Join a group to practice together

Often we have received requests about your desire to participate in one of our workshops near you.  Often we have received question about where to Paida and how to Paida, requiring hands on coaching.

These are difficult questions for us, because there are only a few people in this world qualified to conduct a qualified workshop.  There is not enough experienced coaches to cover every city in the world.  Even though we are in the process of setting up a “coaching certification” program.  But that is at the least one year away.  So far, only Mr. Xiao and a handful of people have enough experience to coach.  Believe us, they are over booked world wide already.

Even though this is a DIY method, we do understand your worry and fear to try it wholeheartedly.

Recently we have come up with an idea to help this situation.  That is to setup online communities, where people can Paida and Lajin together and help each other out. Because each of us have different issues, when we practice together, we can learn from each other’s experience.  We figure the least we can do, is to organize regional communities, where people with the intention to heal oneself naturally can find other like minded people.

We have listed our qualified coaches to lead each community. You can find them by clicking “Regional Groups”.  They may not have all the answers for you, but they surely have some of the answers for you.

  • You must be registered and logged in before you can see a button labeled as “Join This Group”.
  • If you have some experience and wanted to organize such a meetup, you can “Create a Group”.
  •  After you “Create a Group”, please post your experience on Paida Lajin in your personal description field in three days, so that we can approve the community that you created.
  • When you create a new group, please make sure that you use this format, “City, State, Country”.
  • If you are a newbie looking for a community to join, please send us a request through “Contact Us” with subject line “New Group Request – City, State, Country”.  This way we can sorted it out and find like minded people to group them together.

Do let us know if you encounter any issue, or have some suggestions.