For many people with terminal cancer and weak Qi and blood, they still think they cannot Paidalajin. What revelation does this testimonial from an 86-year old terminal prostate cancer patient has given us!?  Based on this testimonial, of course we cannot simply conclude: all terminal cancer patients can go through such heavy carpet bombing, but it is absolutely possible to start Paidalajin gently, and then gradually increase the force and time;Paidalajin can be for everyone!

When diagnosed with prostate cancer the first time, Eva’s father already had his testis swollen for more than 10 years, to as big as the size of two eggs together, in addition to having difficulties when he urinated. But only after 3Paida sessions, these symptoms have all disappeared, including his prostate cancer! However, Eva’s father was in fear of the pain from Paidalajin, he hadn’t sustained the effort, and in June 2014, he was diagnosed with terminal prostate cancer!
From Eva’s sharing, we can tell that her father didn’t suffer from just prostate disease, but all kinds of complex diseases. But since the disease name, “terminal prostate cancer”, was more daunting, it became the foremost problem. Eva’s father went through 4 months of bone removal, radiotherapy, and other conventional therapies, but was only left with near-hopeless results!  But he was meant to be saved by Paidalajin! With great Yin came rise theYang, Eva’s self-healing experience of rheumatoid arthritis and her unmovable confidence in Paidalajin, gave her great strength to help slap her father and healed him! It took her 4.5 hours just to slap one leg! And he was in pain and groaned for the 4.5 hours, but after 3 months, his prostate cancer was gone, and his prostate glands were in better shape then some middle-aged men! And almost all his other diseases were gone too!
Eva’s father had not Lajin, if he did, his recovery could no doubt be faster! Eva’s sharing also included some key takeaways, benefiting all readers! We are grateful to Eva and his father for making miracles happen!


\Dear Mr Xiao,

Hello! I am still feeling ups-and-downs now, and very excited; I don’t know where to begin telling you this.
I still remember at the time of 2014 mid-June, my father’s legs were in so much pain. So we took him to the hospital and went through a series of diagnosis, including scans, ultrasound, X-ray, blood tests, urine tests, puncture tests (12 punctures), the results indicated my father had terminal stage prostate cancer. His PSA was reading at 25 (PSA is a diagnostic indicator for prostate cancer; normal, no-cancer PSA reading should be less than 4). My father’s cancer had spread all over his body, the tumor was 5cm big, and even his hip bone was already infected with cancer cells and fractured, requiring immediate steel plate extension surgery. At that time when our family heard this news, we felt like the sky was falling down; it was very sad for us to know that our father who was very intolerant to pain, had to go through the torture of cancer.  
In order to understand my father’s condition more thoroughly and get more expert advice, I and my family went with my father to visit another 3 urologists. They all confirmed my father’s condition was as what the hospital had diagnosed. They all told us – There’s no way your father’s cancer could be completely cured, because it’s already at terminal stage. The cancer cells had spread to the head already, the most that could be done was to give him some shots, surgically remove parts of the bone that got ‘eaten’ by cancer cells and add steel plates to them, go through radiotherapy, and remove his testicles. These therapies might somewhat extend his lifespan, allowing him to have dim sum close by.
At that time, my 86-year old father’s body condition was like this:
1. He couldn’t walk and needed to move around with a wheelchair; he couldn’t even put his legs onto the wheelchair footstep. When he went up and down the bed, he needed someone to help bring his legs up and down;
2. Could not even roll his body in bed;
3. Always needed to use a urinal when he urinated;
4. Had no appetite;
5. High blood pressure;
6. Had prostatic hypertrophy, needed to urinate frequently and quickly, was painful when he urinated, and couldn’t completely empty his bladder. His urine came out weak, in splits, and incomplete. Night urination increased, and he had to go urinate every 20 minutes at night;
7. Constipation, and had to have laxatives;
8. Extreme pain was experienced from his back, waist, butt, hip bone, legs, knees, shoulders, and arms;
9. Low white blood cell count and platelet count; anemia;
10. Weak kidneys;
11. Cold arms and legs: had to have wear socks and turned on the heater even in the summer;
12. Calves and bottom of his feet were numb;
13.Legs turned blackish, all his toenails were infected with fungi, and his whole feet were hardened with dead skin;
14. Both feet were swollen to the point where we couldn’t see his ankles. His right calf (the one that needed steel plate surgery) was so swollen that it turned transparent, and hard as a rock;
15. Cancer spread to his chest and his chest bones protruded, which could easily be seen;
16. He always fainted and went unconscious.
As for the typical symptoms people with terminal prostate cancer often experienced, i.e. swollen testicles, and the clogging of urine, my father had not experienced these symptoms. Since 2013 when my father was first diagnosed with prostate cancer, his testicles were swollen to the size of two eggs together; they were swollen for more than 10 years, and he took medication for more than 10 years, but not only had he not experienced any improvements, his condition got worst. He had tried other folk methods too like applying ice to his testicles, and blowing them with a blow-dryer, but still no improvements. Until one day he couldn’t urinate and feared that this might turn to uremia, he went to see the doctor. That was when it was first discovered that he had prostate cancer. The doctor immediately referred my father to another hospital for treatment. My mother has always believed Paidalajin, and persuaded my father by saying, “let your daughter help youPaida, only Paida can save you now”. So my father hadn’t gone to the hospital, and came home to let me Paida him. I havePaida him three times, each for two hours, only at both the left and right sides of his groins, and at his tummy. His testicles had not swelled up ever since, and no more clogging when he urinate too.
The doctor diagnosed my father one month later, and told us, he recovered from his prostate cancer. Now thinking back to this diagnosis, it seems overly hasty and simple, and my elderly father didn’t know how to ask for the details and diagnostic factors. Having heard the doctor said “recovered”, he left the hospital feeling all happy. As my father couldn’t bear the pain, he did not continue the Paida to clear all meridian blockages, this might be why his prostate cancer relapsed. Even with just three Paida sessions, the benefits were still significant; my father had not experienced swelling of his testicles and clogging of urine since the Paida.
In June 2014, when my father’s second prostate cancer diagnostic factor PSA reading came out to only 25, even the doctor was in doubt. Based on how serious the spread of cancer was at that time, my father’s PSA reading should be at least in the hundreds or thousands. The doctor even wondered prostate cancer was not the origin of his cancer, and thus had my father gone through very detailed diagnosis again, but the results were the same. Only our family could explain this; after all, I hadPaida my father two years ago, setting good foundations which may result in interesting body reactions that others may not be able to comprehend.
On July 22, 2014, my father went through a surgery to remove cancer-infected bones, and connected the bones with plates. On July 31, he was given a hormone shot, and on August 26, he was given one session of radiotherapy. During this time, I sought advice from the radiology departments of two private hospitals, both of their responses were that each major pain areas had to go through at least 10 times of radiotherapy. I have a friend who had prostate cancer with no metastasis, had to go through radiotherapy at the most renowned private hospital in Hong Kong for 5 times in one month, and spent HK$300,000 for it.
All doctors said my father’s condition would improve after radiotherapy, and his pain would subside much. At that time, my father wished very much he could have big improvements, but unfortunately that did not happen. Even though he could walk with crutches, and could occasionally limp without crutches, his condition fluctuated a lot. One week he improved, the next week he got worse, and he needed to take stronger and larger dosage of pain killers which barely could hold down his pain for 24 hours. What was swollen became even more swollen, stiffer, like a piece of iron. The skin of his legs started to lump like cucumber skin. His skin turned more blackish, like there were worms inside chewing on his legs. He always fainted, and a few songs kept ringing in his ears again and again. He couldn’t sleep and was very frustrated.
With almost four months of conventional therapies, the diagnostic report on October 9 indicated a PSA reading of 21, just 4 readings better, which was a disappointment. By then my father had lost all hopes, and wanted to give up on all treatments, and thought of leaving the world early rather than to keep on suffering. Oh… the saddest thing in this world is, when there’s no way out in living, but you cannot choose to die; you just have absolutely no choice in anything.
Whenever you feel you have lost all hope, or when the whole world – doctors, specialists, all discouraged you with saying, “this cannot be cured”, “there is no turning back”, “you will never get well completely”, “there is no hope”, etc., please, you must remember Mr Xiao’s dictum “forget the disease name, all diseases are due to blockages of the meridians; unblock the meridians will bring you health improvement, that is, to recover you from diseases”. These words of wisdom gave me and my family immense confidence and encouragement, so I begged my father, “please let me help you Paida!”
My father hadn’t let me Paida because he was too fearful of the Paida pain, but then he got no choice, he “hopelessly” let me help him Paida. On October 7 afternoon I started Paida my father for the first time after he was diagnosed with terminal prostate cancer, I started Paida him from his groins down to his legs, with both of my hands, for at least 10 minutes each spot, down to the back of his feet, and then to the inside, outside of his feet, and bottom of his feet. Since my father was very weak, there was almost no Sha coming out. Even though there was no Sha coming out, I still patiently Paida him in a “carpet bombing” way. I Paida 4.5 hours for each of his legs, and he was in great pain and groaned for 4.5 hours; I had to stop.
The second day, my father told me the pain of his legs subsided for a bit, and he felt better.  The third day, he told me his legs were very itchy the night before, and he scratched them and could feel there was discharge coming out, and the blackish colour of his legs lightened. The lumps of his skin also smoothened. They were the miraculous benefits of just one Paidasession, we had to continue with this battle, didn’t we? So on the third day, the fifth day, I Paida my father again. I Paidahim every other day. Except for the first week when I Paida him 3 times, for the weeks to come, I Paida him twice a week, four hours each time. (It wasn’t because I didn’t want to Paida him more, but he was in fear of the pain so he didn’t let mePaida him more. I very much wanted to Paida him every day, that way he would heal faster.)
After every Paida session, there were significant and immediate improvements to my father’s health condition. Sometimes even before the Paida session had completed, the benefits were already there. For example:
1. Initially his arms were in so much pain and couldn’t be lifted, but just after one hour of Paida, he could lift his arms;
2. He couldn’t pull his arms back, but after Paida, he could pull them back;
3. When I Paida his tummy, his constipation got immediate relieve and had to rush to the toilet to release his bowel;
4. His legs used to be in so much pain he could hardly walk, and after Paida he felt much lighter when he walked;
5. After I Paida his head for only once, the repeated songs in his head stopped, and only left with some faraway tune;
6. After 6 sessions of Paida in 21 days, his bone protrusion of his chest and lung flattened.
On October 29, the hospital report indicated: normal white blood cell counts and platelet counts, with no signs of anemia, and normal kidney function! New bones grew too after surgery, and most importantly PSA reading went down to 0.2! (normal reading is 4). This indicated no more cancer cells existed, and my father’s condition was even better than an average man! The doctor was so happy for my father and congratulated him!
I was honest with the doctor and told him my father was healed by Paida. The doctor encouraged my father, “Then you should continue Paida your father, he doesn’t need anymore diagnosis or therapies from the hospital now, all we need to do is to keep monitoring your father.” This report result was so encouraging, confirming what Mr Xiao had told me, “Paida is the best, the purest, the most natural, the most organic form of chemical therapy!” Isn’t this right? Other than being rid of all cancer cells, other usual terminal cancer readings including white blood cell counts and platelet counts, anemia, weak kidney functions, etc. were all back to normal very quickly. All self-healing power was activated to combat cancer cells and, at the same time also cleared all toxins from the body, healing new and old diseases altogether, not only clearing the symptoms but also diseases from its sources, turning back the aging clock, for free. Conventional radiotherapy and chemotherapy destroys not only cancer cells but also good body cells, have huge side effects, and result in pain not worse than the pain and discomfort one would suffer from cancer. Besides these therapies are expensive; these facts are all known to us.
During this time, we invited our parents and other family members for overseas vacation twice. My father just enjoyed himself like any other normal person – he could eat, play, sleep, go to the toilet normal, and also he could jog, and walked a few hours no problem. He did not need to always go to the bathroom either. Since 20+ years ago, he had experienced difficulties whenever he had walked more than 10 minutes. Besides he was overweight, got knees degeneration; his doctor at that time advised him to do knee replacement surgery, luckily he rejected that advice; doesn’t he walk normal now?
January 6 of 2015 was the day of my father’s testis removal surgery as previously arranged by the hospital. On January 3, 5 more days to go to make it 3 months of Paida, we wanted to check my father’s condition again, not dare to wish his cancer all gone, but merely if the tumor had shrunk then we would be happy. The ultrasound result we got was: Normal (no tumor), no signs of testis swelling, slight swelling of the prostate gland. (The doctor said my father’s prostate gland condition was extremely good considering him being already at 87; it would be unfair to compare his condition with a school boy). Residual urine was at 23c.c. which was better than any average middle-aged man. Before the ultrasound, my father drank more than ten cups of water, and had no need to urinate until two hours later, this met the standard of the ultrasound. His bladder capacity was at 300c.c., which was, again given the elderly age of my father, considered extremely well. A typical prostate cancer patient could have ultrasound tests without having any prior fluid intake, as he would already have a swollen prostate glad and testis!


The results of these tests said: everything normal! Even better than any healthy 50-year old man! I was even asked “Did you or the hospital make a mistake, it’s impossible that your father is a prostate cancer patient, this must be a mistake!” After we saw this most wonderful report, we called the hospital to delay the testis removal surgery for three days, and informed the hospital that my father no longer had the tumor and there was no need for surgery. But then the hospital didn’t believe it: How could that be possible? The tumor was so big, it could not just disappear! But the doctor had made it very clear: For a prostate cancer patient with no metastasis, after the removal of testis, it would be possible that his tumor would shrink, and hopefully he could live with his tumor. But after such surgery, many would experience urinary incontinence, and would need to use adult diapers.
I was in secret joy with such responses from people. Nobody believed this miracle. But in the “world” of “YiXingTianXia” (“everyone be our own self-healing master”), miracles happen everyday. We are so used to it, and only “outsiders” could not comprehend this. Paidalajin enables everyone to self-heal themselves from all diseases, even for complicated diseases it’s very simple, all dependent on your “faith, will, and action”.
All my father’s conditions explained earlier all healed, except some residual toenail fungi and some foot dead skin. His face now shines, has two bowls of rice every meal, walks freely and without difficulties, full of energy, and no need to take any medicine. My mother, being kind of jealous, jokes “your father’s health is better than mine now, you have to Paida me too.”
From the period of having diagnosed terminal prostate cancer to completely self-healed, my father had not taken any Chinese medicine, or gone through any Lajin, no chemotherapy, no removal of testis, and no surgery of tumor removal. He only did Paida.
I wish to briefly share some tips on my father’s Paida again:
1. Paida as closely to the prostate gland as possible (no Paida on the penis and testicles), and then Paida outward, at least 10 minutes per area. Paida around the anus too, with the help of the Paida stick.
2. Paida longer at where there is pain. Paida is a way to combat pain with pain. I started Paida with both of my hands for a while first, and once seeing Sha appear, I would Paida the same area using Paida stick with more force.
3. Areas where I Paida every time: I started Paida heavily at the heart with both of my hands with for 20 minutes, then I move onto the lungs, then to the tummy and then to the start of the thighs, for about 10 minutes each area. If I didn’t have enough time, then I would Paida 5 minutes for each area. This way, the heart, liver, stomach, spleen, intestines, and kidneys would be all covered. Mr Xiao often reminds us, if the heart is well, all would be well, if the heart is not well, nothing would be well. For other body parts, I took turn slapping them, and eventually the whole body would have gone through thoroughPaida.
4. You have to be patient and not rush though it. Paida can be gradual, from light to heavy, and definitely no moving-around-here-and-there Paida.
5. Suggestion: Paida should be done every day, and for longer time periods, this will enable faster healing.


Up to this point, perhaps some will still find this questionable. At this time, since my father’s medical records are with a Hong Kong public hospital, and I have already applied for a copy which takes more than a month; for the time being, I can only present the simple explanation and advice from the private clinic urologist, and the later ultrasound report. When I receive the hospital report, I shall present it to you all again. More soon!

I express my gratitude to Mr. Xiao again, it’s only because of your unconditional promotion of PaidaLajin, then can we have good health now!
With much gratitude,
January 16, 2015