Free Online PaidaLajin Video Workshop

A New Year Resolution for Everyone!

Are you …

  • confused on where and how to start off Paida and Lajin?
  • eager to practice but lacking of motivation or self-discipline to do PaidaLajin on a daily basis?
  • concerned that no one is there to guide you through healing reactions/crisis?
  • wondering if you can have an online PaidaLajin experience with a coach?

We’ve Got You a Solution for FREE!

We will offer one online PaidaLajin video Workshop for FREE. Our coaches will –

  • do Paida and Lajin together with you; face-to-face via video conferencing.
  • provide advice and answer your questions;
  • teach you theories and techniques that related to PaidaLajin self-healing methods.

You Will –

  • NEVER feel alone or helpless while practicing PaidaLajin!
  • Learn this easy, effective, of zero/low cost, and eco-friendly method.
  • Manage your own health, cure diseases!
  • Improve your health conditions!
  • Establish a healthy way of living!
  • Help others!

Coaches – Lan & Team

Lan has greatly benefited from the PaidaLajin self-healing method – not only lessening and curing her seasonal allergies, lower back pain, and stiff shoulder, and neck pain, but also empowering herself to help other people regain their health and improve their quality of life. She is one of the co-admins for PaidaLajin Facebook, Youtube channel, and has coached in several seminars, workshops, and translation work. Lan will also invite PaidaLajin experts from China and other countries to join this online workshop.

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Registration deadline 11/27/2018