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      This is an incident emailed by Samel, an Indian. The patient of twenty years old age,Miss Archana with osteo-blastoma gave her success story in her own words. Over the past six years, she had two operations and took different ways including chemo therapy, ayurvedic and homeopathic medicines, but receive very little effect in suppressing  tumour. However, Paidalajin made the change! Half size of the tumour had been shrunk within eight months, and pains relieved much.She can sit and walk with much improvement.If she goes on Paidalajin in correct positons strictly, the vanishment of her tumour will be round the corner.

      Samel has turned “Paida and Lajin Self-Healing” into two major languages of India and been spreading the methods everywhere.He healed a lot of people and  expressed his desire of promotion of Paidalajin as his most important life mission. We deeply bless this forerunner of Paidadalajin who has great learning and strong action power. Inidans will probably be doing better Chinese people in the movement to spread the Chinese culture

     This is the first incident of Cancer Cure of a patient by Paida & Lagin Therapy in Dombivli, India. The paitient, Miss Archana was asked to give her success story in her own words.


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  Archana doing Lajin on modified wooden bed at home

  Archana in her own words:

  My name is Miss Archana Kadam. I was suffering from severe backache and right leg pain for nearly one year since 2008. I was treated by orthopaedic doctor in Dahanu and given medication to relieve my pain but did not have any relief.

   I was studying for S.S.C. examination at the time. MRI diagnosis revealed that my spinal cord in L-4 and L-5 had an osteo-blastoma tumour. I exempted from the examination for the surgery and was operated on 20th Feb 2009 in a Mumbai hospital.  My second MRI and CT Scan revealed that there was tumour growth. I was advised to undergo surgery again.  However, my family was worried about undergoing through a second surgery again.

   I started on Ayurvedic medication  and detoxification therapy at Badlapur. It relieved my leg pain to some extent for some time.

   I, then took junior college admission for class XI and XII, but gradually my sufferings became intolerable again.

   I was referred to Pune hospital for further investigation. The tumour had grown further and medication was not showing any effect. I was having severe back and leg pain. I was advised second surgery which was done in Pune on 6th August 2013. Doctor could operate only half of the tumour and installed steel plates to support the spine. Later I was given Chemo therapy. The pain was slightly relieved but doctors could not promise that the tumour will subside or not grow again.

   MRI was repeated on 20th September 2013 which showed the tumour size 7.0 X 5.2 X 6.0 cms.

   I was taken to homeopathic doctor in Pune by my family. I had difficulties in bending, walking and sitting down, but I continued taking ayurvedic  and homeopathic medicines to relieve my pain.

    On 12th November 2013 I met Mr. Parag Samel, who is conducting Tadan And Taan Kriya Swayam Siddha RogNivarak Paddhati Centre in Thane. He explained to me and my family about Paida & Lagin Self Healing Therapy and its effectiveness. I underwent 4 weekends training at his centre and continued with his counselling. My body flexibility improved substantially. I was able to improve upon Lajin postures gradually from nearly15° to 8o° and was able to sit and walk with less difficulties. My sciatica nerve in the right leg had protruded out and was painful, which was relieved by Paida by Mr. Samel. I met Miss Ellen Zhang in Dombivli in April 2014 during a seminar on Paida & Lajin.

    It was difficult to practice Lajin at home without stretching bench but with consultation with Mr. Samel, my family modified our wooden bed by fixing a vertical batten. I am practising on this modified wooden bed.

    I had again missed my one year of studies during this period 2013-14 which was giving me depression and I, on and off, used to let go all practices as there was no hope of my recovery.

    Mr. Samel used to call upon me to check whether I was practicing Paida & Lajin or not. I was losing my patience. I wanted to pursue my studies as my priority and forget everything else. I am 20 years of age now. 6 years have passed in realizing of what I am going through.

    Then on 19th May 2014, my MRI was taken to see the condition of the tumour. It showed that the tumour had shrunk to 4.8 x 4.6 x 3.3 cms size. It was more hollow and softer in nature. This was heartening news for me and my family but my attention was on getting college admission for Computer studies. I sought admission in a Kalyan College but I used to get home, exhausted.

    On 4th July 2014, Mr. Parag Samel visited my home in Dombivli. He reiterated that I should not discontinue Paida & Lajin practice as the MRI indicated that my condition is improving. He himself demonstrated Lajin to a perfect posture on my modified wooden bed and appreciated the modification and its purpose. He said that I should maintain strong heart for the practice. He explained the healing process of the therapy to me and my family members and insisted that my family should continue to give me moral support to maintain the progress.

   I am happy that I met Mr. Parag Samel, who is very caring and who gives finer instructions for improving Paida and Lajin Self Healing Therapy practice. He also explains the physiology in a disease condition to help understanding of  the healing process in Paida & Lajin. Now I again feel the zest to continue the practice.

   Miss. Archana Mukund Kadam.

   Vighnahar Heights,

   Dombivli (East), India.

   Parag Samel

   Thane, India. 13th July 2014.

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