My right ear had an infection (otitis media) when I was two years old and I lost my hearing. I had to use my left ear to hear everything including answering the phone. I have tried every method I could find to bring my hearing back, but to no avail. This depressed me over the years and I always worried that one of these days I would lose the hearing in my left ear and become deaf. I woke myself up from sleep countless times crying about my hearing loss. I also dreamt many times that one day I might have my hearing back.

I remember when I was about five or six years old, my mother would put a cooked egg yolk on a piece of tile and toast it on a fire. When the yolk turned into black oil, she would mix it with some herbs and have me take it. She said I would get my hearing back after taking this mixture. I would throw up taking this stuff. I did not get my hearing back. My father was in the Air Force in Beijing. He took me to see some of the best ear doctors. Their diagnosis was that I had irreversible hearing loss. It didn’t bother me when I was a kid. I could hear from my left ear. As I grew older, it started to bother me. Sometimes I felt like an “actress” on stage performing according to a script:

1. Whether sat or stood, I always chose to be on others’ right sides. If someone whispered in my right ear, I would always figure out a way to make that person repeat what was said in my left ear.

2. Only my parents know this secret, not even my husband does. I always slept on his right side in case he whispered.

3. I always answered the phone with my left ear.

4. When I had a cold, etc., yellowish gooey stuff would come out of my right ear. I never had dry ear wax from the right ear.

Never in my imagination was that E-Dao became the turning point of my life. I participated in an E-Dao workshop. The intensified Lajin and the carpet bombing way of Paida gradually cleansed my meridians. I also made it my habit to imagine engaging my “anti-virus” immune system during Lajin and Paida. On the afternoon of the seventh day at the workshop, Bao and Li (two participants at the workshop), spent twenty minutes slapping my shoulders. One was slapping from the front and the other from the back. Sha appeared everywhere. When Bao and Li stopped, I was very dizzy and almost fell down. They quickly got me to sit down and gave me some water to drink. Some of them massaged the Neiguan and Waiguan acupoints and some Paida my head lightly to relieve my dizziness. They made me feel like at home. I worried I might not be able to do meditation in the evening. But I was fine. Mr. Xiao said the dizziness was a sign of Qi charging at the problem areas, a good sign that Lajin and Paida was working. I didn’t think about my right ear when this happened. Looking back it might have been Qi specifically charging at my right ear’s problem area. From the eighth day, in addition to the common areas, I increased my Paida to an hour per spot to ensure effectiveness. On the tenth day, I focused Paida on my head. When I slapped my head, I took the squat stretch position. I started with light slapping of my head, followed by increased force, and heavy slapping. I prefer the medium force as I could slap longer.




Neiguan and Waiguan acupoints

I didn’t care whether I messed up my hair or not. I slapped the back of my head, the top of my head and the front of my head. After an hour, I put a hand on my left ear and tried to listen from my right ear as a habit. I could hear! I could hear the “pa, pa” sounds from others’ slapping. It was not very loud, but was music to my ear! I couldn’t believe it, thought maybe I was day dreaming. But I was not! My dream came true!

It all happened during our “no talking” time, so I couldn’t talk to anyone about my happiness. I wrote down my experiences hoping to share my happiness with everyone in the world. I couldn’t stop tears running down my face. Many thanks to Mr. Xiao and E-Dao!

Later on, a doctor, who was also a participant, did some test on my right ear. He said it was truly a miracle. Western Medicine had no explanation for what happened and would not accept this fact that an irreversible hearing loss could be reversed, as Qi and meridians were not part of Western Medicine theory. In the past few days, I liked to put a hand over my left ear so I could use my right ear to listen. The slapping sound is such a beautiful and wonderful sound, the best movement after fifty years of silence.

Zhang Guimei (Group 3)

August 22, 2010