A Clinic Utilizes PaidaLajin To Heal Diabetes and Hypertension

How does a clinic heal diabetes and hypertension through Paida Lajin?

Posted: 2012-1-12

Though some doctors do witness the effectiveness of Paida Lajin, but refrained from utilizing it in their clinics. Dr. Ye is different. A few years ago, she participated in one of our workshop, self healed many of her own diseases. Since, she has been using Paida Lajin at her clinic to heal her patients, as well as encourage her patients to heal themselves.

This patient blow has suffered from hypertension for 20 plus years and diabetes for more than ten years. Below is her testimony.





医馆如何用拍打拉筋治疗糖尿病心脏病? 医馆如何用拍打拉筋治疗糖尿病心脏病?



Cases showed severe coldness.


Not Enough Blood in Heart Meridian


Huang Fu-Di, 67 year old. Constantly thirsty, bitterness in the mouth, plus dizziness accompanied her for more than ten years. Years of taking western medicine was not effective. These symptoms were even worse at night time. Sleep quality as well as dizziness and depression continue to deteriorate. Furthermore, there is bone hyperplasia on her right knee. She can not straighten her leg and can not squat down.

On November 15, 2011, she came to my clinic. After PaidaLajin 11 times to her entire body, and Lajin four times a day. Eat more vegetable. Half the normal volume of food. Paida and walk after lunch. After the fifth time, most symptoms subsided. I asked her to reduce her western medication. Stopped medication completely after one week. Examination at the hospital showed complete elimination of disease. Thirst, bitterness, dizziness are gone. No more pain on the right knee. Sleeps well. Comes and delivers gifts to our staff at the clinic. Son and daughter also come to help out as volunteers.

She said to me that she no longer need to come to my clinic to practice PaidaLajin. She can do everything at home now. Came to my clinic every few days to check up. She is now living a very healthy life.

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  1. Impressive comments.I’m striving to do Paida Lajin daily, and would like to find others in my area near Milwaukee Wisconsin to practice with.
    Where is Dr Ye’s clinic?
    Thank you Dr. Denis Molloy

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