In response to the tragic incident of Aidan Fenton while attending one of the workshops co-organized by an Australian medical institution and me in Sydney, we would like to offer our deepest condolences to his family. The incident is currently under investigation. We have furnished all pertinent materials and information to the police. We will continue to assist the authorities to the investigation, if required.

Some of the recent media coverage on Aidan’s death involves unfounded allegations against PaidaLaJin and me, which are entirely speculative.   Those allegations were made with malice and for the purpose of misleading the public and tarnishing the reputation of PaidaLajin and myself. We will reserve our rights to take appropriate actions against the publishers of those defamatory remarks.

We reiterate that Paida and LaJin are only self-healing methods which people can practice on their own, like Yoga and Taichi. For more information and our upcoming worldwide workshops, please visit our websites.

HongChi Xiao