South Coast Prison


Translated by Dongxiao Zhu

September 30, 2020

Appendix starts on the next page.

Appendix A:

Table 1 Statistics results at the end of 7-day workshop

DiseasePercentage of participantsNumber of peopleEffective numberEfficiency
heart disease24%12311896%
Shoulder, neck and back pain56%29226591%
Low back & leg pain42%22020392%

Table 1 is the statistics of 520 people who participated in a 7-day workshop at mainland China in December 2015. Among the six diseases with the most outstanding effects (easy to test) are: hypertension, heart disease, diabetes, shoulder, neck and back diseases, low back and leg pain, and arthropathy. Some efficiency has reached 90% and above.

Table 2 The statistics of telephone interviews of 7-day workshop participants in 2011

Number of respondents418
Number of successful interviews285 (68%)
Number of unsuccessful interviews133(32%)Reason for unsuccessful interview: Inconvenient telephone contact for overseas participants;The phone number is incorrect;No one answered the phone
Results (285)243 continued PL, 85% of the people interviewed
42 did not continue PL, 15% of the people interviewed. Reason: 1. Too busy, no time; 2. Not sick; 3. Lazy; 4. Afraid of pain; 5. Chose another treatment; 6. Family objection; 7. No significant effect
Medication of those who continued PL (243)226 People no longer take any drugs, 93%
17 continued taking drugs, 7% Reason for taking medication: 1.Severely ill patients, or the elderly, worry that their illness will be uncontrollable with PL; 2.Because of the doctor’s order; 3.Believed that taking medicine with PL is better.
The health status of the trainees who insist on PL & don’t take drugs(226)134 Good health (59%) 76 Significant improvement in health (34%) 16 Maintain health (7%),No deterioration due to drug withdrawal
Single disease self-healing effectiveness1.Hypertension 34,30 (88%) very effective;4 (12%) no effect, the reason is occasional PL, & sometimes take medication 2.Diabetes 14,12 (86%) very effective; 2 (14%) no effect, same above reason 3.Low back & leg pain 93,91 (98%) Low back pain; 2(2%) no effect, same above reason

Table 2 shows the statistics of telephone interviews of workshop participants conducted half a year after the workshop at mainland China in August 2011. Among them, the effective rates of hypertension, type 2 diabetes, and low back and leg pain are all over 80%. 93% are no longer taking medicine.

Table 3 Statistics on the self-healing effect of 1-26 online workshops

Participants health
Significant improvementPercentageImprovePercentageEffective numberPercentage
Medication situation of participants taking medicine
WithdrawalPercentageReductionPercentageContinue taking medicationPercentage
Participants satisfaction
Very satisfiedPercentageSatisfiedPercentageTotal satisfactionPercentage

     Table 3 shows the statistics of 26 online workshops held from January 2016 to June 2018. The first and second workshops were one month, the rest were half a month. We received a total of 718 survey reports from all over the world. Participants have about 38 diseases such as hypertension, insomnia, low back pain, thyroid disease, etc. Everyone Paida and Lajin as required for more than 1 hour every day. 87.6% of people have improved their physical condition. 48.9% of the trainees who took the medicine stopped during or after this period, and 23% reduced the medicine. The overall satisfaction rate was 98.7%. 45.4% were very satisfied.

Table 4 The statistics of the effect of Boss Cao promoting Paida Lajin self-healing method

 Total Number of peopleSignificant improvement%Improved%Stopped medicine%
High (low) blood pressure6583%117%583%
Heart disease10990%110%10100%
Shoulder, neck and back pain99100%00%9100%
Low back & leg pain1212100%00%12100%
Stomach disease11982%218%982%
Poor sleep quality1313100%00%1185%
Diabetes4375%125%4100% Cao

Table 4 is the statistics of self-healing effectiveness spread by Chongqing businessman Boss Cao. He participated in a PL workshop and healed himself from many diseases. From then on, he went to a park every evening to popularize PL voluntarily. He has persisted for several years, rain or shine. Boss Cao said he taught thousands of people and this was only a small part of the statistics. And those who insist on Paida and Lajin, there has been none ineffective. Among the 61 people in this statistics (January 2016), the following 12 diseases are 100% effective: high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, shoulder and neck diseases, low back and leg pain, arthropathy, sub-health, constipation, gynecology, andrology, gastric disease, poor sleep quality. On average, more than 85% of PL practitioners who took medication stopped taking medication.

Appendix B: please see the attached report from Indian PL Workshop in 2015.

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