Petition to Australian Court



A petition to the Australian Court

Paida Lajin, an ancient Chinese self-healing practice, has rejuvenated the lives for each of the people petitioned herewith. Master Hongchi Xiao’s teaching of Paida Lajin has rejuvenated the physical, mental, and spiritual health for each and every one of us. We hereby testify that he has never told us to quit taking our medication. Master Xiao’s ultimate lesson to us has always been that it is our responsibility to be our own doctor and patient and we can do this by listening to our body and consult our own doctor before we intend to try Paida Lajin. He has never told us that Paida Lajin is a panacea for all illnesses. Paida Lajin is not just “slapping and stretching”. It is meditation. It is about having a healthy and organic diet. It is about ridding your body and mind of the negativity in the world that we face daily and finding peace. It is about finding the balance between the Yin and the Yang. It is about becoming whole and we do this with faith and trust in the wisdom of the human body gifted to humankind by the Creator, God.