Many people after witnessing the effectiveness of Paida Lajin expressed their desire to coach others, or turn it into a business.  Majority of these people failed and become disillusioned.  Why?  Because they don’t have enough experience dealing with all the unexpected “healing reactions”, or don’t really know where, when, how hard, how frequent to Paida or Lajin.  Therefore, please go through this coaching program before you begin to help others. Below is our preliminary program.  It may change from time to time.

All activities, such as event announcement, registration, fee collection, and advertising will all be available on our website for coaches to utilize.

Certification Process:

  1. Thoroughly study all of our 105 lessons online.
  2. Thoroughly study all of our Q&A (Minimum 50 Q&A)
  3. Thoroughly study all of our Testimonials under sharing. (Minimum 200)
  4. Thoroughly study all of our podcast. (Minimum 24)
  5. Thoroughly study our Coach Manual (To be developed)
  6. Pass our coach examination online.
  7. Participate in two to three of our 5-day workshops
  8. Apply online to be approved
  9. Sign contract, pay the license fee and obtain the certificate
  10. Setup account to operate on our web services.

After certification

  1. Level One coaches may conduct half-day seminars. (May apply for next level after a number of seminars to be decided)
  2. Level Two coaches may conduct one-day workshops.(May apply for next level after a number of workshops to be decided)
  3. Level three coaches may conduct three-day workshops.(May apply for next level after a number of workshops to be decided)
  4. All seminars and workshops are to be videotaped and uploaded to our video channel for our reference and supervision.
  5. Coach certificates are to be renewed every quarter


  1. The license fee to be decided.
  2. Workshop coaching and supervision fee to be decided.
  3. Web service fee to be decided.

If you are interested, please register below.  When we are ready to deploy the program, we will let you know. There is no fee to sign up right now.

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