I’m so blessed to be able to attend the Shanghai workshop, and to acquaint with all of you. I have been very happy these days at the workshop. 

First of all, I’d like to thank my daughter for signing me up for the workshop and bringing me here. I came with certain doubts, and now I can go back home happily. 



The heavy Sha under an armpit, indicating severe blockage of the heart.

Hypertension is just a disease name, and the root cause lies in the heart. There may be countless disease names, yet they all have ONE single root cause — heart problem. All diseases are complex diseases, i.e. a bunch of diseases, and the foremost is heart problem. Yet, some patients are unaware of it, and may not be able to have it detected through medical checkups, not until they are dying, at the fatal stage of heart problem. Paida and Lajin are both means of diagnosis and self-healing. The Sha and pain of Paida and Lajin are indicative of health problems, and the result can be confirmed with general checkups using western medical appliances and according to standards of western medicine. 


Secondly, I would like to thank the four health coaches for teaching us so many concepts of health-keeping and Paida and Lajin self-healing methods. 

Thirdly, I want to thank all of you present here, for motivating me with your proactive and conscientious practice and giving me much help.

I have gained a lot these days. I can feel the changes in me and firmly believe that Paida and Lajin self-healing methods indeed work! The effective, simple, safe, widely applicable Paida and Lajin self-healing methods (as said by Mr. Hongchi Xiao) are genuine and credible. Now I can go home and announce it to my family that the discomforts that troubled me are gone! At the workshop, I have experienced the following positive changes: 

1. Eye problem improved. I came to the workshop to have my eye problem cured. Before the workshop, I had very discomforting eyes — teary all day long, sore and swollen eyes, and blurred vision. Because of this, my mood worsened, and I was always anxious and easily irritated. After several days of Paida and Lajin, my eyes are much better now — with no tears, feeling no discomfort looking at things, and I can open my eyes wider. 

2. More spirited. These days, I have been feeling very comfortable, light and relaxed. 

3. Blocked meridians cleansed. I feel my meridians are less blocked. My neck was a bit stiff before the workshop (and it’s alright now); the soreness in my sciatic nerves is much improved. 

4. Blood pressure lowered and weight reduced. Before the workshop, my blood pressure was 145/80, now it’s 135/75; I have reduced 4.5kg, and I look better-shaped. 

5. There is another surprise gift: I used to grind my teeth on one side of the mouth, and couldn’t eat cold stuff. Now I have taken cold water, and have felt nothing wrong. 

I’m very happy with the changes, and I feel the experience worthwhile. I will share Paida and Lajin with others, telling them their benefits from my own experience. I will, of course, work hard to persist in Paida and Lajin, to keep good health and not to burden my children and family. 

Thank you all. May you enjoy good health, joy and happiness. 

Dong Zhikun 

March 24, 2013