My name is An Wei, 48, and I live in Beijing. I took my mother Fu Guilan (75, from Dalian, Liaoning province) to attend a Paida and Lajin workshop in Beijing (from December 21 to December 27, 2012).

My condition before the workshop:

1. In March 2011, I had a lumbar surgery to cure lumbar disc shedding and had 4 alloy nails implanted into my spine. I had since been feeling numb along the back of my right leg, from the buttock to the sole of my foot.

2. In March 2012, I had another surgery for breast cancer, and had part of the lymphatic glands removed. The inside of my right arm was swollen and felt numb, and the back of my hand and thumb were swollen.

3. In August and December 2012, I had two D&C (dilatation and curettage) surgeries as drug intake after the breast cancer surgery had led to endometrial thickening.

4. I was found with multiple ovarian cysts on the left side, and had fluid. The surgeon suggested removal of the uterus and continued drug intake to protect the other breast.

5. I had been taking TCM tonic to nourish my body, but I was still lack of Qi and blood.

6. My blood pressure was 165/95, measured in the morning before surgery. I also had heart problems, including palpitation and shortness of breath.

7. Brain CT showed I had inflammation under my left eyebrow. My eyes hurt a lot and tears often ran out.

8. I had neck problem and pain in the right shoulder.

I knew these were consequences of a forever hectic and pressured lifestyle. It had become an urgent task for me to find a way to effectively heal diseases, improve my physique, delay aging and stay healthy. I was introduced Mr. Xiao’s blog by a colleague. I found the self-healing theory quite clear and the methods simple and easy to practice, so I began Paida and Lajin. But as I did not quite get the knack, let alone the importance of “tempering the heart”, I did not feel much improvement by doing them at home.

My condition during the workshop:

On the 2nd day of the workshop, after high-intensity “carpet bombing” Paida, I felt clear-headed, my eyes got clearer, had great Qi colour on the face and felt physically and mentally relaxed. During the night, I felt pain in the left shoulder and couldn’t sleep well. During the first half of the night, I felt heat rising in my upper body and I sweated a lot. The next morning, the pain was relieved.

On the 5th day, while patting the crotch (between tops of the legs) in the morning, I felt my hands and feet numb. In the afternoon, while receiving Paida on the right arm-pit, I felt my hands even more numb. My fingers felt like gas-filled balls, and I had cramps. My lips were also numb, but I had peace of mind and felt quite relaxed both physically and mentally.

One day during the workshop, I felt great pain in my ankles. I took off my socks, and found a big bump at my left ankle. I used to have a lot of ankle sprains in my teens when I played basketball. When I found the bump, I initially suspected of having a sprain when fighting to get rid of the numbness in my hands and feet during Paida. But when I got back to my room in the evening, I found a big bump at my right ankle, which was also injured many times in my childhood. But back then, my left ankle was injured more severely than the right one. This shows Paida can indeed “draw out old injuries”.

On the 6th day, I cried loudly when we did Paida on the chest and armpits in the morning, and Paida the buttocks (which affected my numb right leg) in the afternoon. Everybody heard it, I was a bit embarrassed, but the knots in my heart got untied, and I felt so much relieved. The numb buttocks and upper arms got better, and my thumbs were no longer swollen.

I had read in Mr. Xiao’s blog self-healing stories of people with similar health problems as my Mom’s. Then I got to know that Mom was hospitalized for her coronary heart disease, and was about to undergo a heart bypass surgery in Dalian the next day. I was quite aware of the side effects of western drugs (after years of drug intake myself) and surgeries, and was quite anxious on hearing the news. I then logged on to Mr. Xiao’s blog again and was pleasantly surprised to find there was an upcoming workshop in Beijing. I flew back to Dalian overnight and consulted with her doctor, expressing my wish to cancel the surgery and take her to Beijing for treatment as her condition had got better after a few days’ infusion.

My mother’s condition before the workshop:

1. Onsets of chest tightness — 20 years;

2. High blood pressure — over 20 years, could be as high as 180/90mmHg;

3. Glucose level measurements after meal — 11.37mmol/L, 13.43mmol/L, had eye problem (retinal arteriosclerosis);

4. Fatty liver, multiple intrahepatic cystic space-occupying lesions, cholesterol crystals on gallbladder wall;

5. Bronchitis, calcified nodules in both lungs, lung abnormalities, pleural calcification on both sides, aortic arch on the right side;

6. Coronary angiography showed the main coronary artery on the left was normal, with 70% localized stenosis at left anterior descending branch No. 6, 30% localized stenosis at branch No. 7, and 80% localized stenosis at the opening of diagonal branch No. 9.

My mother’s condition during the workshop:

I “forced” my mother out of the hospital to attend the workshop. She was discharged from hospital on December 19, 2012, flew to Beijing on the 20th, and attended the workshop the following day. She was quite weak, with a grey-coloured face. And she knew nothing about Paida and Lajin. She was in great pain the first time she did Lajin, but she stuck to the end.

The 2nd day, her years of knee problem was solved, and she could squat down and get up! She tried it several times in a row, and was quite excited.


She followed my advice and stopped all medication.

1. After doing Lajin and receiving Paida by E-Dao coaches, she found her heart problem eased, and her chest and back pain disappeared.

2. She had better Qi colour on her face, and her lips turned from purplish dark to rosy.

3. She felt relaxed, and the discomfort at her shoulders was gone. She was feeling pain again today, and felt a bit dizzy.

4. She felt quite sleepy, even during Paida. She slept at noon and at night, and didn’t wake up until day break.

5. At first, she was quite worried how she could live through the 3-day fasting, but she did it, and felt quite well and clear-headed.

6. Now, her blood pressure is 130/80, and her blood sugar measurements are 5.9 before meal and 7.5 after meal.

7. After the 7-day workshop, she has changed her attitude from rejecting to embracing Paida and Lajin. She said she would continue the exercise at home.

Finally, I would like to say these words to my mother: You are my patron saint, and your health is the source of happiness in our family. Persist in what you think is the right thing to do, such as having a balanced diet, keeping regular hours, and doing Paida and Lajin every day.

Attending this workshop also got me ready to re-adjust my lifestyle and state of mind. From now on, I will treasure my body and be good to it, listen to its rhythm and voice, practice Paida and Lajin to go through health problems. My health, I manage! I will be master of my body and soul!

Many thanks to E-Dao coaches! More so to Mr. Xiao for bringing us these simplest and yet truest self-healing methods.

An Wei & Fu Guilan

December 26, 2012