HK PaidaLajin Self-Healing Workshop of 2 days, 5 days and 7 days will be held in late November with Master Xiao.The Self-Healing methods from “Yellow Emperor’s Canon of Internal Medicine” are learnt for the purpose at the workshop: All diseases are caused by meridians blockage and unblocking blockage self-heals.The course includes:lectures, Zen jogging,meditation,Paida and Lajin,fasting, waist-swirling, wall-hitting、Tie-Qiang Gong, standing exercise and sharing of experiences,etc.


   Date:  Nov 23-29,2015 (7 days and 6 nights,including 3 days fasting)

             Nov 23-27,2015 (5 days and 4 nights,including 3 days fasting)

             Nov 23-24,2015(9 am and 5 pm,excluding room and board)

     Venue: Harbour Plaza Resort City, Tin Shui Wai, NT, HK




   Fee:   7 days workshop —HKD10,800(RMB8856)

            5 days workshop —HKD8,000(RMB6560)

            2 days workshop —HKD2,500(RMB2050)


    Registration and enquiries: 

        Hong Kong —Phone/whatsapp:     852-52250157



      During office hours from Monday to Friday,phone enquiries are accessible, the other time please go through whatsapp


     Chinese Mainland:      400-065-0970 (Beijing)    

                               136-6105-8751 (Beijing)    

    1.Sign up on mobile via WeChat:      yixingtianxia-xiao


    3.  Obtain Registration Form by email:

    In order to encourage whose who used to attend 5 or 7 days workshop, if he/she attend the 5 or 7 days workshop, he/she will get  a 10% discount(2 or 3 day workshop is not included). Please offer document of the past workshop.

     Seats are limited. Please register as soon as possible.